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May 2017
  • The best student accommodation in Barcelona is the one that helps you in things that go beyond the accommodation

    In Barcelona there are a large number of student residences that provide comfort and accommodation to those intrepid university students coming to enjoy Barcelona, Mediterranean food, the essence of its historical streets and the fresh air that its beaches give us. But how to choose the best student accommodation in Barcelona without dying in the attempt? It’s so easy; choose only the one which helps you in things that go far beyond housing. Why The Lofttown? How does it get to be the best student accommodation in Barcelona?

    It is the most central

    We not only provide perfect accommodation, but also the perfect location. You can forget transportation because you can walk to all the key points in the heart of Barcelona: Paseo de Gracia, Avenida Diagonal, Plaça Catalunya… Live the experience and go all around the beautiful streets of Barcelona for yourself!

    It is a pioneer in full sustainability

    The Lofttown is the first residence with organic cuisine and a brand new biosustainable building. We offer you organic products and local produce in your meals, maximum energy savings, maximum comfort for the residents and reduced impact on our environment.

    best student accommodation in Barcelona

    Created only to please the student

    We are responding to the growing demand of students who come to Barcelona to study for a college degree, a master’s degree, an Erasmus… The Lofttown was created with a clear mission to be the benchmark residence, the best student residence in Barcelona. Our raison d ‘ être is students and we are focused on them, so we know their needs very well and what they are looking for in a completely new place.

    If you want to experience the magic of Barcelona first hand, the best place is The Lofttown. Be very happy!


    If you are a student and are looking forward to living in Barcelona because you are coming to study for a master’s degree, an Erasmus or degree you must know the cost of living in the city so that you can organize yourself and calculate your monthly expenses. Today in our post, we can help with this issue.

    To calculate the monthly cost that it takes to live in Barcelona these monthly expenses should be taken into account:

    • Food ranging from €250 to €350
    • Personal expenses between €160 to €220
    • Transport from €60 to €80

    Accommodation, which will depend a lot on which option you choose and the location. We recommend the option of staying in a student residence because you have everything included in the monthly price and this will help you to save a lot, since you won’t have to worry about food and other things and will have all the comforts of home.


    living in Barcelona


    In general the standard monthly cost estimated in the city is between €720-€1,200.

    We also give you guidance about the costs of certain leisure items that may be of interest to you:

    • Admission to a music bar or disco €10 to €30
    • Concert of modern music from €20 to €80
    • Football match from €20 to €100
    • Museum ticket from €5 to €15
    • Cinema ticket from €8 to €12
    • Theatre ticket from €12 to €50


    You can also check the Guía del Ocio to discover all the leisure options in Barcelona.

    On holiday or as a student, Barcelona is a wonderful city! There is a wide range of leisure and entertainment options for fun, good food, good weather and good vibrations :). The Lofttown will accompany you on this unforgettable experience so that we are by your side all the time and for everything you need. Get to know us, for sure you will love to live in Barcelona with us.

  • Do you know the difference between a student residence and a university residence hall in Barcelona?

    As we all know there are different types of accommodation for those brave students who want to live a unique experience in a new place. On the one hand you can rent a flat, on the other there is accommodation in student residences; and, finally, accommodation in a university residence hall in Barcelona. The difference between student residences and university residence halls? We’ll discuss it below. Keep reading!

    The only difference that you will find between a student residence and a university residence hall in Barcelona is the organization of extracurricular activities. In a university residence hall, apart from the maintenance of the rooms you can also enjoy stays and group outings. Depending on the type of school the outings can be religious, thematic or varied. On the other hand, student residences consider that leaving a margin between extremes is very positive for students. Renting a student apartment is one of the most independent extremes; on the other hand, a university residence hall in Barcelona can often be synonymous with not coming out of your shell.

    colegio mayor en Barcelona

    This is why the option to stay in a student residence is a good choice because it helps you with basic things, such as the maintenance of your room; it solves for you the issue of your diet and even encourages you to study and creates a favorable environment for you to do this, but does not ever become a second school, i.e.  it will help you to grow, manage by yourself and even start to make an independent life (but with all security and amenities).

    If you want to know more about life in a university residence, discover the world of The Lofttown. A residence different to all others. We are opening this July 1. Are you going to join us?