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September 2017
  • Everything you need to know when you visit Barcelona

    There is something that you have to know when you visit Barcelona, and even more so if you have come to live in our residence because this will be your city. We know that the first thing you will see will be the Sagrada Familia, the Columbus statue, The Ramblas, La Pedrera, Casa Batlló… and after that, what? There is more of Barcelona to see. Welcome to the secret Barcelona!


    • Carmel bunkers: a well hidden secret, they tend not to appear among the prominent sights in the city, and it’s a shame because you get one of the best views of the city. These are anti-aircraft guns that were built during the Civil War in 1937. At that time Barcelona received daily bombardment of almost 200 bombs.
    • Botanical gardens: guys, we have hidden botanical gardens! With more than 14 hectares, this botanic garden cultivates plants of all species in the world, and do you know where you can find it? On Montjuïc; it is an almost obligatory visit.
    • CosmoCaixa: it doesn’t appear either in guides of what to visit, which is why we share it with our more adventurous thelofttowners. In this space you will find a world of science, animal science, and technology, which will amaze you. Giant piranhas, aquatic forests, blocks of ice, a room dedicated to matter… awesome!
    • Labyrinth of Horta: it is incredible to get lost in the greenest Barcelona. This maze keeps a secret: it is the oldest park in Barcelona; it is an obligatory spot to visit Barcelona for all those who are not reading. Its structure mixes neoclassical 18th century style with the romantic style of the 19th century. Do you dare enter?


    visit Barcelona 


    Being one of thelofttowners has advantages; if you want to visit Barcelona in all its splendour, we open the doors of the city for you so that you can let your curiosity run wild 😉

  • The importance of good eating habits for students

    One of our biggest concerns is eating habits for students, we know that at study time the brain and energy have to be 100% so you can perform with all your ability; and eating habits are a fundamental pillar, so our buffet offers everything you need: fruits, cereals, vegetables, everything indispensable so that your diet is balanced and healthy. What should you do as a good thelofttowner? Follow our advice:


    eating habits for students


    • Have breakfast every day: breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that will give you energy to face classes, homework and activities outside the university. During breakfast you break your overnight fast, which is very important to reduce fatigue, stress and feelings of hunger.
    • Add fruits to your diet: in our buffet you can find, at any time of the day, fresh organic locally-produced fruit . The fresh fruit will allow easier digestion.
    • Keep yourself hydrated: preferably with water or juices; cold teas are good choices but they contain too many processed sugars. The best thing to do is to squeeze a few oranges early in the morning to prepare a natural juice full of vitamins, or drink water regularly: eating habits for students in on-mode!
    • Avoid fast food: they are types of food that can save you time and money, but are in no way healthy eating habits for students. In TheLofttown, you can choose the option of full board so that you don’t ever have to worry about meals, we will offer you the best for you, take care of you, like at home. Do you remember?


    eating habits for students


    We are aware of the importance of good eating habits for students, as your parents would be. Trust us and enjoy our buffet and enjoy our Mediterranean cuisine daily

  • The 5 common student profiles in a university residence

    Welcome, thelofttowners, one more day to our blog, now that we are at the gates of a new course full of unforgettable experiences; and to get things going, today what we bring is a slightly different post. Do you want to know your fellow students in the residence before you know who they are? Yes, it is possible because you will always find these student profiles in a university residence. Which one are you?


    student profiles in a university residence


    • The one who always talks to their mother: only your fellow students in a university residence know how many times a day you need to talk with your mother; you will meet people in this new stage, but your parents will undoubtedly be the most important point of support at this time.
    • The one who doesn’t leave their room: neither films, nor crazy plans, nor the brightest sun in these last 10 years will move you from your room. Sometimes we all want to have a peaceful evening after having spent a sleepless night and to enjoy quiet moments in our rooms at The Lofttown, but when this happens very often… these student profiles appear.
    • The one who is always cleaning: the wardrobe, the bathroom, the library, including the common rooms, where they leave it impeccable when they pass; and they can’t stop. These types of student profiles in a university residence are the ones you see always picking up everything they find J.
    • The one on a diet: you are always always always going to find someone who wants to be on a diet but never manages it, and it’s just that hamburgers are… always irresistible.
    • The one who likes coffees: shall we talk about it over a coffee? It will be the most common sentence from these types of student profiles in a university residence; they are going to want to talk about everything, having a cup of coffee: work, subjects, future plans or just to spend the afternoon. In the student community they are often called “those in the bar”



    Now you already know what your fellow students in the residence will be like 😉 Welcome to your future!