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April 2022
  • Choose The Lofttown, your university residence in Barcelona with everything you need

    Today we tell you why you should choose us as your university residence in Barcelona and what will make you live an unforgettable academic experience.

    Barcelona is a wonderful city to live in at any time of the year, no matter what you do. But… coming to study has a very special flavor and you know it!

    Therefore, if you are convinced of spending an academic season in the Catalan capital, also considered one of the best cities in Europe to study, you have to choose the ideal place to live with all the comforts that we offer you in our residence.

    For that reason, today at TheLofttown we share a complete post to teach you how to correctly choose the best student accommodation that allows you to carry out your academic activities with complete confidence and security.

    Next, we tell you why we are your best option in Barcelona.

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    Welcome to our #TheLofttowner blog!

    An ideal location with all services
    When you are a foreign student in Barcelona, ​​the economic factor is one of the main priorities. All this, because it will depend on the budget you have when choosing a suitable university residence, which also correctly meets all your needs.

    Therefore, when choosing the best accommodation for you, you should also make sure that it has the basic services that every good residence should have, such as: cleaning and laundry, extra-curricular activities, restaurant service, recreational and study rooms, high-speed internet, 24-hour surveillance, among others.

    Likewise, the location where the university residence you will choose is also becomes another important factor when making a final decision. Consequently, it is essential that you value the proximity that the residence will have to the campus where you will study.

    Also remember that Barcelona is the best city in Spain if we talk about communication with public transport, both at the bus, metro or tram service level respectively. Likewise, it has thousands of bike lanes, where you can go with your own bicycle, skate or rollerblades, or if you prefer you can also use the bicing service of the Barcelona City Council.

    And what is the best of all?
    The Lofttown is located in the heart of the center of Barcelona, ​​from where you can go to your university campus with total ease and at your own pace. However, we want you to know how to differentiate between low cost accommodation or shared flats and a true university residence, with exclusive services that offer you all the comforts you need.

    In our university residence, we want to become for you the best student accommodation in Barcelona that will make your academic experience an unforgettable stage in your life.

    Therefore, we have the perfect room for you that will make your stay here the best possible, so we have a wide variety of rooms for all tastes and budgets, with the best style and interior design, always clean and tidy. , suitable both for your study moments and for your leisure time.

    With all you need
    As we said in the previous point, the services included in your university residence are essential. And for this reason, finding the perfect university residence that you need in Barcelona will only depend on you and your personal needs.

    At The Lofttown we know very well that all students are different people both in needs and cultural issues; consequently, we recommend that you always prioritize your comfort above all else.

    In the first place, one of the factors that our residents value most when choosing our accommodation is, without a doubt, the exclusive food service that we have. Surely you have heard that phrase: “You are what you eat” Well, for us, correct nutrition for our young residents is the most important priority, since it directly influences their quality of life and their academic performance.

    In this way, what we are looking for is that you only focus on your academic responsibilities and fully enjoy the city with total freedom.

    Live with us also on vacation
    It is clear that Barcelona is a perfect city to study. But can you imagine what will happen when your long-awaited vacation arrives? What do you want, right? Well, we assure you that here you will live perhaps the best vacations of your life.

    For that reason, in our university residence, many of our residents decide to stay longer than normal, beyond the academic season, and that is why if you prefer that your university residence also offers you full availability during the vacation season, we are your ideal destination and we will be by your side.

    However, if you already have in mind to stay much longer in Barcelona, ​​don’t waste time and ask us for a quote to offer you the best accommodation options so you can enjoy the city to the fullest on your summer holidays. We remind you that at The Lofttown we are always available for you throughout the year when you need us most.

    Enjoy our residence at your own pace
    If you have chosen to choose us as your university residence in Barcelona, ​​do not think that you will live in a convent or in a strict enclosure for schoolboys, quite the opposite.

    We know that you are a young adventurer and what you want most in Barcelona is to enjoy your freedom to the fullest. Therefore, this aspect is important when choosing a university residence that meets all your expectations as we do at The Lofttown.

    However, we remind you that you should always check that your residence allows you a reception 24 hours a day, while providing you with all the facilities both in access and exit with total security. Of course, with the rules well established by the management

    At the same time, it is also essential that you always comply with all the essential rules of the university residence. Remember that here you will live with many other young students, who, like you, are always looking for collective respect, so that coexistence is correct at all times and there are no problems of any kind.

    For this, it is essential that you choose a university residence that always adapts to your lifestyle so that your experience here is always satisfactory.

    Share unique experiences
    If you come to Barcelona you will not only do it to prepare yourself academically and you know it. Remember that you are moving to an exceptional city that is characterized by having many students, basically foreigners, who come from the five continents.

    So, you have to be prepared because your social life here will be quite active and entertaining, which will not leave you indifferent at all and you will learn new things every day.

    Therefore, you should value this point in your future university residence, since while you live here you will also create new friendship ties every day, interacting with fantastic and interesting people in an ideal international environment. At the same time, do not forget that it is a unique opportunity to get to know new cultures, start new professional projects and even learn new languages.

    At The Lofttown we want our residents to always integrate with each other, while living in our facilities with total freedom and comfort. To do this, we organize collective activities, whether leisure, as well as sports activities. In this way, the young residents will enjoy total harmony and in the best possible environment.

    An ideal atmosphere for you
    A mind busy with academic responsibilities also needs a healthy and healthy body that allows you to perform at your best in your day to day life. For this reason, we believe that it is important to choose a university residence that gives you the opportunity to develop sports activities.

    To do this, we have facilities, such as gyms and outdoor areas that are part of our infrastructure, or if not also public places around it, such as beaches and parks that are nearby so you can practice collective activities.

    Remember that if you exercise frequently while you are a student, you will optimally improve your physical response, increase your respiratory capacity and this will benefit your mind, which you will see translated into your academic performance. And best of all, in our residence you will find all this and much more in one place.

    Are you convinced that we are your next residence in Barcelona?
    With today’s post we hope to have shown you why choosing the best university residence in Barcelona correctly will help you live your stay in a unique way.

    And we look forward to seeing you here to become a new #TheLoftowner!

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    See you next course!

  • Discover the pleasure of cycling with the best routes for urban cyclists in Barcelona

    Today we share the best bike routes in The Lofttown to pedal discovering the magic of Barcelona at your own pace this spring

    That Barcelona is full of cyclists is not new. For this reason, just like the great European capitals that promote sustainable transport, the fashion of getting around by bike is increasing every year among Barcelonans who want to take care of the planet and at the same time feel more active.

    In this sense, it is not surprising that thousands of bike lanes have been implemented in Barcelona over the last decade, thus making it more accessible to cyclists of all levels, whether for leisure, work or as a means of daily transport.

    For this reason, today at The LoftTown, your university residence in the heart of Barcelona, ​​we share a complete post where we tell you which are our favorite routes to go by bike and that you can travel enjoying all the magic of the city. Are you ready to pedal with us? Take note of your next route!

    Route 1: For nature lovers
    How a disconnection in nature is appreciated. For this reason, we recommend that you start the walk in Plaza España and then head towards the MontjuÏc mountain.

    To do this, take the wide avenue that ends at the MNAC building. Once you have crossed Reina Cristina Avenue you will already be at the foot of this impressive building. Then just head down the road that you will see on your right, take energy because it is an uphill for demanding cyclists.

    As you advance you will notice the start of the MontjuÏc slope in your legs. If you are an athlete you will see that the challenge will be the maximum and we are sure that you will not abandon the path.

    The first stop you will see is the Poble Espanyol, a complex built for the Universal Exhibition of 1929, and which has 117 full-scale buildings and more than 25 local artisans who will teach you the meaning of Spanish culture.

    Leaving Poble Espanyol, you will continue the route through the Olympic Stadium, an emblematic venue in the city built exclusively for the Barcelona Olympics in 1992.

    Further on, you will arrive at the Botanical Garden, which has more than 10 hectares of gardens that will make you fully connect with nature. To end your tour, we suggest you go to MontjuÏc Castle, where you can see the port and the city’s coastline.

    Route 2: For beachgoers
    One of the best bike routes around the city is along the sea coast. We encourage you to look from another angle and rediscover the seven most important beaches in the city and all this in less than 30 minutes. We assure you that you will fully enjoy the pleasure of feeling the Mediterranean air on your face.

    We recommend you take your bike in the seaside neighborhood of Barceloneta and ride along the entire coastline until you reach the Forum. The trip in total will cost you about 30 minutes, but we recommend you extend it and enjoy the walk by taking breaks at each beach.

    Route 3: For urban cyclists
    Sightseeing in Barcelona is a must. And for this you don’t have to be a tourist to discover new places in the historic center of Barcelona and you know it very well. Our recommendation is that you do the route of the old town through the small streets of the Gothic, Borne and Barceloneta quarters, since when you ride a bike the sensation is different and you will see these neighborhoods with new eyes.

    In the Gothic there are corners that you know, but surely you have never paid much attention to them. That’s why when you do it on the bike you will see that you will feel as if you were inside a movie.

    Surely you already knew that Barcino was the old name of the Catalan capital and you have even passed many times in front of the Roman wall of Barcelona, ​​and perhaps you did not know where you were or the importance of this fantastic place.

    The Roman wall began to be built in the 1st century, but the remains that are preserved today date from approximately the 3rd and 4th centuries. The Roman wall thus has almost 2,000 years of history and is the largest monument of ancient Barcelona that remains to this day.

    We recommend that you start your bike route by the Cathedral, then go to Plaça del Àngel and continue along Sotstinent Navarro street, Plaça del Traginers, Hostal del Sol street, Regomir, Gignàs, Avinyó, Bany nous and finish the tour at Palla street. We assure you that after this tour you will see the old part of the city with different eyes.

  • Discover the best sustainable accommodation to live in Barcelona with The Lofttown

    Today we tell you why The Lofttown is your sustainable university residence in Barcelona where you can live with everything you need

    Welcome to a new exclusive post for our #TheLofttowners! Today we want to show you what we offer you at The Lofttown and why it is considered sustainable accommodation in Barcelona, ​​which helps us make a difference today. Will you join us?

    Barcelona is the preferred destination for young students, especially foreigners, due to the quality of its universities and study centres, in addition to the variety of professional careers, its social and cultural activity, its Mediterranean climate and an infinity of advantages that make it in a splendid city to spend an academic season.

    That is why at The Lofttown we are more than a residence for students and we were born to become the best option fully adapted to the demands of today’s students.

    Our residence

    When we talk about The Lofttown, we are referring to a newly built building with more than 3,300m2 and a total capacity for 146 students in an incomparable location in the heart of Barcelona.

    As if that were not enough, The Lofttown also offers you an added value proposal, especially pampering all the details that help us make a difference, to make students feel at home at all levels from the first day.

    Likewise, our facilities are sustainable and respectful with the environment, designed exclusively to satisfy the comfort and safety needs of students without affecting the planet.

    A unique environment
    We want to be more than a student residence in Barcelona. For this reason, our mission is focused on satisfying your accommodation needs with excellence and offering you multiple spaces and additional services that help you both in optimal development in your studies and in moments of leisure and rest, with green and recreation areas. , where you can fully enjoy the splendid climate and landscape of Barcelona.

    In this sense, The Lofttown is specifically designed to offer a complete living experience. How? We have put ourselves in your shoes to understand what is important to you and design both the spaces and the services you need.

    In addition, each and every one of the professionals who make up The Lofttown team are involved every day to make this space a benchmark where you will live a unique and unforgettable experience.

    A lifestyle
    Living with us is also thinking about your future. For this reason, our residents are people who care about their well-being, take care of themselves, care about their health and their image, pursue success, love life, their friends, their loved ones, and strive to achieve what they long for.

    In turn, we built The Lofttown following these values ​​so that students find it all here. We assure you that being a #TheLofttowner means many things.

    Maximum efficiency
    We want to tell you that all our accommodations comply with the A efficiency certificate, the most respectful with the environment and with the entire planet. In addition, we do not consume plastic and we recycle in all our facilities. What do you think?

    To all residents: the time has come to set course for personal and professional fulfillment, living unforgettable experiences with the greatest comfort and safety. You sign up?

    We also invite you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram so that you are always up to date with the latest promotions and news in our university residence.

    We hope to see you very soon in Barcelona and that you become a new member of the #TheLoftowner family!


    We tell you which are the best plans of Barcelona during April that you can’t miss with our community #TheLofttowners

    At The Lofttown we want to welcome the month of April in style. Also, in this month the days become longer, thanks to the fact the day begin to the darken later, a factor that is really appreciated and much since it allows us to enjoy Barcelona even more and all splendid plans that has for everyone.

    For this reason, today at The Lofttown, your residence in Barcelona, we share a list with the best plans for April that you can’t miss it, such as a good market’s selection, exhibitions, the most anticipated theatre plays, the concerts of the month and more plans for everyone.

    Are you ready to have the best of your stay with us?

    Next, we show you a list of super interesting ideas for you. Welcome to a new post of our blog with the best tips for our #TheLoftowners!


    The love and culture are a classic in the Catalan capital. However, in Catalonia, Sant Jordi’s day is celebrated every year on 23rd of April the Sant Jordi’s day, when the couple and friends give each other a rose and a book. Regardless the order and gender.

    For that, since many years in Barcelona this typical and beautiful exchange of gifts has been carried out, which is not only for the couples but is also between family and friends.

    Actually, the gender of the rose and of books has been changed a lot and is normal that a man receives a rose and a woman a book.

    The atmosphere is usually in the city center, especially in the Plaza Catalunya, Las Ramblas, Paseo de Garcia and the main squares of the quarters of the city.

    Here you can find the people enjoys a festival day, walking through the large number of stalls that sell roses and books throughout Barcelona.


    This 2022 the holy week is during the month of April, for that the city is full of tourists eager to discover the essence of Barcelona.

    However, as these are very special dates, which is when the majority of Barcelonans choose to leave the city, keep in mind that the main quarters of Barcelona always organize cultural and religious events in commemoration of Easter.

    For this, we recommend you to investigate through the webs of the city hall or just get lost in the city and let it surprise at your own rhythm and style. Finally, you can visit the main churches of the city, such as the Sagrada Familia, The cathedral of Barcelona or the the Cathedral of the Sea among many others.


    Although the Feria of April is an authentic celebration of Seville, in the recent years it has also been celebrated in other corners of the Spanish territory, like in Barcelona.

    Due the great Andalusian immigration in Catalonia, the Feria of April is also celebrated in the Catalan capital with a great commercial success that lasts until May.

    So, if you like to know more culture outside of Barcelona, we invite you to discover the essence of Seville and its costumes on the esplanade of the Parc of Forum where you can enjoy of Live music, dances and typical food with the best atmosphere of the Flamenco tradition that you cannot miss.


    Barcelona is a city full of creative entrepreneurs. For this reason, exits a tendency to consume articles made by hand and by local artists who are in word fashion.

    With this concept was born with great success The Handmade Festival, which is an event that bring together designers, artists and creatives of handmade that their focus on creating handmade products.

    In this festival you can enjoy the biggest creation of the best craftsmen in the city that will surprise you.


    The most important international exposition of Photojournalism lands in Barcelona every year. So, take note in your diary because during this month of April and May you will be able to see in Barcelona the best workers of Photojournalism of the world that attract many foreign visitors and that meet at the CCCB Contemporary Center of Modern art in the heart of Barcelona.


    Barcelona is perfect for running and that is why it is not surprising that several marathons are held in the Catalan Capital. In this reason, April is not an exception and it is when two of the cures with the most reception among the public coincide during this month. We refer the course of firefighters and the course of Corte Ingles.

    Both options you need to pay and each year they are filled with thousands of participants. For this reason, if you are an athlete and want to leave your mark in a marathon in Barcelona, we recommend that you sign up for one of these two important courses. We are sure that you will have a great time touring the city in a unique way.


    The lovers of Tennis in Barcelona, have a mandatory appointment during the month of April. We are referring to the Trofeo Conde Godó, as it was formerly known, and where the best tennis players in the world meet in mid-April for two weeks to play the tennis tournament on clay.

    We encourage you to see your world tennis stars


    During the month of April there are great concerts in the Catalan capital.

    For example, C. Tangana and her tour Without singing or tuning on April 23, Nothing but Thieves on April 25, Lang Lang on April 22, Novo Amor on April 24, Wizard of Oz on April 30, The Death South on April 21, Eagles of Death Metal, Trentemoller on April 12, Che Sudaka on 30 April among others.

    Looking forward to April in Barcelona?

    We sure do! Especially now that you know how to do it with the plans, we shared with you today!

    If you want to know more about us we invite you to follow us on Instagram, so you are always update with the latest promotions and news in our university residence.

    Enjoy April in Barcelona!