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March 2022
  • Live the essence of The Lofttown in Barcelona

    All you need to know about what The Lofttown is and why you should choose us as your next student residence in Barcelona

    Studying in Barcelona is a unique experience in the life with which many young people around the world dream to come once in their life. Are you one of the chosen or do you want to be one soon?

    So, you have to know that the best supplement to your stay in the Catalan capital is The Lofttown and in today’s post we tell you all the reasons for you to be 100% convinced to choose us as your next residence in Barcelona.

    We are more than a student residence in Barcelona

    As we said, Barcelona is the favorite destination for university students, both foreign and Spanish, for the quality of their study centers and universities, in addition to offering a wide variety of careers, along with its culture, social activity that never stops, its Mediterranean climate and endless benefits that are highly attractive to the world.

    This is how The Lofttown was born, a student residence designed to provide accommodation solutions for people from all over the world, adapted to the increasingly demanding and demanding profile of modern students seeking excellence.

    Therefore, our residence lives up to the demands of the 21st century, because we have a newly built building with 3,300m2 and capacity for 146 students. The Lofttown offers a value-added proposition by extremely pampering all the details, to make students feel at home at all levels.

    In addition, our facilities have been designed exclusively to meet the comfort and safety needs of students.

    We offer you a unique and optimal environment

    The Lofttown is more than a student residence. All absolutely everything has been created to considered your accommodation needs and offer you multiple spaces and services, to help you both in your studies and in your well-deserved breaks.

    This is a very important moment in your lives and we want you to be able to focus on what is important, while you live wonderful experiences, as we take care of everything else.

    In this sense, The Lofttown is specifically designed to offer a complete life experience. How? We have put ourselves in your shoes to understand what is important to you and design both the spaces and the services you need.

    In addition, each and every one of the professionals who make up the team of The Lofttown are involved day by day to make this space a reference.

    Enjoy a lifestyle of your own

    Our residents are people who care about their future, take care of themselves, care about their health and their image, pursue success, love life, their friends, their closed ones, strive to achieve what they desire. That’s why we built The Lofttown following these values so that students find everything here.

    Being a #TheLofttowner means many things.

    To all residents: it’s arrived time time to choose and follow a course for personal and professional realisation by living unforgettable experiences with the greatest comfort and security. Joining us? Enjoy life! Enjoy #TheLofttown!

    We hope to see you soon in Barcelona and that you become a new member of the #TheLoftowner family!

    We also invite you to follow us on Instagram so that you are always up to date with the latest promotions and news in our university residence.

    Welcome to Barcelona, Spain!

  • Tips to prepare for exams

    Today we tell you the best tips from The LoftTown so that you can prepare for exams with total success

    Studying at the university is a continuous evaluation that deserves the best of you to perform at your best. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait for the exam period to be fully prepared for the evaluations, on the contrary, it is highly recommended to start much earlier to achieve the best results.

    For that reason, today at The LoftTown, your university residence in Barcelona, ​​we share a list with the best tips so that during exam times you get the results you always wanted.

    Are you ready to get the best grades in college with us? Next, take note of 7 important tips that you cannot miss.

    Welcome to a new blog post with the best tips for our #TheLoftowners!

    Tip 1: Prioritize comfort and privacy

    Studying without comfort is inconceivable. Study consists of remaining seated and in the same position for long periods of time. Therefore, we recommend that you find an ideal place to study that gives you total comfort.

    Otherwise, you will find yourself in the short term with small physical discomforts that will directly affect your productivity. Another important detail is to have adequate lighting so as not to damage your eyesight by straining it too much while you read.

    Tip 2: Say goodbye to distractions

    Studying is an act of full concentration. So, keep in mind that when you want to perform at your best you should put aside all kinds of distractions, we are talking mainly about the mobile phone and social networks, unless it is not strictly necessary for your study when you do not have the computer near you.

    Likewise, to avoid possible distractions where you live, such as your roommates or your partner, choose a more comfortable option such as coworking spaces or libraries that we have shared with you in previous articles

    Tip 3: Choose your study space

    Were you a day person or a night owl? You should find out if you are able to concentrate better in the early hours of the morning, during the day, or at night.

    It’s also helpful to study at a similar time each day to create a routine. And of course, the time that you are not studying should be dedicated to resting, sleeping well, and a little free time during the day, is not bad to clear your head.


    Tip 4: Control your time

    Managing your time well is a fundamental task when you are a student. It is useless to leave everything until the end as is usual in many students, for example the day before the exam studying all night, since it is not an intelligent or productive solution and it usually does not give good results.

    Our recommendation is that you have a strategic study calendar. This way you can study systematically, assigning a number of topics for each day. In this way, the long-term results will be more than fruitful as well as your exam grades.

    Tip 5: Get enough rest

    A full and pleasant rest is a synonym of success when you are a student. Sometimes there can come a point where you feel stuck or just tired because you’re pushing yourself harder than you need to. Our recommendation is that you rest well to perform better.

    And when we talk about rest, we mean a time for you enjoying a complete disconnection, especially from mobile and social networks. Take note of this advice and you will see how you start to perform better in exams.

    Tip 6: Study in a group

    They say that the union makes the force. Then, it is the perfect time for you to turn to your classmates to solve doubts and study together. It is proven that sharing knowledge and reviewing at the same time, you learn more and better.

    Also, do not forget that in any case what is always important is to have good study material, adequate bibliography, good clear and orderly notes, summaries in which the most relevant topics are collected.

    Tip 7: Check every day

    Studying is not a mechanical action but on the contrary a discipline as in any other human activity. For this reason, we always recommend reviewing the topics learned every day, even slightly, since this way you will be saving necessary information in your memory

    Remember that studying doesn’t have to be difficult and stressful, especially when you’re properly prepared. It is about trusting yourself and all the knowledge you have continuously acquired throughout the academic year.

    Are you ready to get the best grades in your next exams?

    Yes! And we hope that with this post today you are ready to only receive notables with us.

    If you want to know more about us, we invite you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram so that you are always up to date with the latest promotions and news in our university residence.

    Good luck in the exams!

  • Where to study in Barcelona at your own pace and with total comfort

    Everything you need to know about the best places to study in Barcelona outside the university with total comfort and at your own pace

    Studying is a ritual for many people. In that sense, finding the ideal place for you to do it with total comfort and at your own pace is a fundamental task for you, give your best in your academic step.

    For this reason, today at The LoftTown, your university residence in Barcelona, ​​we share a complete list with the best places to study or work in a group, where you can stay on focus and enjoy everything you need so that your academic results are remarkable.

    Are you ready to study as you always wanted in Barcelona? Welcome to a new blog post with the best tips for our #TheLoftowners!

    Discover the coolest coworking spaces in Barcelona

    Barcelona is full of co-working spaces to work in groups, do personal projects and study with the concentration you need. For this reason, below we will tell you which are the most valued co-working spaces in Barcelona that you should try during your academic stage in our city.

    Option 1: Coworking Attico

    It is not new that coworking spaces are a boom in Barcelona in recent years. Therefore, Attico is a perfect place to study or have group meetings with your university classmates.

    Since it offers you exclusive access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; in addition to a beautiful terrace; printer service; restaurant and bar with the best coffee and beers. Keep in mind this coworking offers you two impressive locations in the city center and in front of the sea.

    Option 2: Coworking Cloudworks

    This coworking has fantastic locations in Barcelona, where they offer you spectacular common areas and terraces, ideal to enhance your academic project. In addition, they organize events to facilitate connections and encourage ongoing training of attendees. At Cloudworks you can work, meet coworkers and college colleagues, or just have coffee at your own pace.

    Option 3: Coworking Zamnes

    This coworking space is very popular in Barcelona where you will have access to meeting rooms, a bar, a chillout space, showers and parking for your bicycle, as well as a super modern environment where you can meet fascinating people from all over the world.

    So, if you’re looking for a place to study in Barcelona, ​​don’t hesitate to include Zamness in the creative neighborhood of Poblenou on your must-see list.

    Option 4: Espai Born

    This center is a historic coworking and has a unique charm in all of Barcelona. It was specially built to encourage and enhance the imagination of the attendees.

    It is located in the heart of El Born and becomes the perfect space offering you everything you need in terms of comfort and technology to develop creative projects personally or with your group of university classmates.

    Option 5: The LoftTown residence

    Yes, this is how you read it. At The Lofttown we also offer you some impressive spaces so that you can study in total comfort and do your group work without problems with the best environment you ever imagined.

    And best of all, without leaving the residence where you have everything you need for give your best during your academic period in Barcelona. On the contrary, if what you are looking for is to go out a bit, you already have the previous options.

    Have you chosen your next study space yet?

    We hope that with today’s post you are ready to fully enjoy Barcelona and the best places to study at your own pace and in complete comfort

    Remember that you can always count on our university residence so that your stay in the Catalan capital is the best. Therefore, we guarantee that we will do everything possible to make your experience unforgettable.

    We hope to see you very soon in Barcelona and that you become a new #TheLoftowner member!

    always up to date with the latest promotions and news in our university residence.

    We hope to have you with us soon!
  • Discover the best cultural plans for March in Barcelona

    Live March to the fullest with the best cultural plans in all of Barcelona that you cannot miss

    March is here and with it comes the long-awaited spring, filling all of Barcelona with joy and harmony. In addition, March is also synonymous with a wide variety of cultural events and important activities that will make you enjoy the city to the fullest, such as exhibitions, film and theater premieres, a large number of concerts that you cannot miss.

    For that reason, today at The Lofttown, your university residence in Barcelona, ​​we share a complete list with the best plans in Barcelona during the entire month of March that you cannot miss for the world.

    Will you join us future TheLofttowner?

    So welcome once again to our blog with the best tips in all of Barcelona!

    Photographic exhibition at the Mapfre Foundation

    If you like photography, you have probably heard of Marta Dahó. We are referring to a curator and graduate in Art History, famous in the world of Photography, who has organized an intensive series of online conferences in March in collaboration with the prestigious KBr Photography Center of the Mapfre Foundation.

    In this photographic cycle we want to highlight the relationship between photography and exhibition from all historiographical and theoretical perspectives. Then, the conferences will take place every Tuesday in March and will continue even during the month of April, also in the native language of each guest and will be completely free.

    So if you like photography and want to delve into the theme of the exhibitions, whether you are a photographer or an amateur, we encourage you to sign up for each presentation and conference. We are sure that you will learn a lot.

    Feminist Museums in March

    March also means that it is the month of women. For this reason, in Barcelona there will be nine museums in the city that this 2022 will again join the International Women’s Day, to celebrate the feminist cycle ‘Little stories, great women’.

    We refer to a series of videos in the form of stories that deal with the history of women who are leaders in today’s world, both in culture, sports, science and the arts.

    On this occasion, it should be noted that it has been organized in a completely virtual way, so that all those interested can follow the storytellers through the YouTube channel of Little stories, great women. Take note because the appointment begins next Monday, March 8 with a well-deserved: Happy Day to all Women!

    Concerts against gender violence in Barcelona

    We continue with feminist issues and the defense of women’s rights. In this sense, music is not an exception to raise the voice of support for women. For this reason, one more year, the mythical Luz de Gas room will offer a live concert with a solidarity motive against gender violence.

    So take note because next Monday, March 8, on International Women’s Day, the curtain will be opened by singer Maria del Mar Bonet and other established artists such as Mayte Martín, Gemma Humet, Beth, Sara Roy, Elena Gadel & Marta Robles and Balkan Paradise Orchestra.

    Don’t miss the Market Vintage BooM

    To all the fans of the vintage concept, we tell you that March is full of very interesting markets in the city. For example, if you are one of those who prefer vintage clothing markets and especially bargains, make a good note in your diaries because for yet another year Nau Bostik becomes the epicenter of second-hand clothing in Barcelona.

    So next Thursday, March 4, we invite you to enjoy the BooM Market, where this year there are more than 100 exhibitors with the best vintage clothing at incredible prices.

    Plans for moviefans

    Watching a series at home is not bad at all. But going to the movies is a unique experience that has no comparison. That is why below, we tell you what are the movies that you can enjoy this March. Take note!

    Drive my car

    Ryûsuke Hamaguchi shares a Murakami short story and magically expands it into three captivating hours (the credits don’t roll until the 40th minute!). Reeling from the sudden death of his screenwriter wife, Oto, theater director Yusuke heads to Hiroshima to stage ‘Uncle Vanya’ with his young chauffeur. The genius of the film is how the script takes the themes of Murakami’s story (loss, love, jealousy, healing) and finds an echo in Chekhov’s famous work.

    Licorice Pizza

    Paul Thomas Anderson’s most acclaimed film to date is this San Fernando Valley palimpsest with so many bubbles it practically bursts off the screen. The biggest blow to ‘Licorice Pizza,’ however, is its casting. Alana Haim of the Haim group is Alana Kane, 25, a photographer’s assistant bewildered to run into Gary Valentine, a high school student ten years her junior.

    Los ojos de Tammy Faye

    A gorgeous Jessica Chastain is the queen of the party in this biopic about a popular televangelist in America in the 1970s and 1980s. Tammy Faye Bakker and her husband, Jim, built a religious empire from scratch with feet of clay, with a network of television networks that connected with his program and even with a theme park project dedicated to the evangelical faith. Andrew Garfield accompanies Chastain in an x-ray of the fragility of the American dream.

    Canto cósmico

    Marc Sempere and Leire Apellaniz show the viewer their fascination for an innovative artist in a film that escapes the usual portrait to talk about the personality and work of Niño de Elche, but also about the shock wave that the musician provokes in his path. A look that allows us to understand the impact of this creator, to photograph the cultural moment that Spain is experiencing, and to make a profound reflection on the role of tradition and heterodoxy in an art such as flamenco.


    Sony hands over the start of a new franchise to the newest goose that lays the golden eggs, Tom Holland. The protagonist of ‘Spider-Man: No way home’, the only movie capable of recovering pre-pandemic collections, puts himself in the shoes of an adventurer who travels the world as a treasure hunter. With Mark Wahlberg as a partner in adventures and Antonio Banderas as the bad guy, this version of a popular video game aims to break the bad luck of other failed adaptations, such as ‘Tomb raider’ or ‘Assassin’s creed’.


    A loud shout at this year’s Oscars. Here’s proof that animation can take on the world just as precisely as it delivers magical flights of fancy. ‘Flee’, by Jonas Poher Rasmussen, tells the story of the French-Danish director’s friend, a gay Afghan refugee who is desperately trying to escape the tyranny of the mujahideen and come to terms with his own sexuality. Possibly the most political film of the year.

    Cycle of the Filmoteca of Catalunya in March

    For the most romantic who prefer classic cinema in an unmistakable place, pay attention because the Filmoteca de Catalunya in March brings you a very interesting program that you should not miss.

    Among other contents, the retrospectives of Theo Angelopoulos, Kelly Reichardt, within the framework of the famous Americana Film Fest, Jean-Claude Rousseau, with the collaboration of Xcèntric and Zumzeig, as well as the Dostopos collective in ‘Short Days’, the exhibition ‘ The keys to the still photo.

    In addition, it also highlights the cycle of Spanish Cinema of the 40’s and the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Drac Màgic in its children’s programming. Undoubtedly, the best way to enjoy cinema as you always wanted can be found at the Filmoteca de Catalunya

    A dose of theater

    If you like the theater you should know that Barcelona offers you a great theatrical offer that you should not miss.

    For example, in March you can enjoy the play by acclaimed British playwright Caryl Churchill, who tells the story of a dysfunctional family made up of a mother, father and aunt who are at home waiting for their daughter Susy to return from far away. Australia.

    In this waiting situation, all the characters can do is think and imagine what will happen in a few minutes. With Albert Pérez, Vanessa Segura, Alícia Puertas, Marc Tarrida and Sara Morera.

    Teatre Neu and its great theatrical offer

    A classic for theater lovers throughout the year is undoubtedly the Teatre Neu de Gracia. A unique place in the city that offers you all kinds of staging so you can have a laugh and have a great time.

    If what you are looking for is a good dose of humor and comedy at the highest level, come to the Neu theater where you will always find a perfect performance for your mood, whenever you want and with whomever you want.

    Are you already looking forward to enjoying Barcelona to the fullest in March?

    We hope that with today’s post you are ready to fully enjoy Barcelona throughout March with the interesting plans that we have shared with you in this article.

    Likewise, if you have already decided to move to Barcelona, ​​remember that you can always count on our university residence so that your stay in the Catalan capital is the best with exclusive services that will make your experience unforgettable.

    We hope to see you very soon in Barcelona and that you become a new #TheLoftowner member!

    We also invite you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram so that you are always up to date with the latest promotions and news in our university residence.

    Have a great time in March!