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November 2017
  • What to do in Barcelona becomes the best plan

    If you constantly ask yourself what to do in Barcelona, it is that you do not know the ultimate fashionable entertainment that there is, not only in the city, but in Catalonia, and it is called Escape Room. We know that in winter a plan to spend the afternoon in a bar with friends is complicated due to the cold so we propose an alternative plan and we explain what it is:



    You will find all the Escape Rooms that we present below in Barcelona; to give you an idea what it is, we will tell you that it is a fun game that takes place with teams from 2 to 6 or 7 players that for one hour will need to use their wit and ability to solve clues and get out of a room in less than 60 minutes. Sounds good, right?



    So as not to spoil it, we will only tell you that you will have one hour to get out of a pirate ship before being thrown to the sharks. Will you be able to do it? This Escape Room is located in the street Lluis Saginer, 16-18.



    It is surprising because it accepts groups of 3 to 30 people; almost all the residents of TheLofttown can go! Some might think that being such a big group of people can have a negative effect but it is not so, since these types of games are based on competition within the same group, so maybe you will be divided and… Let’s play!



    “Soon you will know “the chopper”, the owner of this live Escape game who has locked you up, and why it is not just a game for him.” So it is defined in its web page; for the more courageous and daring we propose this live Escape Room of fear. Only 29% get out. Would you be one of them?




    Are you up for it? 😉

  • A long-distance relationship can work, and we show how you with our advice

    Having a long-distance relationship just at the moment when you start university or go on an Erasmus is one of the issues that most concern couples since there are many prejudices that a long-distance relationship doesn’t work, but that is not true; and we are going to give some tips so that the physical distance doesn’t become an emotional distance, and this way you can make a long-distance relationship work, which is one of the best feelings there is in the world.


    • Communicate frequently: now, thanks to new technologies we can communicate daily and frequently by WhatsApp, Skype… the secret is finding a moment a day, or every two days, to get in contact with your family and with your partner.
    • Speak about everything: not knowing where your partner has been for the night can lead to thinking too much and bringing up surely wrong thoughts and fears. It is very important that you talk about everything with your partner, if you go out to party, if you’re going to have a drink, and if you can send a message when you get home. It may seem a tiresome attitude but when distance separates, all negative thinking can be the start of a great deal of unnecessary argument.
    • Know people and places: make your partner part of your day-to-day and the places you visit and the people you meet, show them photographs, videos… that way the daily talks will be much more meaningful and you will feel that you are part of your partner’s life.



    Do you have your partner in The Lofttown? Then you are in good hands, we take care of all our residents as if we were your parents. We are here for you J

  • The art of learning a language in The Lofttown

    Learning a language is always a surprising task since it allows you to communicate with those people who are native speakers of a specific region. If you want to go on an Erasmus and learn, for example, English or Spanish, we’ll give you some of the keys you have the follow so you can learn a language in less than a year. Incredible, right?


    • Jump into the deep end: take the plane and go on an Erasmus, immerse yourself in the culture and language, listen, visit, see, communicate…
    • Be curious: the word “I don’t understand” has to disappear from your vocabulary, don’t be afraid to ask, that’s how you learn 😉
    • Watch TV: watching TV in the language that you want to learn has many advantages; to try to understand what they say with the speed and technical terms that accompany the informative vocabulary is one of the best ways to learn a language, and if you have questions: ask.
    • Your fellow TheLofttowners: if there is something that we like to see, it is how your friendships are consolidated here; there are many residents from different countries so you can learn a lot from one other, and it is the ideal time to start learning a language supported by all your colleagues and friends.


    learning a language


    Our residence for students in Barcelona is one of the main places where learning a language becomes something fun if we do it together, taking advantage of meeting new people who come on an Erasmus to create a small family together. We will give you all the tools for learning a language, reinforcement classes, private study areas; but doing it with friends is more fun and if it is in the The Lofttown bar much better 😉

  • A student diet challenge that many YouTubers have tried

    One of the challenges that are most popular on social networks is eating for one euro a day for a week; many You Tubers have joined this initiative to raise awareness of the daily waste of much food that we buy and that we hardly tried, or just didn’t consume, and it passes its expiry date. Today what we are going to say to you is that you don’t need to take up this challenge because we do something incredible with food from the buffet and also take care of your student diet. Shall we begin?



    • A quality buffet: our products are local, which means that we buy the produce from farms to reduce the footprint that food transport causes.
    • A varied diet, rich in vitamins: a student diet has to be conceived and designed to meet the daily needs and the wear and tear suffered by students by working, studying, going to class, paying attention, taking notes… That is why in our buffet you will find many products that a well-balanced diet contains, full of vitamins to deal with every day; and no need to worry about the food left over or that you don’t eat; you don’t have to do the challenge because here comes the best thing.
    • The food that you don’t eat: we give it to NGOs to be delivered to social canteens in the city for the most disadvantaged in our city. This way we assure you a diet for students ideal to keep going throughout the day but furthermore we are always working under Corporate Social Responsibility.


    student diet


    As you can see, there is no need to take the challenge of eating on a euro a day for a week. We are already working under this commitment.

  • 5 signs that indicate you are ready to study abroad

    To study abroad is one of the ambitions of any university or other type of student; it is an experience that many want to have, and there are some signs that announce that you are now ready to study abroad. Do you want to know if you’re one of them?


    Are you ready?

    • You have a strong obsession with the movies, series, and music of the country: if you’re feeling like that, it is because you’re ready to pack and travel.
    • You dream in another language: it could be that you master that language and this is a quality that few have, but when you are well prepared to study abroad, the language finds a way of sneaking into your dreams.
    •  You love the food of that country: food is one of the few things that allow you to immerse yourself in the culture of a country, and it is because the food is coated with the traditions and know-how of your future destination.
    • Everyone knows your plans to study abroad: and it is because you can’t talk of anything else, trivia, historical data, emblematic buildings… You already even know which excursions and visits that you will make 😉
    • Your room gives you away: you decorate the room with posters, banners, details… everything that reminds you of that country so it is more than clear, you have to go to study abroad right now.


    study abroad


    Do you know what the best thing is when you study abroad? Meeting new people, new cultures, points of view, traditions… and we offer you the place where you can create the cradle of all your moments and memories during your stay. If you are an Erasmus student and your city destination is Barcelona, we offer you our hand to provide you with a complete 360 ° experience. Be a thelofttowner.