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July 2017
  • Do you know how to rent a flat in Barcelona ?

    The new course is getting closer and there comes the time to rent a flat in Barcelona, to look for flats, be sure that they are to your liking and they have all the comforts. Let us ask you: have you have thought about living in a student residence? No? Today we will reveal what is never taken into account when you rent a flat, and the reasons why the student residence is a very good choice.

    • The installation: the flat looks beautiful and you have been told that it has been recently renovated but… has the plumbing also been renovated? Will the heating work? Is there enough hot water? It is a mystery that you will only resolve when you are already living there, having decided to rent a flat in Barcelona, and nobody will have told you.
    • Neighbours: residential neighbourhoods are just that, neighbourhoods intended for residence and not for leisure, and sometimes (almost always) young people don’t go to sleep early, and less when the semester is finished; so it is sure that more than one night you are going to receive complaints from neighbours to keep the noise down.
    • The repairman: the person that the estate agent who has rented you the flat sends you so you can get fixed the blinds that have fallen, or the heating or boiler; and forces you to be at home whether you like it or not, so that day you are going to miss classes.


    rent a flat in barcelona


    Living in a rented flat is not comfortable and it can lead to unpleasant surprises. It is not so easy to rent a flat in Barcelona. Conversely, a student residence offers you all comforts for a single monthly payment, where everything is included and you can enjoy some common areas in addition to your room. And, best of all, is that you don’t have to worry about anything, just your studies and enjoying being with your new friends. Get to know The Lofttown, the brand-new residence in Barcelona most different from the rest: all new and eco-friendly philosophy. Discover us.

  • Where to go in Barcelona: 10 places you can’t miss

    One more day we share with you the essentials you must do if you have any doubts about where to go in Barcelona. Barcelona is a big city, but it is the perfect size to visit, so from The Lofttown we’ll tell you what is on our list of unmissables; devour Barcelona!



    1. Gaudí and Modernism: If there is anything that characterizes the city it is modernism.
    2. A different concert: in the Gran Teatro del Liceu.
    3. Tapas and Vermouth: a very typical “combi” in Barcelona, which fills Las Ramblas for the hours before lunch, a very Catalan break.
    4. Excursion to Montjuïc: and views that leave you breathless. A visual and sensory spectacle steeped in history that you have to discover.
    5. Historic el Raval: get to know the history of Barcelona from the centre.
    6. A swim in the Mediterranean: 4 kilometres of beach to put your towel down and enjoy the sun and the seafront terraces.
    7. Train your palate: with Barcelona cuisine.
    8. The Sagrada Familia: which has become the symbol of the city, still not completed.
    9. The direction to America: Columbus shows it. And you can go up on foot to see a panoramic view of the spectacular city.
    10. Breathe underwater: in the Barcelona aquarium it is possible; that, and swimming among sharks and manta rays. Do you dare?


    where to go in Barcelona

    All this and more is what you can visit in Barcelona. As you can see, we have the good luck to be in the centre of Barcelona, where everything is happening, to offer you the fun time at hand that you want. Do you want to come and see us? We are here and hope you spend your best university years with us. Thanks once more for reading!

  • Everything you were looking for about free time in Barcelona

    The challenge was complicated, but not impossible; Barcelona is a city full of activities, museums, routes, attractions, amusement parks, but we’ve done it! We have brought together the best “must haves” for free time in Barcelona that one way or another you have to visit if you ever come to study your university degree here. Discover Barcelona step-by-step!

    • Music runs through your veins: for lovers of music and concerts, Barcelona hosts from 5 to 14 July the V Festival dels Jardins de Pedralbes. The best music, an idyllic climate and select gastronomy is what makes this festival so special. An appointment that cannot be missing from your diary.
    • Nights under the stars: for fans of the big screen you can enjoy from June 30 to August 4, the 15th edition of open air cinema on Montjuic, which returns with a program that promises a very pleasant meeting with picnics, outdoor concerts prior to the films, which this year are combined between classics and well known. We advance you that some of them are: La La Land, The Revenant, The Hateful Eight and The Next Skin… A complete entertainment event in Barcelona!
    • Dizzying entertainment: in Halka, Grec 2017. Moroccan tradition together with aerobatic practice give a high voltage spectacle mixed with contemporary creation, music and humor. An event that you can’t let go by: from 12 to 13 July you have an appointment at the Teatre Grec in Barcelona.


    free time in barcelona


    There is an easy way to visit Barcelona and get to know free time in Barcelona; in The Lofftown we wanted to bring together, by categories, some of the most important events so that your stay in Barcelona is not just that, but you live it, you feel it. We want you to enjoy Barcelona.

  • The two tips that you must follow if it is your first year in a university residence Barcelona

    Your life will change completely; you will leave behind your family home to stay at a new location in a university residence Barcelona that in no time at all will become your small refuge. Thousands of sensations overwhelm you: nerves, dreams, fears of finding yourself alone, a mix of all of these but the balance is very positive and you feel that you like it, right? Follow these two tips and feel safe and happy from the first day.



    Lots of students like you are in your same situation, so let’s go! All you should worry about is the experience, live it! Leave behind all the fears that come up to distract us. Just savor positive emotions that the new life brings to you. And you’ll see how everything flows and everything works out great. Because between study and study you’ll find dinner with new friends, meals, travel, parties, every day luxuries like going to the cinema or theatre… do not miss any plan. Say yes to everything and enjoy the new situation. Our university residence Barcelona will help you to make friends and build your new home faster.



    Relax and unwind. The first few days tend to be stressful, so our second great tip to successfully face this new stage is to relax. You will love your new college life but at the beginning it is normal to get nerves because it is very different from everything so far.


    The two tips that you must follow if it is your first year in a university residence Barcelona

    These two simple tips will help you adapt in a few days. You just have to relax and join everything to meet people 😉 also, you know, in The Lofttown, we are at your side for everything. You are not alone!