The 5 common student profiles in a university residence

Welcome, thelofttowners, one more day to our blog, now that we are at the gates of a new course full of unforgettable experiences; and to get things going, today what we bring is a slightly different post. Do you want to know your fellow students in the residence before you know who they are? Yes, it is possible because you will always find these student profiles in a university residence. Which one are you?


student profiles in a university residence


  • The one who always talks to their mother: only your fellow students in a university residence know how many times a day you need to talk with your mother; you will meet people in this new stage, but your parents will undoubtedly be the most important point of support at this time.
  • The one who doesn’t leave their room: neither films, nor crazy plans, nor the brightest sun in these last 10 years will move you from your room. Sometimes we all want to have a peaceful evening after having spent a sleepless night and to enjoy quiet moments in our rooms at The Lofttown, but when this happens very often… these student profiles appear.
  • The one who is always cleaning: the wardrobe, the bathroom, the library, including the common rooms, where they leave it impeccable when they pass; and they can’t stop. These types of student profiles in a university residence are the ones you see always picking up everything they find J.
  • The one on a diet: you are always always always going to find someone who wants to be on a diet but never manages it, and it’s just that hamburgers are… always irresistible.
  • The one who likes coffees: shall we talk about it over a coffee? It will be the most common sentence from these types of student profiles in a university residence; they are going to want to talk about everything, having a cup of coffee: work, subjects, future plans or just to spend the afternoon. In the student community they are often called “those in the bar”



Now you already know what your fellow students in the residence will be like 😉 Welcome to your future!

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