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  • What is life like in a university residence? All the things that will make you decide to live here

    Where am I going to live? This is one of the main concerns for all those of you that are going to study at university because it is far away from home, or, because you are going to go to another country. Today, in our post, we explain what life is like in a university residence, and this way you will see the advantages that this type of accommodation offers.

    You will study better!

    In a university residence there are only students, therefore, your way of working and studying will only get better given that you will be able to study with fellow students.

    Who said be afraid?

    In a university residence you will never be alone. There will always be someone to help you with everything you need, as much as with the things associated with the residence itself, as well as with personal issues. At The Lofttown, we have The Lofttowner, who is your personal assistant that will always be at hand to help you.

    You will fill your Smartphone agenda and your activity programme!

    You will get to know people from all around the world who you will never ever forget, you will have a thousand events to go to given that the residence itself creates a wide programme of activities. A great plan for this exciting stage of your life that is awaiting.

    The domestic chores will not occupy your study time, nor your fun time!

    In the student residence, everything is facilitated so that you can dedicate your time exclusively to your studies (and to having a good time in your deserved free time). You will not need to worry about making the bed, about washing the pile of towels… We take care of this as well!

    High speed Wi-Fi!

    We are sure that you will think this is cool. We have free Wi-Fi!


    university residence


    You will do sports and not alone!

    A residence for students cannot go without a gym. At The Lofttown, we have an outside CrossFit gym. If you already find running or a good fitness session restorative, imagine doing it with friends.

    Are you still not convinced? Living at a student residence is the best idea for those wonderful university years. We promise you. Don´t miss your place at The Lofttown! On top, this year, you will use the facilities for the first time. Everything is newly built, and everything is new.

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