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August 2022
  • What should a student residence have?

    Staying in a student residence in Barcelona has many benefits, for residents it’s not only a place to stay for an exact time, but they consider it a home, a second home, a place to create memories, where they will spend a lot of time building unique and special relationships, growing on a personal and professional level and where they discover new experiences while also meeting people from different countries, cultures, with different thoughts that will help you discover the world.

    Xior Lofttown is much more than a simple residence for students, so that our residents feel as comfortable as possible, we put the main focus on the design of both the rooms, the study rooms, the leisure areas and entertainment, our restaurant and cafeteria, our gym and each and every one of the spaces that make up our and your Xior Lofttown student residence in Barcelona, so that you have a unique and unforgettable experience.

    The residents who stay at Xior Lofttown residence are people who are in the same situation as you, so they will have similar experiences. We are going to show you what a residence should have and the characteristics of ours:

    1. Necessary Services Included and Basic Services Covered

    At Xior Lofttown, you have everything you need at your fingertips, and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Basic supplies such as water, internet, gas and electricity are already included in your monthly fee. In addition to our restaurant and weekly cleaning service, we also have laundry facilities, wi-fi and 24/7 reception.

    We also have areas to study quietly, group study rooms that are used to hold meetings, group work, etc. We also have a coworking room and a study and architecture room. In addition, you will be able to enjoy rest spaces and a gym, a differentiating factor and a particularity that many residences or accommodations do not offer. At Xior Lofttown, residents will be able to enjoy all these services and much more!

    2. Improved security

    As already said, the Xior Lofttown residence offers 24-hour service, 365 days a year at the reception desk, available to residents for everything they need. In addition to that, we have closed circuit video surveillance (CCTV) and a sophisticated access control system with fingerprint and emergency notification in case our residents need immediate assistance. These functions provided by the residence offer you, as a student, peace of mind in your day-to-day life in the residence thanks to the high degree of personal security.

    3. Location

     To get even more out of your away from home experience, look for residences that are close to the colleges or campuses that interest you. The residence where you stay has to have a very good location and Xior Lofttown is one of the top student residences to live in Barcelona, ​​it’s located in one of the safest and quietest areas of the city, as well as being located in an excellently communicated area with any place in Barcelona.

    At Xior Lofttown, what we want for our residents and future residents is to make their day-to-day life easier. It is located in one of the best locations in Barcelona, ​​in the Gracia neighborhood, a minute walk from two of the most important and prestigious streets in Barcelona, ​​Paseo de Gracia and Diagonal. Close to everything, universities, study centers, leisure, restaurants, shops, green areas…, and with practically all the metro lines, buses and trains next door.

    Avenida Diagonal, one of the main avenues in Barcelona, ​​crosses the city diagonally and is one of the most important commercial hubs. You will find different shopping centers and a large number of shops, jewelers and home accessories, as well as a wide range of quality and prestigious restaurants and entertainment venues. Gracia, the district where The Lofttown is located, is the neighborhood with the most character in Barcelona and the most emblematic, it has important architectural references, boutiques and traditional shops and a wide range of leisure activities in the form of restaurants, bars, theaters, concert halls and cinemas.

    4. Expansion of the social network

    Areas where you can talk with your friends or roommates is also something very important that a student residence should have. Our Xior Lofttown residence has several areas to talk and meet people, we have a hall, a multipurpose room with a cinema, a gaming and conference area, a terrace and a solarium that can help you even more connecting with your colleagues, having the opportunity to meet people very different from you, coming from different parts of the world, with different cultures, who are studying or working in areas different from yours, and how you can learn and grow, will be a very enriching experience.

    The advantage of living in a student residence like ours is that it is lively, full of energy and with the people you meet, you will form friendships, special connections and memories that will last in your life. Enjoy your experience as a student to the fullest!