Student accommodation

Barcelona is the favourite destination of university students, and that goes for foreigners as well as locals, because of the quality of the studies, the variety of courses, its culture, the social activity, its climate and an endless list of great things that prove to be extremely attractive. The Lofttown was created to offer accommodation solutions for the profile of those students that are selective and ever more demanding.

Our residence is a newly-constructed building with 3,300m2 and it can accommodate 146 students. The Lofttown offers added value taking extreme care of all the details so that the students feel at home in every way. Our facilities have been exclusively designed to satisfy the student’s comfort and safety needs.



The Lofttown is more than a student halls of residence. Everything, absolutely everything, has been created to satisfy your accommodation needs and to offer you multiple spaces and services that will help you as much with your studies as with your well deserved breaks. This is an important moment in your lives and we want you to be able to focus on important things while living marvellous experiences, given that all the rest is left to us.

In this sense, The Lofttown is specifically designed to provide a complete life experience. How? We have put ourselves in your shoes in order to understand what is important to you, and, therefore, design as much the spaces as the services that you need. Furthermore, every one of the professionals that make up the The Lofttown team gets involved on a daily basis to make The Lofttown a place of reference.

A unique life style

Our residents are people that take their future seriously, they take care of themselves, their health and their image is of importance to them, they seek success, and they love life, their friends and their loved ones. They do their best to achieve what they yearn for. That is why we have created The Lofttown taking those values into account so that the students find everything here. Being a #TheLofttowner means many things.

To all residents: the moment has arrived to take the path towards personal and professional development while having unforgettable experiences with the highest level of comfort and safety. Are you in? Enjoy life! Enjoy #TheLofttown!