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  • The strangest university careers that really exist

    It sounds weird, we know it but we assure you that we have been as surprised as you, there are the most extravagant university careers, university studies and modules of two courses willing to teach subjects out of the ordinary, and as we share everything with you, we will not be less on this occasion, so go ahead post!




    • Ethical hacking: and we reinforce the word ethics: not all pirates have to be “bad”, we also have to have those that are “good” to counterattack attacks. They are known as ethical “hakers” and are dedicated to fixing security problems.


    • Bowling technology: who do you think is responsible for the technology that orders bowling? Yes, there is a race destined to the making of the machines that are in charge of this technology and management.


    • Philosophy and The Simpsons: surely we have stayed as much stone as you, yes guys, there is a module of two courses at the prestigious University of California on the campus of Berkeley, the fact that the Simpsons is studied and its philosophy is proof of the diversification that the curriculum has done for years.


    • Science and technology of surfing: if you thought that nothing could beat the philosophy of the Simpsons, hold on because there are also studies to study the science related to surfing, do not get excited that you do not teach surfing, if you’re interested, it’s taught in the some of the British coastal universities such as Cronwall and Plymouth.


    • Science of the turf: now if we have given in the height of the highs, if the sport is not your thing you can always have this exit, you can specialize in placing the grass on the football fields. How about? Maybe you can meet Messi …




    There are many university degrees, and the important thing is that you have a good time doing them and can dedicate yourself to what you really like.

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