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October 2021
  • The best October plans in Barcelona

    All the interesting plans you should know as a university resident to enjoy in October in Barcelona

    Autumn in Barcelona is a magical season to live at the maximum the experience without missing any plan. For that reason, today at The Lofttown, your university residence in Barcelona, we tell you what are the best plans you can enjoy during October in Barcelona.

    We are talking about to a diversity of plans as they are: music festivals, culinary fairs, concerts, plays and movie premieres, seasonal markets, between other fantastic proposals to enjoy in the company of your best friends.

    Welcome once again to our blog with the best tips for university residents in Barcelona!

    Meet the Viu Montjuïc

    Montjuïc is a natural paradise within the city that few have discovered. An ideal place and full of calm from where you can disconnect from the noice of the city. However, during the weekend of 16 and 17 October, this natural corner becomes the epicenter of the city and everything will happen in ‘Viu Montjuïc.

    And it will be two intense days with various cultural and leisure activities and most free. In addition, there will also have areas to eat, drink and rest. Don’t miss this great opportunity to rediscover all the magic of this emblematic natural park located in the heart of Barcelona.


    The In-Edit 2021 Festival

    After the pandemic, the In-Edit Festival is back, a classic in Barcelona, with an audiovisual event with a great reception among Barcelonians, thanks to the large billboard with documentaries for all tastes.

    Therefore, the bet for this 2021 is to return to the big screen, to amplify the sensations thanks to the energy and feedback of the attendees and therefore returns to the cinema. Do not miss the appointment with In-Edit from October 28 to November 7 at the Aribau Multicines in the heart of Barcelona.

    Passeig de Gourmets

    Are you a picky with food and are you open to new tastes? Well, it’s time to enjoy the Passeig de Gourments located on the emblematic Passeig de Gràcia from October 14 to 24, the best gastronomic festival in the city that will have the proposals of great famous chefs.

    And for ten days all of Barcelona will be able to enjoy the culinary talent of this glamorous street food of Barcelona.

    And best of all, here you can find more Michelin stars from all over the country. If it’s important for you to eat well, you can’t miss this great opportunity.

    27 Manga Barcelona

    Manga has always been popular with young locals. That is why this 2021, all fans of Japanese culture, those readers of manga and fans in general of anime, meet every October in Barcelona to celebrate the total world of manga.

    And so we tell you that the 27th edition of Manga Barcelona will be held from October 29 to November 1 at the Barcelona Montjuïc Fair and will be filled with manga lovers who will enjoy new publishing and cinematographic news, conferences and meetings with authors. Without a doubt, a great opportunity to discover another fantastic side of the city and its people.

    La Reial ens Mou

    Plaza del Reial is an epicenter of what has been happening in Barcelona for a long time. And even more in last years where it has become a cultural and social point of Ciutat Vella

    That is why the great initiative founded by the Association of Friends and Merchants of the Plaza del Reial was born, with which they want to manage the square through a program full of interesting activities, such as concerts, artistic workshops and even sports classes.

    If you want to know more about Plaza Reial and from another perspective, this event of full October you will really love it


    Jazztrònica Fest & Market 2021

    Live music returns to Barcelona and with a more than fantastic mix. We refer to the festival Jazztrònica Fest & Market, a place where jazz and electronic music are in fusion, during the month of October in the city.

    This great event takes place in the main garden of the TNC and will feature top-notch international artists such as Gilles Peterson or Roy Ayers, among other local jazz artists. Without a doubt, the best evento for all jazz lovers.


    The great scene Poblenou 2021

    The district of Poblenou is known for the great creativity that abounds in each of its corners. In addition, full of festivals and events that conquer visitors every year.

    Here, the Poblenou 2021 scene celebrates 20 years with 20 shows, with 4 theatrals, 3 dance pieces, 5 hybrid proposals of contemporary art, 7 street circus shows and to close a great concert.

    The entire programme of the festival is inspired by contemporary, multidisciplinary and committed to the identity of the city. Don’t miss this great opportunity to experience the essence of Poblenou from an artistic perspective and at your own rhythm.

    Now that you know how enjoy the month of October in Barcelona. We remind you that at The Lofttown we want to count on you in our residence to live a unique and unforgettable experience, while you study in Barcelona so that you become one of our #TheLoftowners.

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    Have a nice time to return at your routine!

  • Suggesting to organize well in the university

    All the tips from The Lofttown, your residence in Barcelona, that you need to know to organize perfectly yourself during the academic year at the university

    When you arrive in Barcelona what you most want is to enjoy the city. However, you also need to get organized properly in your academic life, and for that, sometimes our residents find it difficult to get the best organization that matches their lifestyles and studies.

    Do you identify yourself? That’s why today at The Lofttown we help you bout this. And we’re sure you’ll find our tips helpful how organize yourself during the academic year, especially if you start a new adventure in Barcelona.

    Welcome once again to our blog with the best tips for university residents in Barcelona!


    1 Good planning

    Planning your academic life is very important to help your university organization. We mean that now that you are independent, out of rules and controls, is when you will have to take care of all your time organized for each of your daily tasks, such as: shopping, cooking at home, cleaning and order, etc.

    Therefore, our advice is that you establish good schedule planning, both in your personal routine and academic life. The secret is that you always focusing a target and spend the necessary time in each activity.

    Have patience that everything over time you can manage at the perfection. Be persevering and never burden yourself if you think you’re not on time with all your homework.

    2.Live your university residence to the maximum

    At The Lofttown we offer you everything you need to make the best university experience in Barcelona. Therefore, if you have chosen to live in our student accommodation, we inform you that here you have all confort and facilities so that you do not have the need to leave our residence. In The Lofttown we have spaces that will help you, such as our study rooms, libraries, restaurant, gyms, terraces and without forgetting our comfortable rooms that are ideal for the perfect rest.

    3.Work in a team

    Making classmates in and out of the college is ideal. Therefore, focus on coordination with your other classmates, sharing assignments, notes, staying to review what you learned after class and, above all, set out some guidelines for studying at the university on an individual level.

    In the universities you will always find the options to find the group work, therefore it is essential that you have a team dynamic so make everything efficacy.

    In The Lofttown we offer you open spaces so you can share moments of teamwork with your classmates. So do not worry if you do not find an ideal place to meet them, we will always help you.

    4. Forget the distractions

    Mobile phones and smart devices that aren’t necessary for your studies are an obstacle to learning correctly in college. In this case, there are interesting technological tools that facilitate you in teamwork, and the individual work.

    That’s why we tell you that there are apps for mobile phones and tablets that help you get full concentration, so you take out all unnecessary distractions. It’s time to focus on your performance and leave a part the distractions.


    5. Sleep well

    And you, how much do you sleep every night? It’s not about wake up early or staying up late, since both options are very valid. However, the important thing is that you follow a habit of constant sleep so that you can perform to the fullest every day.

    In this way, keep good rest you will also have energy even to do sports and great ability to concentrate on your academic duties.

    6. Relax

    We know that being a student is not an easy task and much more when you live in a city like Barcelona, as it is full of attractions and interesting things to do. However, the secret to studying well and performing to the maximum lies in knowing how to relax fully in body and soul.

    We know that many people to perform need to activate themselves before start the study. It can be with physical exercises, like going to the gym or doing cardio very early in the morning. Likewise, if it’s your thing to find something more spiritual, then do meditation exercises or yoga sessions.

    We assure you that if you follow these suggesting you can learn how to organize yourself to study in college, especially because it helps a lot during exam time, when nerves grow and the mind is blocked.

    Now that you know our secrets of how to organize yourself well during the academic year. Remember that at The Lofttown we want to count on you in our university residence to live amazing and unforgettable experience, while you study in Barcelona so that you become one of our #TheLoftowners.
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    Enjoy the academic year!

  • Discover the best after class terraces in Barcelona in autumn

    We share a complete list with the best after class terraces in autumn that you cannot miss, like The Lofttown, your university residence in Barcelona

    If you want to enjoy amazing Barcelona atmosphere, then it’s time to list your favourite terraces in the city. And we are convinced all the magic of the city is possible to contemplate it from any rooftop in Barcelona. A unique magic that empowers you, at least for an instant, to see how you have the city under your feet
    For that reason, today in The Lotfttown, your university residence in Barcelona, show you a post dedicated to the best rooftops and after class terraces in the city, where you will discover good bars, comfortable facilities and, especially, spectacular views and details that you will love.

    In this way, you will not only enjoy the beautiful landscape of Barcelona in autumn, but you will also be able to share live concerts, drink cocktails, attend special events and all kinds of activities that you can not yet imagine, after your university you’re your friends. Looking forward to enjoying? Welcome to a new article with the best tips for university residents of Barcelona!


    Crowne Plaza Terrace in Montjuïc

    Located in the heart of Montjuïc, the Crowne PLaza terrace offers one of the most beautiful and exclusive views of the whole of Barcelona thanks to its 360º panoramic view where you can enjoy all the amazing city. A perfect place where it connects nature and modernity of the place that we are sure will fall in love straight

    Terrace Barceló Hotel in Raval

    In the heart of the city, located in the epicenter of cultures in Barcelona. We are talking about the terrace of the hotel Barceló in the mythical neighborhood of Raval. Thanks to this cultural mix where all the nationalities of the city come together, you will find this beautiful terrace and for sure you will fall in love with Barcelona again and again.
    Here highlights of  the beautiful sunsets with views of all the splendor of Montjuïc. If you are looking for a different an alternative place after your classes, give yourself the pleasure of spending an afternoon here with your friends.

    The terrace of the Mandarin Oriental hotel

    If your thing is glamour and live a 100% authentic experience, this divine terrace, consider also six stars, is your dream choice. Located right in the city center on the emblematic Paseo de Gracia, more specifically at the top of the Mandarin Oriental hotel.
    We assure you that here you will live a unique experience that you will remember forever in your stay in Barcelona. Just a tip, prepare yourself because the prices are not economical, however the experience to live all the modernism of Barcelona from stunning views, is without price.

    The Sky Bar terrace

    Via Laietana is one of the most traffic and certainly main streets of the city, with cars at any time of the day. However, can you imagine that here is one of the most amazing terraces in the city?
    It also offers a very quiet space with a view as a movie of Barcelona. If you want to enjoy a good cocktail in comfortable areas with sun loungers and in a swimming pool that changes color, creating magic lights according to the time and weather it makes, then this terrace is your ideal choice.

    The terrace of the Isabela

    We refer to a beautiful terrace located on the top floor of the emblematic Hotel 1898. Here you can enjoy from this lounge- terrace a unique atmosphere that looks like an oasis inspired by the essence of one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines.
    And best of all, nearby to the Rambla represents the heart of Barcelona from always. If you are looking for a moment of disconnection and peace, this terrace is the ideal thanks to its atmosphere full of calm and exotic details.

    Ayre Terrace

    Magic in Barcelona is possible every day. And one of the best secrets is the Ayre terrace between the terraces of Barcelona. Why? Very simple, the Ayre terrace is located practically in the front to Sagrada Família Basilica, with dreaming views of this work of art by Gaudí.
    Here you will not only be able to relax with total freedom, but you will also appreciate all the details of the current towers of the Sagrada Familia and how the construction of the central dome is going, becoming more than just a terrace, it’s a piece of the Barcelona sky.


    The terrace of the Gates Diagonal

    In one of the most powerful neighborhoods of the city, we are talking about PobleNou area, is located the Gates Diagonal terrace with a neighbor’s view, the iconic Agbar Tower that controls the entire city.
    Here you can enjoy a great bar area and the sun loungers of the pool, thus forming a splendid environment to enjoy the sunsets and especially in the night when the Agbar tower turns on its lights and gives an effect of color therapy, after the academic charge during the week.

    Terrace The Top

    This terrace is the perfect meeting point to meet your friends after your classes or just relax on the top of the center of Barcelona.
    Thanks to its relaxed atmosphere, The Top is perfect if you are looking for tranquillity, or also enjoy some activity such as live music, practice yoga, perform Latin dances, or be part of exquisite tastings. On this terrace we are sure that you will always find a reason to be happy and come back again and again.

    The terrace of the Indianas

    The terrace of the Indianans is located in the heart of the Barceloneta district, on the roof of the Palau de Mar building, which is also home to the Museu d’Història de Catalunya.
    Here you will enjoy a tranquility and that sailor spirit characterizes both Barcelona. A perfect combination for vermouths, after class, eat and cocktails in good company, always with the best views of the Port Vell of Barcelona and the Barcelona coast.

    Did you like our suggestions?

    Well, let’s officially start the terrace season after school!
    Now you know which are the best terraces for you to enjoy the time after uni with your friends. Remember at The Lofttown we want to count on you in our university residence to live a unique and unforgettable experience, while you study in Barcelona so that you become one of our #TheLoftowners.
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    Enjoy a lot of October and autumn in Barcelona!