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March 2017
  • The Lofftown: the student accommodation in Barcelona that lets you live your dream

    When we finish our preparatory studies and we go to university, we feel an enormous social pressure on our shoulders and we worry about if we are going to work in what we are actually studying, and how our future will be. The Lofttown is not only student accommodation in Barcelona, it is a very special place that accompanies you through the most important and decisive years of your life, and given that, we have an enormous responsibility, and we want to be a place that helps you to study as an adult. Under this premise the idea of The Lofttown was born, we are a way of living that will awaken an honest, strong and fighting attitude so that you reach your dreams in the wonderful life that you have ahead of you.

    The Lofttown is the perfect student accommodation in Barcelona for you if you are looking for a calm place to live with all the comfort of living at home, whilst with the freedom of living alone, with endless friends and with many opportunities to build a future in terms of personal relationships and unique experiences.



    student accommodation in barcelona


    It is a student accommodation in Barcelona where you learn the habit of being positive in the face of things in order to be successful professionally and in everything that you want to do, because, with the right attitude, we can achieve all our dreams. And, of course, it is a place thought-out so that above all things you have a good time.

    Discover more about us and write to us if you want us to get to know each other before you come. We will be happy to assist you in all that you need. The Lofttown is a new concept in student accommodation in Barcelona. Find out more! Take a look at our web and discover everything that we offer you. We also invite you to follow us in our social networks so that you don´t miss out on anything at The Lofttown.

    Live your dream!

  • Student housing Barcelona: the ideal place to live during your stay at university

    As can be seen in the Google results when you type “student housing Barcelona” in its search bar, student residences offer you all the possible advantages so that your time at university be idyllic. From 24-hour security, to facilities adapted to the best conditions, to services that will make life easier, to…

    However, another result that you will get if you do a search for “student housing Barcelona” in Google, is our blog. And, why should you follow our blog? Because you will get an inside look at what life is like in The Lofttown, you will discover the wonderful things that we have in Barcelona that you shouldn´t miss out on, you will receive useful tips for you and a thousand other things that could help you during your time in Barcelona.

    Besides this, today, in our blog, we have announced the newTravel section. Here you will find destinations that we recommend going toas weekend breaks, for example.

    Today, we kick off talking about… Seville! A destination that you can´t miss out on. The people, its gastronomy, its sun… actually, avoid going in summer because the temperature gauges reach 45°, and sometimes even 50°!

    Seville is Flamenco dancing, bulls, Rebujito and much more.

    A quick guide to visiting Seville. The best things to do

    Places to visit

    The Plaza de España, Seville cathedral and the Santa Cruz neighbourhood, the most beautiful in Seville.

    Historic places

    Visit the Town Hall, and the Maestranza bullring.

    Gastronomy, wine and nightlife

    Take a walk at night and a cruise on the river Guadalquivir, go on a gourmet tapas tour with local wine, sherry or beer and end up at a Flamenco show. Discover the passion of Flamenco in its original birthplace. The Sevillian Patio is one of the main Flamenco stages in the city.


    student housing Barcelona


    Monuments that shouldn´t be missed

    The Giralda Tower, the Plaza Nueva, the Glorieta de Becquer and the beautiful Tower of Gold.


    Triana Market, the Roja gallery and the Lonja de Barranco market.

    See you at The Lofttown! Reserve your place if you haven´t done so already. Happy Spring!

  • What is better for my son or daughter, a university hall of residence in Barcelona, a residential college or a shared flat?

    If the moment has arrived for your child to leave home to go to university (because it is far away from home), it is possible that you will have to make important decisions that are going to cause a few headaches.

    Between everything that you will have to decide, one of the things that most worries you, without a doubt, is the choice of accommodation for your child during this time at university. Facing this universal dilemma, you will wonder which the best option is: a university hall of residence in Barcelona, a residential college or a shared flat. Making the wrong choice of accommodation could result in torture for both parents and children.

    The comfort and features that a university hall of residence in Barcelona offers is one of the determining factors that makes the university hall of residence in Barcelona one of the most demanded options. What the residence offers is that your child, who has recently arrived in the city, won’t be alone. They will share the same experience together with other students, they will make new friends with those living in the same residence as well as in their leisure time, and what is more, they will always have the residence professionals at hand for all their needs. This option is like them living independently in their own flat but with all the comfort of living in a “hotel”, with the assurance of being in a secure place with the protection of people that are especially dedicated to them, and whose job consists of making life easy and comfortable for the students.


    university hall of residence

    We still have more to help you decide. From all of the university halls of residence, why The Lofttown?

    1. It is a new concept in university accommodation designed so that the students live happily and with maximum comfort, and so that the parents can have peace of mind regarding the security and services that we offer.
    2. Because it is newly-constructed, your child will use the facilities for the first time. Everything has been carefully designed and thought-out in order to be the best accommodation choice in terms of comfort.
    3. Because we offer a close and personal service, and because we will take care of them as if they were at home, just as you would.

    Call us and we will explain all the details: 686932017. Welcome to The Lofttown!

  • What is life like in a university residence? All the things that will make you decide to live here

    Where am I going to live? This is one of the main concerns for all those of you that are going to study at university because it is far away from home, or, because you are going to go to another country. Today, in our post, we explain what life is like in a university residence, and this way you will see the advantages that this type of accommodation offers.

    You will study better!

    In a university residence there are only students, therefore, your way of working and studying will only get better given that you will be able to study with fellow students.

    Who said be afraid?

    In a university residence you will never be alone. There will always be someone to help you with everything you need, as much as with the things associated with the residence itself, as well as with personal issues. At The Lofttown, we have The Lofttowner, who is your personal assistant that will always be at hand to help you.

    You will fill your Smartphone agenda and your activity programme!

    You will get to know people from all around the world who you will never ever forget, you will have a thousand events to go to given that the residence itself creates a wide programme of activities. A great plan for this exciting stage of your life that is awaiting.

    The domestic chores will not occupy your study time, nor your fun time!

    In the student residence, everything is facilitated so that you can dedicate your time exclusively to your studies (and to having a good time in your deserved free time). You will not need to worry about making the bed, about washing the pile of towels… We take care of this as well!

    High speed Wi-Fi!

    We are sure that you will think this is cool. We have free Wi-Fi!


    university residence


    You will do sports and not alone!

    A residence for students cannot go without a gym. At The Lofttown, we have an outside CrossFit gym. If you already find running or a good fitness session restorative, imagine doing it with friends.

    Are you still not convinced? Living at a student residence is the best idea for those wonderful university years. We promise you. Don´t miss your place at The Lofttown! On top, this year, you will use the facilities for the first time. Everything is newly built, and everything is new.

  • Our student accommodation is going strong and at full sail! Come and join us!

    The Lofttown, the new concept in student accommodation in Barcelona is about to set sail! We are now in the final stage! Only 4 months away from the official opening(1st July), all engines are running at full speed finalizing the fine details. If this coming academic year is your turn to make the most important jump in your life, going to university, and if you are looking for student accommodation, The Lofttown is the ideal accommodation for you. What is more, you will be using the facilities for the first time!

    Today, we want to dedicate this post to explaining to you some more details of The Lofttown Barcelona and about this final phase of construction, as well as sharing with you the pleasure it gives us to open the doors to this new concept of student accommodation in Barcelona. If you decide to live at The Lofttown (we promise that we are a totally different concept in student accommodation) you will notice the difference. Take a look at our website and discover a different world where you will live a unique and fun university experience in total comfort and safety. You will have an adventure packed with emotions, experiences, new friends and a lot more!

    Here we explain some of the finer details

    The interior design of our building is in a loft style, you will feel good in our spacious and modern facilities with all the necessary details for your comfort. You will love the decoration, and there will be no exception to detail! Chillout areas, terraces, a solarium, an outside CrossFit gym…

    The rooms are also in a minimalist style and the studios are equipped with kitchens in case you like to do what you want and cook when you please. Luxury living! The residency is also open 24 hours a day, 365 days  a year. It has closed-circuit television and you will also have The Lofttowners Assistants at hand for all your needs, and you will be able to ask for their help whenever necessary.

    The food… mmm… the food! Our buffet is ecological and made from local produce so that you can eat healthily. Come and taste it!


    student accommodation


    Go ahead, no need to think about it any more, reserve your place. Don’t miss out because everyone is going to talk about The Lofttown. Do you want to miss the opportunity?