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April 2018
  • Are you thinking of going to study abroad? We leave you 3 good reasons to do it

    Studying outside is an opportunity you can not miss, and we tell you why.


    One of the aspirations of students is to go to school abroad, sometimes it can be complicated by the doubts that appear, first of all we tell you that studying abroad is one of the best things you will do during your university life, especially if you decide come to study in Barcelona, if you keep reading us, we will take all the doubts you may have, will we start?




    • You will be more independent: this is the main reason and most importantly, independence and knowing how to get up is only the first thing you will learn, wherever you go you will be alone at the beginning and you will have to know how to move and ask. It has all happened to us!


    • You make new friendships: another of the advantages of studying abroad is that you will make many friends and probably from different parts of the world, who knows, maybe in the future you can visit them and you have a home assured wherever you are live;)


    • You will learn to have a routine: put the washing machine, bring your tasks up to date, go to make the purchase, go out with your friends, clean … they are actions that you will include to your agenda, from now on there will be nobody to do these tasks for you




    But do you know what is the best of all this? That studying abroad will give you the best years of your life and also the best stories: you will try extraordinary dishes, you will make brilliant friendships, you will go to some of the craziest parties and above all, you will fill your backpack with experiences and personal growth, so Are you ready to take this leap? We wait for you below to catch you;)

  • Living with friends is the best and we tell you why

    Living with friends is something that we have all dreamed of or even planned at some point in our life, the simple fact of sharing a home with your friends is something that excites us, we tell you why living with friends is the best you can do, since our residents live 24 hours a day surrounded by friends and good vibes and we tell you that you can also be one of them. Go ahead!




    • Cooking together is better: in our student residence, we have rooms with kitchen so that you can prepare yourself the menus of each day, the fact of living with friends will make this task much easier, because you can prepare some delicious menus for both of you and have a great time.


    • You can share everything: and when we refer to everything we want to say everything, from clothes, confessions, movies, study, homework … life with friends is much better and our residents know what we are talking about


    • You have a personal relations consultant: relationships are the daily theme among friendships, and sometimes we think of ourselves as a matchmaker and end up acting as loving counselors, other times we have to give up our shoulders to cry, but for that and for a long time more, it is better to live with friends who understand you and can advise you in these situations.




    Our thelofttowners know what we are talking about, they live with friends every day and spend this wonderful stage of personal growth and formation surrounded by friends and of course we are there whenever they need us. Let’s say that during the afternoons, the common areas are filled with the life that you give us and for that reason and for much more we love you, do you want to become part of our big family? We are waiting with open arms 😉

  • The benefits of studying a career in Barcelona

    It is something that we always ask ourselves, studying career in Barcelona is one of the best options, because it becomes part of the ranking of the best European cities where to go to study, but … do you know what Barcelona is related to in this ranking? Keep reading to discover it.




    • Culture and art: in this area the first place is taken by Florence, it is par excellence the city of culture and art, cradle of the Renaissance artistic movement its streets saw artists like Botticelli, Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, Dante and Leonardo da Vinci among others.


    • Transport: the first place in the best European city of transport is London, the connections available in this city allow you to be in less than 2 hours to Berlin and 20 minutes more to Paris, in addition if you are a student in London You must have the Oyester card and benefit from the exclusive discounts for students. Are you going to miss it?


    • Best nightlife: we appear in the ranking, and the first place is for Barcelona, so if you are thinking of coming to study a career in Barcelona, you can enjoy the best nightlife, bars where you can have a drink and enjoy the best nightspots in the world, we are also very nice;) our thelofttowners can tell you.


    • For foodies: San Sebastian enters this ranking with the position of being the European city number one in terms of food and catering is concerned, what to go for skewers along with a zurito will be your best pastime if what you like is to enjoy a culinary culture very particular and very like its character: hard.




    So you see, studying a career in Barcelona is going to give you some unique opportunities and advantages, if you think that this is your place, we give you the opportunity to live your most important time of study with us. Welcome to The Lofttown.

  • The strangest university careers that really exist

    It sounds weird, we know it but we assure you that we have been as surprised as you, there are the most extravagant university careers, university studies and modules of two courses willing to teach subjects out of the ordinary, and as we share everything with you, we will not be less on this occasion, so go ahead post!




    • Ethical hacking: and we reinforce the word ethics: not all pirates have to be “bad”, we also have to have those that are “good” to counterattack attacks. They are known as ethical “hakers” and are dedicated to fixing security problems.


    • Bowling technology: who do you think is responsible for the technology that orders bowling? Yes, there is a race destined to the making of the machines that are in charge of this technology and management.


    • Philosophy and The Simpsons: surely we have stayed as much stone as you, yes guys, there is a module of two courses at the prestigious University of California on the campus of Berkeley, the fact that the Simpsons is studied and its philosophy is proof of the diversification that the curriculum has done for years.


    • Science and technology of surfing: if you thought that nothing could beat the philosophy of the Simpsons, hold on because there are also studies to study the science related to surfing, do not get excited that you do not teach surfing, if you’re interested, it’s taught in the some of the British coastal universities such as Cronwall and Plymouth.


    • Science of the turf: now if we have given in the height of the highs, if the sport is not your thing you can always have this exit, you can specialize in placing the grass on the football fields. How about? Maybe you can meet Messi …




    There are many university degrees, and the important thing is that you have a good time doing them and can dedicate yourself to what you really like.