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May 2021
  • Discover the most important museums in Barcelona

    All the secrets you need to know to live an authentic cultural life in Barcelona visiting the best museums in the city

    Barcelona is a city with synonymous  with art and culture. Therefore, if you are living an academic season in the Catalan capital you have to know that Barcelona has many museums, for all tastes and budgets, that will help your stay with a good cultural dose that will surprise you.

    That’s why today at The Lofttown we bring you an interesting guide with the most important museums in Barcelona that you cannot miss while you live here.
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    When you think of Barcelona you automatically think of Modernista art, which is certainly an important feature of the city throughout its history. For this reason, the Catalan capital becomes the most important city  of this artistic current and that’s why it has an impressive museum also dedicated to Modernism.

    A privilege space dedicated for this fantastic artistic movement that was very much welcomed in Catalan territory, especially during the 19th and 20th centuries when it had its greatest boom in Europe. Therefore, if you like art and have a great connection with the city, we recommend that you visit this museum so that you enter completely into this essence of Barcelona.


    Barcelona and the sea have maintained a historical connection since the time of the Roman Empire. The maritime museum of Barcelona is the ideal place for you to learn about the development of Barcelona’s history with the sea over the centuries. Therefore, this museum located in the center of the city, has a lot of maritime documentation and historical boats that marked history. Here you will learn how Barcelona opened its way to trade across the Mediterranean and, also, the big conflicts that happened during ancient and modern history


    When we hear about the magnificent artist Picasso many of his most famous paintings come to mind. But did you know that him has his own museum in Barcelona? Then you have to visit its museum located in the heart of the city, where is exhibited the most complete collection of his stage of formation and youth of the famous artist when he lived in Catalan region.

    Here you can find one of the most emblematic paintings of the artist, such as the series “Las Meninas”, within the blue period that brought him to be famous. Without a doubt, this splendid museum of this universal painter will surprise you. In addition, it is located in a medieval palace that is an architectural jewel that is located very close to the church Santa María del Mar, which makes it a tourist destination.



    If there is a place that brings together much of the art that exists in Barcelona, it is the National Museum of Art of Catalonia. In this museum, which is also one of the most important in both Romanesque and Gothic art in Europe, you can also find magnificent painting from the Renaissance and the Baroque, along with other more contemporary artistic expressions of the 20th century.

    And best of all, all this stunning art is housed in the imposing Palau Nacional de Montjuïc, located very close to Plaza España and the Olympic space, a huge venue dedicated for art and universal culture that you have to know while living in Barcelona.


    El Raval is a picturesque neighbourhood, full of colour and where many cultures from all over the world come together. And best of all, this centric area of Barcelona also has a museum according to its colorful personality. We are talking about MACBA, a museum that brings together a large collection of contemporary art from around the world and has become a reference in Europe.

    Here you can find art works on contemporary artistic experimentation, as well as temporary exhibitions of the best modern European artists. Therefore, the MACBA is a fantastic place situated in the heart of the city that perfectly combines both the modernity of the building with the old architecture of the neighborhood.


    Joan Miró is one of Barcelona’s artistic standards. In this sense, this museum dedicated exclusively to the artist, located around the beautiful nature of Montjuïc, becomes the epicenter of modern art with great works that are already part of the history of Catalonia.

    The museum was opened in 1975 and has since become the place of the largest public collection of works by Joan Miró, with its paintings, sculptures, prints, textiles and thousands of drawings that will not leave you indifferent.



    Located in a modern and impressive building in the heart of the Raval, the CCCB is the epicenter of exhibitions and conferences that give artistic life to the city. Before this area was only a church and  later converted into a convent. Later, it became the CCCB that we know today, a unique space in Barcelona that promotes art with hundreds of projects and thematic exhibitions annually, whether in both face-to-face and digital format.

    We hope that with this post you already know which are the most important museums in all of Barcelona that you should know during your academic stay here. And remember that at The Lofttown we want your experience in Barcelona during for all your life and that’s why we want to make you the best student accommodation in Barcelona.

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  • How to learn Spanish and Catalan in Barcelona easily

    Everything you need to know to learn Spanish and Catalan in a simple way while living an academic year in Barcelona

    Spending an academic season in Spain is the best opportunity to learn the local language too.

    Barcelona is a perfect city to learn Spanish and Catalan, thanks to the great offer that exists due to the number of people who come to live from all over the world. And it is because Barcelona hosts thousands and thousands of foreign students every year, many of them only speak English and do not know how to speak Spanish at first, much less Catalan.

    For this reason, today at Xior The LoftTown we share a complete guide for all who are looking for simple and real ways to learn Catalan or improve their level of Spanish in a fun and 100% effective way.

    Do you dare to check it out with us? Then, we show you a list of courses, schools and other ways to learn Spanish and Catalan in Barcelona that will really interest you. Welcome to our blog of tips for university students!


    Option 1: Private lessons

    Learning a language for free and at a good level is almost a utopia. Therefore, if you have an extra budget, we recommend you take a private lessons from native teachers with experience. Therefore, it is common for these private classes to be preferred by foreigners who already have a basic knowledge of Spanish and Catalan, so they need to improve it with the help of a private teacher.

    In general, the prices of private lessons are around 25€ per hour, depending on the teacher’s experience. In some cases, they can go up to 50€, either for travel or some extras.

    Our recommendation to find the ideal teacher for you is that you consult the official portals of linguists and language teachers or on the board of your university.

    Option 2: Classes in language schools

    If there is a traditional way of learning Spanish or Catalan, it is in language schools. In Barcelona you will find a wide range of schools, for all types and budgets, which will help you a lot to delve into these languages with total satisfaction. Regarding fees, each school has its own in particular. Usually, image that in an intensive week of 20 hours per week, the price can be between 150 € and 400€.

    However, if you need to extend the learning time in a school, you should bear in mind that in some places they offer special prices on an annual basis. Consequently, the price will be higher, but in the long time will it be cheaper due to the discounts they will offer you.

    Finally, we also recommend that you verify the certification level of the Instituto Cervantes with the schools that you are thinking of enrolling.

    Option 3: Complementary courses at the university

     If you already speak Spanish or Catalan, it’s time for you to take the initiative and enroll you in a course at your faculty that is taught in these languages. In addition to learning languages more academically and effectively while studying the subject of your profession, in the course you will be surrounded by other local students who will help you speed up your language learning so you will be in constant communication with them.

    One thing is forbidden, leave English behind and really immerse yourself in the local languages so that you can really learn without the adventure of mixing another language.

    On the other hand, it is common to find notices of Catalan and Spanish courses in universities in Barcelona, given the large number of Erasmus students who come to the city each year.

    Option 4: mobile apps

    If you prefer there is also the option for mobile apps. Even more in these times when there is social distancing and nothing is like before, perhaps it is the perfect time to choose this way of learning.

    That is why with the great relevance that smartphones have in our daily lives, in the market many apps have been created to learn languages quickly and at any time wherever you are.

    Should be noted that these apps are enough complete and interactive, they have different levels of learning, even games and voice recognition for greater fluency.


    Option 5: International linguistic meetings 

    In Barcelona you will meet many people from all over the world. Much more now due to the great impact of social networks in our daily routines.

    For this reason, in Barcelona there are thousands of groups of volunteers who help people to find themselves among foreigners and to speak Spanish or Catalan as a requirement.

    And the best of all, that the experience is very nice because it is usually around a drink in a trendy bar, practicing sports, sightseeing or even dancing to your favorite rhythm.

    In that sense, any activity is the perfect excuse to meet new people and improve languages.

    Our recommendation is that you be alert to the groups of foreigners that exist in Barcelona in each of the social networks, we assure you will learn languages but also make new friends.

    Option 6: Find friends who speak Spanish and Catalan

    We know that the secret to learning a language is to practice it a lot. Therefore, we recommend that you make local friends to help you practice the language to the fullest.

    The idea is not making a group of friends in their own language, a common case for foreigners when they arrive in Barcelona, something that prevents them from mixing with the rest, staying in their comfort zone.

    Consequently, you will spend the entire academic semester among people from the same country doing touristy things and not getting the most out of your stay by learning the local languages.

    Remember that the people of Barcelona are very friendly and are always willing to help foreigners who are trying to integrate through the language.

    We hope that with this post you will know a little more about how to learn Spanish and Catalan in Barcelona safely and effectively. Remember that at Xior The Lofttown we want your experience in Barcelona to last a lifetime and that is because we want to become the best student accommodation in Barcelona for you.

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  • The keys to choose the best university residence in Barcelona

    All the secrets you must know to choose the best university residence in Barcelona that will make your academic experience unforgettable

    Barcelona is a wonderful city to live in at any time of the year, whatever you do. Therefore, if you are thinking of coming to spend an academic season in the Catalan capital, perhaps one of the best cities in Europe to study, you have to know very well what your real options are where you can live here and with all the comforts that you really need.

    For that reason, today at TheLofttown we share with you an interesting post to teach you how to correctly choose the best student accommodation that allows you to carry out your academic activities with total confidence, maximum comfort and total security. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind before starting your academic adventure in Barcelona. You want to know more? Welcome to our blog #TheLofttowner!


    The importance of location and services

    When you are a foreign student in Barcelona, ​​the economic factor is one of the main priorities. All this, because it will depend on the budget you have when choosing a suitable university residence, which also correctly satisfies all your needs. Therefore, when choosing the best accommodation for you, you should also make sure that it has the basic services that every good residence should have, such as: cleaning and laundry, extra-academic activities, restaurant service, recreational and study rooms, high-speed internet, 24-hour surveillance, among others.

    Likewise, the location where the university residence you will choose is located also becomes another important factor when making a final decision. Consequently, it is essential that you value the proximity that the residence will have with the campus where you will study. Remember also that Barcelona is the best city in Spain if we talk about communication with public transport, both at the level of the bus, metro or tram service respectively. Likewise, it has thousands of bike lanes, where you can go with your own bicycle, skateboard or skates, or if you prefer you can also use the bicing service of the Barcelona City Council.

    And what is the best of all? The Lofttown is located in the heart of downtown Barcelona, ​​from where you can go to your university campus with ease and at your own pace. However, we want you to know how to differentiate between what is a low cost accommodation or shared apartment and a true university residence, with exclusive services that offer you all the comforts you need.

    In our university residence, we want to become for you the best student accommodation in Barcelona that will make your academic experience an unforgettable stage in your life. Therefore, we have for you the perfect room that will make your stay here the best possible, so we have a wide variety of rooms for all tastes and budgets, with the best style and interior design, always clean and tidy, suitable for both: your study moments and your leisure time.

    All services included

    As we said in the previous point, the services that your university residence includes are essential. And therefore, finding the perfect university residence you need in Barcelona will only depend on you and your personal requirements. At The Lofttown we know very well that all students are different people both in needs and cultural issues; Consequently, we recommend that you always prioritize your comfort to the maximum above all things.

    First of all, one of the factors that our residents value the most when choosing our accommodation is, without a doubt, the exclusive food service that we have. Surely you have ever heard that phrase: “You are what you eat” Well, for us a correct nutrition of our young residents is the most important priority, since it directly influences the quality of life and their academic performance. In this way, what we are looking for is that you only focus on your academic responsibilities and fully enjoy the city with total freedom.

    Accommodation even on holidays

    It is clear that Barcelona is a perfect city to study. But can you imagine what will happen when your long-awaited vacation arrives? What do you win, right? Well, we assure you that here you will live perhaps the best vacation of your life.

    For that reason, in our university residence, many of our residents decide to stay longer than normal, beyond the academic season, and that is why if you prefer that your university residence also offers you full availability during the holiday season, we are your ideal destination and we will be by your side.

    However, if you already have in mind to stay much longer in Barcelona, ​​don’t waste time and ask us for a quote to offer you the best accommodation options so that you can enjoy the city to the fullest on your summer holidays. We remind you that at The Lofttown we are always available for you throughout the year.

    Enjoy total freedom

    If you have chosen for a university residence, do not think that you will live in a convent or in a strict campus for school children. We know that what young students in Barcelona want most is to enjoy their freedom to the fullest. Therefore, this aspect is important when choosing a university residence that meets all your expectations.

    However, we remind you that you should always check that your residence allows you a reception 24 hours a day, providing you with all the facilities both in access and exit with total security. Of course, with the rules well established by the management

    At the same time, it is also essential that you always follow all the essential rules of the university residence. Remember that you will live here with many other young students, who like you are always looking for collective respect, so that coexistence is correct at all times and there are no problems of any kind. For this, it is important that you choose a university residence that always adapts to your lifestyle so that your experience here is always satisfactory.



    If you come to Barcelona you will not only do it to prepare yourself academically and you know it. You are moving to an exceptional city that is characterized by having a population, basically foreign, where young students and workers from all over the world and who come from the five continents predominate. So, you have to be prepared because your social life here will be quite active and entertaining, which will not leave you indifferent at all.

    Therefore, you must value this point in your future university residence, because while you live here you will also create new friendly ties every day, interacting with fantastic and interesting people in an ideal international environment. In turn, do not forget that it is a unique opportunity to learn about new cultures, start new professional projects and even learn new languages.

    At The Lofttown we want our residents to always integrate with each other, while living in our facilities with total freedom and comfort. To do this, we organize collective activities, both leisure and sports activities. In this way, the young residents will enjoy total harmony and in the best possible environment.

    A healthy mind in a heathy body

    A busy mind with academic responsibilities also needs a healthy body that allows you to perform at your best in your day-to-day life. For this reason, we consider that it is important to choose a university residence that gives you the opportunity to develop sports activities, either in its facilities such as its gyms and outdoor areas that are part of its infrastructure, or if not also that have places Public areas around, such as beaches and parks that are nearby so you can practice group activities.

    Remember that if you exercise frequently while you are a student, you will optimally improve your physical response, you will increase your respiratory capacity and this will benefit to speed up your mind, which you will see translated into your academic performance.

    And the best of all is that in our residence you will find all this and much more in one place.

    With today’s post, we hope you have learned how to correctly choose the best university residence in Barcelona that meets all your needs. And we look forward to seeing you here to become a new #TheLoftowner!

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