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October 2017
  • Barcelona activities that you do not want to miss

    We have already told you some secret places to visit in Barcelona, but we still haven’t recommended any Barcelona activities and that can’t be! Today we dedicate our day to visiting the Camp Nou and its surroundings. So take note, fill your evenings with dead hours because you’re going to need them:


    Barcelona actividades


    • Barcelona Camp Nou: a stadium, a passion, a feeling: more than a club. You can go to visit the Camp Nou stadium, go into the locker room, sit in the presidential box, on the bench of the main stars of the game, and even step on the grass of the pitch. For all those who want to experience an unforgettable evening and put themselves in the skin of the Barça players, Camp Nou welcomes you.
    • Without going any further: next to it is the Palau Blaugrana, the place where the most exciting basketball games take place. Complete the day with a visit to the Palau Blaugrana and enjoy the souvenir shop with all your gang. Who knows… maybe you will meet some famous player 😉
    • Ice cold: next to it is the ice rink, a place where laughs, falls and friendly shenanigans are ensured. You can spend a wonderful afternoon gliding across the ice and feeling you are real skaters. It is one of the most fun Barcelona activities.
    • La Masia: you have before you the cradle of the Barça stars, the place where they played, studied, and the best football tactics were created. It is almost a fairy-tale place, since the building impressively counters the sound of the street with its majesty.


    Barcelona actividades


    There are Barcelona activities that are well worth visiting, and this is certainly one of them. Discover Barcelona with us 🙂

  • The guide for students that will make you succeed

    Everyone would like a guide for students that taught us the secret of getting good grades, right? Well you aren’t going to believe it but today we are sharing it with you, so you don’t have to wait any longer.



    Do you know what the real key to success is? You.

    • Determination: never stop working for what you believe in and motivates you, enjoy everything you do in class, arouse your curiosity by reading about the topic and what is said about it in the world, don’t close any doors. The university is a place where you can find an answer to everything that you consider.
    • Dedication: your studies will be your profession. You have to devote time, never stop learning. It is true what they say, that “you will never go to sleep without having learned something new”, and this is your daily challenge.
    • Effort: without effort there is no reward, and this has been more than demonstrated, the effort you make today will be the achievement of tomorrow. From The Lofttown we know the importance that concentration has for this point, and for this reason we offer you private rooms so that you can do your tasks and homework in total concentration. Let’s continue with the guide for students!
    • Fun: obviously you also have to have your moments of fun; and we put at your disposal movie theaters and games rooms so that you exercise your brain with fun, and escape from yourself a little.


    guía para estudiantes


    You have the secret of success; you are the one who will make your own guide for students, which will take you to the emphatic success of your studies, work and ambitions. We are there to support you in everything 😉

  • Harvard gives you the study skills for success

    And we are sharing them with you. You don’t get the opportunity every day to learn study skills from one of the best universities. Sometimes a lack of concentration, motivation or tiredness prevents us from studying at 100%, which is why Harvard University has got going, and has brought to light the study skills that all students should have:



    • Take notes by hand: it is becoming more normal for students to take notes on a support device, given its speed and perfect compression of the written words, but it is precisely taking notes by hand which helps us most at study time because by having to write you have to be more attentive and to reflect on what you are writing.
    • Organize your time and study various subjects at the same time: it seems impossible but if you study several subjects at the same time the exercise of alternating subjects favours the retention of the content.
    • Rest: the brain has to rest from the exhaustion that study causes, so if you organize yourself well (point number 2) you’ll have time to go out to clear your head and de-stress your thoughts so that new learning can enter.
    • Devote less time to reading: it is one of the study skills proposed by Harvard University where they recommend not wasting time re-reading , instead dedicating the time to recall.


    técnicas de estudio


    Studying, taking a degree and passing are the challenges that you are going to experience with us, but because we care for you, we are giving you all the keys that we have for you to attain success. Ultimately they will be your best years, think: a new city, new companions, a different lifestyle, away from your parents and with all the amenities you could want. Welcome to our family 😉

  • Some tips to come to study in Barcelona successfully

    Before coming to study in Barcelona, let us say that you have to have a list of everything you need to take, remember, ask… and this can sometimes cause stress and doubts. So for all our thelofttowners (and those who come to study in Barcelona) we leave you some guidelines that you must follow to enjoy your trip. Shall we do this?



    What should I take in my suitcase?

    Barcelona is a city with quite a pleasant climate so a variety of long sleeves, long trousers, t-shirts, some shorts, sneakers, boots, sandals and a coat will suffice.

    We recommend bringing a power converter and an adapter. It is something that we never thought about taking, and you will be eternally grateful for the recommendation 😉



    Do I have to register?

    Registration is mandatory for all the inhabitants of a city or town, so if you are coming to study in Barcelona and stay in our residence, it is required. It is a very quick procedure that is done through the Citizen Attention office.



    What can I do?

    Now it’s yours, see Barcelona as you had never imagined; in our blog we have brought to light some secret corners of Barcelona. Take a look 😉



    I don’t want to go back!

    Us neither 🙁  so don’t lose contact because you will always be a thelofttowner. On returning to your home (if you are coming to study in Barcelona by ERASMUS) you have to make sure that you validate you credits.


    study in Barcelona


    We are determined to respond to all questions that you may have to make your trip to Barcelona as enjoyable and unchaotic as possible; think that you are coming to know your future 😉