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  • The guide that all residents of a student residence Barcelona need to know

    And what guide is that, what’s it about you are asking yourselves… well congratulations, because only those residents in a student residence Barcelona who have entered are going to discover, once and for all, the final secrets to getting good grades. Impressive right? Well, we are going to do it with this secret guide!



    • Create a study plan: it is very easy, the difficult thing is to follow it; that is why this exercise will test your perseverance: you have to have planning for months ahead of the tasks, jobs and exams you’ll have during the course, and the time you’re going to devote to each one. Only this way will you have free time to enjoy with your fellow students from the student residence Barcelona.
    • Your own notes please: you have to stop asking your classmates for their notes; taking your own notes allows a quick memorization of the topic, a structure of the subject itself, which will allow an easy visual recognition; and if you’re very careful we recommend making a rough draft of the subject taught in class, and once you arrive at your student residence Barcelona, shut yourself away in one of the study rooms and make clean notes.
    • Sleep enough: sleep is the best medicine against fatigue, and the thing is that during sleep the brain assimilates all that has been learned during the day, so that the more you sleep, the better. So, today stay in your room at The Lofttown and dedicate the night to yourself 🙂


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    Did you like it? Now you already have all the keys to success.