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August 2017
  • You want to study in Spain ? You have to know this first

    Welcome one day more to our blog. Last week we dedicated the issue to talking about the benefits of studying tourism in Barcelona. Today we take the lens a little further back and roll out the map to reveal to you the real reasons why the best decision you can take is to study in Spain. So let’s do this!

    • Academic destination par excellence: Spain is one of the academic destinations par excellence thanks to international recognition and infrastructure of universities that includes spacious campuses with facilities for students such as libraries, research centers, sports areas and residences areas for students among others.
    • Variety of academic offer: If you decide to study in Spain you will have a wide academic offer which includes undergraduate and graduate studies from all disciplines; also students usually focus class examples on real success stories, attend talks and open days that help them to enter the world of work.
    • Lifestyle: where there are universities there is student life, and that’s what we love. In Spain all corners are filled with students eager to begin building their future and fill it with experiences that begin now; and residences for students are there to support your personal growth years.

    To study in Spain is one of the best options to shape your future, and is corroborated by the crowds of university students who come from all over the world each year to pursue their degree here.


    study in spain

    If you are thinking of studying out of your country or away from your home, do not forget that one of the most important aspects in this new stage is the choice of accommodation, since this can make your stay a wonderful experience; but if you don’t choose well it can harm you very negatively. We recommend that you stay in a student residence and we invite you to know The Lofttown because it is the newest and most different from all the others in Barcelona.

  • Do you really know what it means to study tourism in Barcelona?

    When you study tourism in Barcelona it involves a series of very positive consequences for your career. If you’re already a veteran you’ve been able to find out, but if you are starting this September… You’ll be pleased to know, so let’s do this!

    1. A city full of examples: there is no city in Catalonia more touristic than Barcelona. If you study tourism here, you will have the great opportunity to see every day what you learn in the classroom, even some of the examples given in class will be in Barcelona. A 24/7 classroom.
    2. The best universities: here in Barcelona are some of the best universities in the world such as the Pompeu Fabra, UAB, UB, Abat Oliva, Ramón Lllull, so you have a wide range of education for your next course.
    3. Mediterranean relations: Barcelona is a university city, which means that there are millions of groups of university students wanting to meet you and get to know some of the most remote corners of the city with you. Now, more than ever, is your opportunity to study tourism in Barcelona.
    4. Work placement in Barcelona: because Barcelona is a tourist town, it will allow you to do work placement immediately during the summer months when more staff are needed in tourist places; which means that if you are a student resident in Barcelona you will be able to work every summer at what you have been studying during the academic course. You will be more than ready!


    study tourism in Barcelona


    Don’t miss the opportunity to complete your tourism studies in one of the cities best known for this, Barcelona, where leisure and studies make sense. And to stay, get to know our student residence The Lofttown, a place very different from all the other university residences. Do not hesitate to come and study tourism in Barcelona: here will find you the best university, the best residence to live in, and the best fun.

  • 6 things that only residents in student housing bcn understand.


    1. We always sit at the same table/chair: and if one day it’s not free we get anxious and we are not comfortable with the free table or chair.
    2. We want THAT highlighter of THAT brand and THAT color: it is inevitable, and as the highlighter ends half way through the topic we have to change the color or use a friend’s, and it is another brand that is of no use to us.
    3. We have whims and rewards: when a test comes out great, we have aced a presentation or we learned 27 topics in one day… You have to celebrate it and cannot miss a visit to Barcelona.
    4. The table won’t do: the kitchen won’t do, the cafeteria won’t do, I need my space to study, and that means that I and the study rooms of housing bcn are close friends. (And do not take away that “my”).
    5. I will not look at my mobile: I will not look at my mobile, will not look at my mobile… Oh look! The guy that I like has spoken to me. Yes, we admit it, we couldn’t be a minute without looking at the phone, it is inevitable; but we are talking with the group of friends from the residence, we are reviewing with the class group.
    6. We also go on vacation: in housing bcn, weekends are ours and that translates into visits, shopping, museums, excursions, beach… Everything you need is here.


    housing bcn


    And you? Would like to live the The Lofttown experience? Here you will find a family, a group of friends, it is what will carry you through, apart from all the personal growth. We know that it is a difficult time and full of changes so we make it very easy for you to be comfortable. Live here and see for yourself

    You’re not the only one 😉

  • Everything you need to know about activities in Barcelona


    One more day we welcome you to our post and we say to you that if it is the first time you have entered here and you don’t know us… Congratulations! You’ve found (perhaps unintentionally) the blog that you need. Today we bring you a compilation of activities in Barcelona that you have always wanted to do. Will you join us?

    • Open air movies: cinema goes onto the streets and the classics are back. This summer Barcelona is filled with cinematographic culture and welcomes you every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5 to 21 August. Capacity is limited given that it takes place in El Pati de les Dones, and is free 😉
    • For those who like sports: discover Barcelona on roller skates, a visit to Camp Nou, enjoy nature by bike, live the sunset from the sea… They are activities in Barcelona which are catalogued as permanent. Do you like moonlight? Then the 9,10 and 11 of August you have a date for paddle surfing in the sea organised by Surf House Barcelona. You are also invited to a post-activity cocktail. Are you going to miss it
    • An afternoon in the Museum: Barcelona offers a great selection of museums for all ages and some very interesting ones. We will recommend the Wax Museum, Macba, CCCB, Cosmo Caixa, Chocolate Museum for food-lovers, and a classic among the classics that we cannot leave out… The MNAC full of art and traditions.


    activities in Barcelona


    Everything you can imagine (awake or dreaming) is possible, there are plenty of activities in Barcelona waiting to be discovered by you. We have given you the first brush-strokes to make your day unforgettable; you fill in the rest.

    Thanks for reading us!