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June 2017
  • Our dream come true! We already have here The Lofttown university hall of residence!

    After all these months of hard work every day to make one of our biggest dreams come true… The great moment has arrived! The day on which every effort is reflected. The day on which we see all doubts overcome, the headaches, the long nights working with hope to reach the end. The day on which our The Lofttown university hall of residence ceases to be a project and becomes a reality. Yes, this July 1 is THE DAY.

    This Saturday we are opening the doors of our The Lofttown university hall of residence. Welcome students! You who have chosen our residence, Hello Barcelona!, we are proud to be an offer of accommodation for students in the city different from all others with our biosustainable philosophy; and, finally, thanks to all those who have participated in the construction and development of the residence. A toast to all! Because today we are celebrating.


    The Lofttown university hall of residence

    The Lofttowners! Don’t miss any corner of the residence. We have thought of everything so you can have the best place to study and live, the best environment to relax and enjoy with your new friends and a team dedicated to you who will assist you with everything you need. In addition, from The Lofttown we will suggest thousands of activities to make your stay in Barcelona a dream and make sure you have a great time. Remember that in The Lofttown you have fully equipped rooms, 1,200 m2 of common areas containing study rooms, group work rooms , terraces, fitness center, restaurant and cafeteria, parking for cars, motorbikes and bicycles and electric parking, leisure and cinema rooms,… You won’t lack anything at all.

    residencia universitaria The Lofttown


    We are proud of this very exciting and necessary project for the city of Barcelona, where we are committed to the university community and which has had an excellent reception and response. Thank you.

  • University guide for first-timers in Barcelona

    Faithful to our mission, which goes far beyond providing quality accommodation for students, and with the desire to take care of our residents and make their stay in Barcelona easier, today we have prepared a university guide for students that will help you to become integrated in the city.


    Everything seems to be completely different when you newly arrive in Barcelona and don’t know anything or anybody. You do not know what paperwork you have to do or where you should go for the more technical issues, such as opening a bank account, choosing a mobile tariff… If you choose to live in our student residence you do not have to be worried because we help with everything.


    Another of the handicaps when you arrive alone in the city. But in The Lofttown we also guarantee that you will not have this experience of finding yourself alone. From the first minute you’ll already be making friends, because in a university residence everybody is in the same situation and it is easy to make new friends.

    university guide


    Another of the doubts that plague many students is the leisure in each city. Barcelona is a wonderful city in which you can experience all kinds of sensations that will win you over. If you are a lover of open-air sports such as running or water sports, Barceloneta, Montjuïc, Tibidabo and the Carretera de les Aigües, for example, are some of the places that you mustn’t miss. But in addition, The Lofttown will provide you with programs designed for you and your new friends to do. It is impossible to get bored!

    This quick university guide for students considers for you the 3 aspects that most concern students when they come alone to the city. With The Lofttown everything is solved. 😉

  • What are the best universities in Barcelona?

    Pompeu Fabra University, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the Autonomous University of Barcelona led the ranking of best universities in Barcelona and Spain in 2016, according to the report prepared by the Valencian Institute of Economic Research and BBVA. In it, a total of 61 Spanish universities were assessed and indicators were taken into account such as their teaching activities, research, innovation and technological development.

    If you are looking for universities in Barcelona it means that you are going to begin a new life here in the city during your university time. So today we are giving you help on what you have to keep in mind to organize your accommodation if you are going to study away from home.

    universities in Barcelona

    Where are you going to live while you study?

    The first thing to look for is a place to stay. The city offers several options for students, from renting a flat or a room to staying in a university dorm. The best option for a student is a university residence, for three simple reasons:

    • You live with other students, who you will have many things in common with, and you will be in the same situation.
    • You have all the comforts of home and everything included for one price.
    • And it is one of the safest options, since you have all the professionals to help you in everything you need and for any problem; and, in addition, facilities are equipped with security systems.

    Formalities to carry out

    Some countries require a Student Visa. Look for an agency or information office for foreign students to help you in that process.

    You have to be covered by health insurance during your stay abroad.

    For stays of more than 3 months, it is possible that you may have to obtain a residence permit, in addition to the visa.

    And finally, two small great tips. Arrive a few days earlier; and take something from your room to put it in your new home. It will help you to feel close to you and yours.

  • 3 tips that will make you choose the best lodging Barcelona

    How can we know what is the best lodging Barcelona? The key is to take into account what it will bring to our studies, if it is going to promote academic success, and what it will bring us with regards to comfort, safety and fun.

    Follow this guide and you are sure to choose the best lodging Barcelona.


    The ideal lodging Barcelona is one that offers you all the facilities to study, but which in turn is concerned that residents enjoy themselves. One that is proactive and organizes events, looks after students and ultimately behaves as if we were all one big family. Much more than accommodation, a way of living your university time.

    lodging barcelona


    We all know the advantages of living in the centre, next to everything, where we can walk anywhere; or if we have to move away from the centre and use public transport, have transport right next to us. And if we also stay in a pedestrian street, quiet and secure, we will enjoy all the advantages of living in the middle of the big city but with the tranquillity of a residential area.


    We only have one life, so don’t waste a second of it. And to enjoy it to the maximum we need to take care of ourselves. Neither stress, nor lack of time must be excuses for not taking care of ourselves; and food has much to do with it. So, choose a residence where they have this philosophy of life very clear and get caught up in it. A place that cares about the environment and people, and offers local produce and organic cuisine.

    The Lofttown has very much taken these tips into account and from them has built the residence and its philosophy to become the best lodging Barcelona. We remind you that this next July 1st we are opening!

  • What’s new in terms of accommodation in Barcelona?

    The Lofttown. The new, most ‘photogenic’ student residence in Barcelona. The most beautiful place where you’ll love to live and which you will have a good feeling about. If you are a student and you are looking for accommodation in Barcelona, read this post. We’ll show you why it is becoming the favourite place for many university students to stay.

    These are the 4 reasons why you should now know about our residence and, without doubt, will help you go for it. Or so we hope! J, because we have prepared everything to make you feel like at home, so you can have all the comforts and maximum security and, above all (above all), that you have a great time!!

    accommodation in Barcelona

    1. A picture is worth a thousand words… Yes! We fulfil this mythical saying. The Lofttown will be the residence of your dreams. First of all its facilities are… amazing! Terraces, dining room, games room, study rooms, 1,200 m2 of common facilities to enjoy and study in comfort.
    2. El mejor hospedaje en Barcelona porque tiene la mejor localización. En el centro de Barcelona, ubicada en el Barrio de Gracia con acceso andando a todo: restaurantes, parques, tiendas, supermercados, farmacias, gimnasios, cerca de las universidades y escuelas y todo el transporte público al lado.
    3. No te costará hacer de The Lofttown tu nuevo hogar. ¿Qué hay más poderoso que decidir cómo y dónde vivir? Y ¿qué hay más bonito que hacer de tu nuevo lugar de residencia el hogar de tus sueños, tu casa? The Lofttown será una fuente de inspiración a la hora de estudiar, de realizar tus proyectos, el escenario perfecto para vivir la historia más inesperada y apasionada de tu vida. Todos los servicios y comodidades incluidos.
    4. La residencia de estudiantes más ‘fotogénica’ porque ahora es casi tan importante el fotografiar dónde y cómo estás, como vivirlo. ¿Y qué mejor que poder presumir de residencia en tus redes sociales? Además de muy bonita, la residencia es uno de los lugares más seguros por su circuito cerrado de videovigilancia y un sistema de control de accesos con huella digital y aviso de emergencia por si necesitas asistencia inmediata.