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  • Most Famous Carnivals in Spain

    February is known for many events such as Valentine’s Day or White Week, without forgetting one of the most important events of the year, Carnival!

    Carnival is a festival full of music, dance and costumes that will surprise you. At Xior, you can also dress up in whatever you like, buy the costume or make it yourself. Each city has its own tradition and its typical celebrations, what do you think about discovering it with us? 

    In many parts of the world this festivity is a spectacle, if you are staying in any of our residences you can take a trip to some of the places we are going to talk about in this blog. We are going to show you some of the most famous places in Spain where you can celebrate Carnival. 

    Places to celebrate Carnival in Spain:

    • Carnival in Cadiz (Andalusia): It is one of the most fun carnivals you will find in Spain, where you will be able to enjoy comparsas, choirs and chirigotas, musical groups that are identified with the Cadiz carnival. These types of musical performances are full of social criticism and irony, mainly represented by those who participate in the festival/competitions. It’s a fresh air of good vibes and good humour that you won’t want to miss.
    • Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands): this Carnival is one of the most important in the world, and obviously in Spain. So, if you are a resident of one of our Xior residences you could catch a flight this weekend and witness this spectacular carnival. They have some magnificent parades of floats, very colourful and bright where fantasy and rhythm abound. 
    • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival (Canary Islands): One of the most historic festivities is the Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Full of joy, colour, feathers, dance and music. The gala is held to see who will be chosen as Queen of the Carnival, which is also broadcast on television.
    • Pontevedra Carnival (Galicia): this is a very special one, full of comparsas, costumes, charangas and other groups that parade through the streets of Rias Baixas. Another thing you can’t miss in this Carnival is the burial of the parrot Ravachol, in honour of a true story.
    • Carnival of Badajoz (Extremadura): it is considered a Festival of International Tourist Interest since last year, this year a famous comedian in Spain will be present as the town crier of the festivity. It is a 10-day carnival, so you have time to get organised and be able to attend one of the most popular carnivals.
    • Sitges Carnival (Catalonia): One of the most famous and frequented carnivals in Catalonia, the parades in this town are made up of huge floats in which theatrical scenes are represented. There is a character known as “Carnestoltes” who arrives along with the Carnival Queen.

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  • How to Enjoy Winter in Barcelona

    Barcelona is a city that is known for its warm Mediterranean climate, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the winter months there as well. In fact, there are plenty of ways to make the most of the colder season in this beautiful city.

    For that reason, today at Xior The Lofttown, your student residence in Barcelona, we will show you some ideas to live a different and very fun winter.

    Museums and Art Galleries

    One of the best things to do in Barcelona during the winter is to explore its rich cultural heritage. The city is home to many world-renowned museums and art galleries, such as the Picasso Museum and the Joan Miró Foundation. These institutions offer a great way to escape the cold and spend a few hours immersing yourself in the city’s rich history and art.

    Parks and Gardens

    Another great way to enjoy the winter in Barcelona is to take a stroll through the city’s many parks and gardens. Park Guell, for example, is a beautiful park that is located on a hilltop and offers stunning views of the city. It’s a great place to take a walk and enjoy the fresh winter air.

    Traditional Dishes

    Barcelona is also home to many delicious traditional dishes that are perfect for warming you up on a cold winter day. Dishes such as “Escudella” and “Esqueixada” (a salted cod salad) are hearty and comforting, and are best enjoyed with a glass of warm red wine.


    Shopping is also a great way to enjoy the winter in Barcelona. The city is home to many unique boutiques and shops that sell everything from handcrafted jewelry to vintage clothing. And when you’re done shopping, you can enjoy a delicious hot chocolate or a café con leche at one of the many cozy cafes in the city.

    Winter Events

    Finally, Barcelona is also home to many festivals and events that take place during the winter months. From the “Feria de Santa Llúcia” (the Christmas fair) to the “Fiesta de La Mercè” (the city’s main festival), there’s always something happening in the city to keep you entertained.

    Overall, there are many ways to enjoy the winter in Barcelona. Whether you’re interested in art, food, shopping, or festivals, this city has something for everyone. So pack your warmest coat and head out to explore all that Barcelona has to offer during the winter months.

    Now that you know what to do during the winter in Barcelona, we remind you that at Xior The Lofttown, your student residence, we want to count on you to live a unique and unforgettable experience, while you study in this amazing city.

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  • The Second Semester Begins

    Many will have already started the second semester, others still have a few days to enjoy the holidays until it begins.

    At Xior The Lofttown we also start a new semester, new people, new challenges, new objectives, as well as residents who have been with us since the first semester who are learning with us to live day to day outside their homes.

    Our residents have possibly gone through one of the most difficult moments: the adaptation period away from home. Therefore, if you are new and it is your first time away from home, we are going to give you a few tips to help you adapt to this situation:

    1. Avoid setting high expectations: Having high expectations depending on what, can lead to other problems, such as frustration or anxiety that they may not have been met. For this reason, sometimes it’s better not to have high expectations and to let yourself go with what happens to you on a daily basis. You can have goals as always in life, but if you do, you have to be clear that sometimes they don’t have to be fulfilled and nothing happens. This way you can avoid any type of stress and try the best possible way to deal with the situation.
    1. Learning the language of the place: Learning the language of the place where you’re going to live for a while is highly recommended, not only because it will be easier for you to communicate with the people who live there and you won’t have as many problems making new friends, but also because you will learn another language and could be very important for your professional future.
    1. Know more about the culture: A good way to adapt to the country or city that you are going to settle in for the first time is to find out a little about the place, what their customs are, if they have any local traditions, what are the typical foods, etc.
    1. Knowing and being aware of the reasons why we made the decision to leave home: You can make a list with the reasons why you decided to move, taking this into account, it can help you reach your destination in a calmer way.

    Once you arrive at your “new home” you can:

    1. Maintain a routine: You can start with new habits and turn it into a routine for your day-to-day life in your new home, or simply do everything you used to do at home now at the Xior The Lofttown.
    1. Creating or keeping your interests can be a good way to connect with what you had, it will make you not miss the way you lived before so much.
    1. Socializing with other people in order to make plans can be difficult at first, but if you live at Xior you can have it easier, since you can meet many people who are in the same situation as you.
    1. Knowing ourselves, if one day you feel like going out to do anything that your friends are not very keen on, you can make that plan with yourself, going out alone is a way to disconnect from everything that surrounds you, and learn to get to know you much more, the things you like or the things you prefer to do.

    Many times the changes are necessary and also hard, whether it’s to leave or to return home after a period away from it. From The Lofttown we hope that these tips can help you.

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  • Winter Wellness. How to Stay Healthy and Happy During the Cold Winter Months

    With winter comes colder, darker and shorter days, freezing temperatures, and gross germs. For that reason, today at The Lofttown, your student residence in Barcelona, we want to share with you some useful tips for winter wellness. These are simple things that you can start today and could actually do all year round.

    Stay Active

    It’s important to stay active during the winter to maintain good physical and mental health. Go for walks or runs outside (dressing in layers and wearing appropriate shoes is important), or find ways to stay active indoors, such as taking up a new exercise class or going for a walk in a shopping mall.

    Get Enough Sleep

    It’s easy to let your sleep schedule slip during the winter, but it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough rest. Set a consistent bedtime and try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Share tips for improving sleep quality, such as creating a bedtime routine or reducing screens before bed.

    Eat A Healthy Diet

    It can be tempting to turn to comfort foods during the winter, but try to focus on eating a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Share recipes for soups, stews, and other comfort foods that are made with nutrient-dense ingredients.

    Stay Hydrated

    It’s easy to forget to drink enough water during the winter, especially if you’re spending a lot of time indoors , but hydration is important year-round. Make sure to drink plenty of water and other hydrating beverages.

    Stay Warm

    Make sure to dress in layers. Wearing layers traps heat between the layers and helps to regulate body temperature. Choose moisture-wicking materials for the base layer to help keep your skin dry, and add insulating layers on top. Also keep your home and workspace warm to help prevent colds and other illnesses.

    Get Some Sunlight

    Winter can be a gloomy time, but it’s important to get some natural sunlight to help boost your mood and energy levels. Try to get outside for at least a few minutes each day.

    Take Care Of Your Mental Health

    The shorter days and colder weather of winter can lead to feelings of sadness and loneliness. Try to practice self-care, such as setting aside time for hobbies and activities you enjoy, or seek support if you’re struggling with your mental health. It’s easy to get stressed during the winter, so make sure to take time for yourself to relax and recharge. You can also try activities like meditation, yoga, or taking a warm bath to help reduce stress and improve your overall well-being.

    Are You Ready to Spend the Winter with Us at Xior Lofttown?

    We hope that with these tips we shared with you today, you can be prepared for the winter of 2023.

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  • Three Kings Day!

    Today at Xior The Lofttown, your student residence, we tell you the whole story of Three Kings Day in Spain, while the preparations are finalized for its magical celebration. In Spain, the celebration of the Epiphany on January 6 is known as Three Kings Day.

    Three Kings Day commemorates the story of the three wise men who visited Jesus after his birth. According to the Bible, the wise men followed a star to Bethlehem, where they gave Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. This day celebrates the revelation of Jesus as the Son of God to the Gentiles, represented by the Magi.

    In many countries, Three Kings Day is a reason for family reunions, gift giving and religious celebrations. Children usually receive large gifts or sweets, and it is a tradition to buy or cook a “roscón de reyes” on this day. Many people also attend church on Three Kings Day, where they hear the story of the Magi and the birth of Jesus.


    In addition to gift-giving, Three Kings Day is also celebrated with parades and processions in honor of the three kings. Floats with actors dressed as kings usually participate in these parades, as well as live music and dance performances.

    History of the Cavalcade in Barcelona

    It is said that the first references to the presence of the Three Kings in Barcelona date back to the Corpus Christi processions of the 14th century. However, the first parades that were officially registered in the city date from the end of the 18th century, being held intermittently until the beginning of the 20th century.

    Later, during the first decades of the last century, the parade had a charitable focus in order to help the most needy in the city. Later, during the Civil War, the parade was interrupted until 1942 by order of the Barcelona City Council.

    Roscon de Reyes

    The Roscón de Reyes is the highlight of the Three Kings Day celebrations. This cake is shaped like an open circle, or crown, and contains candied fruit and dried fruit to represent the crown jewels of the Magi. This tradition requires that a small magician king be hidden inside the cake and a bean. Tradition says that whoever finds the bean has to pay the amount of the roscón, and if you find the king, you will enjoy a prosperous New Year.

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    We hope to see you very soon in Xior The Lofttown!

    Have an amazing year 2023!

  • New Year’s Eve Traditions

    2023 is already here and with it also come many incredible traditions to enjoy the New Year’s Eve in Barcelona, as always with the best tips we share on our blog for residents. For that reason, today at The Lofttown, your residence in Barcelona, we want to tell you the best New Year’s Eve Traditions around the world.

    New Year’s Eve, or “Old Year’s Night” as it is known in some parts of the world, is a time for celebration and reflection as people mark the end of one year and the beginning of another.

    Different cultures and communities have their own unique traditions for celebrating the new year, some of which are centuries old. Here are a few examples:

    Fireworks and parades

    Many people celebrate New Year’s Eve with fireworks displays and parades, which are often accompanied by music, food, and other festivities.

    Fireworks and parades are a common way to celebrate New Year’s Eve in many parts of the world. Fireworks displays are often held at midnight, with colorful displays of sparks and light illuminating the sky.

    Parades are also a popular way to celebrate New Year’s Eve, particularly in cities and towns. These parades may feature floats, marching bands, and other performers, and are often held in the afternoon or evening on New Year’s Eve.

    Both fireworks displays and parades are a way for communities to come together and celebrate the start of a new year. They are often seen as a way to mark the end of one year and the beginning of another with joy and excitement.

    Midnight kisses

    In many parts of the world, it is a tradition to exchange kisses with loved ones at midnight on New Year’s Eve as a way to bring good luck in the coming year.

    This tradition is often associated with the idea of starting the new year off on a positive and affectionate note. It is also seen as a way to celebrate the close bonds of love and friendship, and to show appreciation for the people in our lives who are important to us.

    The tradition of exchanging kisses at midnight on New Year’s Eve is thought to have originated in ancient Rome, where it was believed that the god Jupiter would grant good fortune to those who exchanged kisses at the stroke of midnight. In the Middle Ages, the tradition spread throughout Europe and became associated with New Year’s Eve celebrations.

    Today, the tradition is observed in many parts of the world, and is often seen as a fun and romantic way to mark the start of the new year.


    While some people make their resolutions as a way to make specific changes in their lives, others may use the start of the new year as a time to reflect on their overall well-being and happiness. In either case, the goal of New Year’s resolutions is to improve one’s life and bring about positive change.

    Although making New Year’s resolutions can be a helpful way to set goals and motivate oneself, it’s important to be realistic and to set achievable goals. It can also be helpful to have a plan in place for how to achieve these goals, and to be willing to adapt and adjust as needed.

    Finally, it’s important to remember that making positive changes in one’s life is a journey, and that it’s okay to take small steps and make progress over time.

    Twelve Grapes

    Eating 12 grapes at midnight on New Year’s Eve is both a tradition and a superstition in Spain. Eating the grapes pretty much guarantees starting off the year with a little adrenaline rush, and most likely some laughs.

    Also, rare is the Spaniard who will risk poisoning their fate for the coming year by skipping the grapes, one for each stroke of midnight.

    Now that you know what the best New Year’s Eve Traditions are, we remind you that at The Lofttown, your student residence in Barcelona, we want to count on you to live a great and unforgettable experience, while you study in Barcelona to become one of our #TheLoftowners.

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    Have a good year 2023!

  • Tips for A Great Christmas Away from Home

    No matter why you may be spending the holidays away from home this year, you may be wondering how you can “make the season bright” without being at home.
    At Xior, we try our best to bring the comforts of home to you. Each of our room has a cozy vibe with loads of home-like comforts. Check out our tips for enjoying the holiday season while spending Christmas away from home.
    Create That Christmas Vibe
    If you’re spending the holidays away from home, make every possible effort to bring this festivity to where you are currently located. Use the best of what nature has to offer to decorate your dinner table, mantelpiece or coffee table. It could be a picture from past Christmases, a Christmas card you received from your family, or you could also prepare some meals that you normally have for Christmas dinner.
    Stay Connected with Those You Love
    With unlimited technology at our fingertips, staying in touch has never been so simple. Schedule a Skype call with your friends and family during any Christmas parties they might be having, either by phone or perhaps via video on FaceTime or Skype.
    It will make you miss them more but seeing them celebrating makes you feel like you’re right there, too. And It’s also the perfect opportunity to wish everyone Happy Holidays and to enjoy a little quality time with them.
    Try To Do What the Locals Do For Christmas
    The holiday season always brings about a great sense of community across the globe, no matter where you live or what your beliefs are.
    With community being one of the pillars of Xior, especially when it comes to our extended stay guests, we are constantly on the lookout for events, festivals and celebrations taking place nearby. Check to see if there are any holiday events going on whenever you are.
    They may not celebrate Christmas, but many other cultures and religions celebrate other winter holidays, so it’s worth investigating if there’s a local activity you can participate in.
    Volunteer At Local Shelters
    Volunteering at your local shelters is a perfect way to give back to your new community. It is also a great way to fill your day. Being able to give to others is the key element to Christmas Day so volunteering and spreading joy through offering your time and service is a generous way to hold space for joy in the day. If you could include your friends, you could make it even funnier.
    Start A New Tradition
    Try not to miss the things you’re missing being away from home this Christmas, and instead fill your day with cool stuff to carry on into Christmases to come.  New traditions don’t have to be expensive or elaborate. All you have to do is carve out a few hours and spend the time doing something fun, so make sure there’s something great to stand out in your memory. This could be a new dish, particular type of gift or a game you play.
    Treat Yourself to A Cheeky Christmas Gift
    Being away from home means that you probably not going to receive many physical gifts from loved ones during your Christmas away from home, but this doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself.
    Use this Christmas as an excuse to splash out on something you wanted for a long time, whether that’s a new item of clothing, some locally made delicacies or a bottle of champagne.

    Hopefully, we’ve given you some comforting alternatives to the traditional Christmas vacation and you can either embrace your loneliness or take your mind off it. This is the season to be merry, so make sure you’re festive with us at Xior Lofttown.
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  • Christmas Is Coming! Meet Some of The Christmas Markets in Barcelona

    Barcelona is one of the world’s prime destinations, and during the Christmas season, the markets are beautiful than ever. Quite a few Christmas markets in the city can provide visitors with many ideas for gifts, as well as plenty of entertainment.

    In The Lofttown we celebrate Christmas above all else, because this is a very special date for us! And we are excited to be able to celebrate with you all!

    The main traditional Christmas markets that you should visit are the following:

    La Fira de Santa Llucia

    Barcelona’s main Christmas fair has been going for over 225 years. Located in the plaza in front of Barcelona Cathedral, you’ll find it camped underneath the city’s imposing Gothic Cathedral.

    Special days include festival ‘Diada de les tradicions i costums nadalenques’ which has extra Christmas activities for children including the ‘Carassa de Nadal de Barcelona’ and a Christmas concert. 

    Most stalls are given over to selling festive decorations, nativity-scene figures (including the infamous Caganer in all his usual, and celebrity, guises), handmade crafts, traditional zambombas (friction drums) and seasonal trees and shrubs. 

    The Santa Llúcia market opens at the end of November and finishes on the 23rd of December, opening at 10am to 9pm. 

    Fira de Nadal de la Sagrada Família

    Another traditional Christmas market, this time is held in the park beside the basilica and takes place from late November until the 23rd of December.

    This Fira de Nadal boasts around 120 stalls and occasional appearances from Santa Claus. It is slightly smaller than the Fira de Santa Llucia and has more of a local feel to it.

    In addition to Christmas decorations, there are also stands selling traditional winter snacks such as roast chestnuts, baked sweet potatoes, xurros and hot chocolate.

    Opening times are from 10:00 to 21:00 on weekdays and 10:00 to 22:00 at weekends, public holidays and the day before public holidays. On two Saturdays from 6pm to 8pm Santa Claus pays a visit to collect letters from the children and hand out balloons and cookies. 

    Fira de Nadal del Port Vell

    Barcelona’s newest Christmas Market, the Fira de Nadal del Port Vell takes place from the first weekend in December until the 5th of January and can be found at the Moll de la Fusta (at the foot of the Christopher Columbus Statue), and typically features the city’s biggest Christmas tree, lit-up with LED lights, a Ferris Wheel and a floating nativity scene, besides that, features craft stalls, food stalls, childrens activities and workshops.

    Opening times vary, but as a rough guide you can expect the fair to be open daily from 11.00 to 22:30.

    Fira de Reis

    The Fira de Reis located on Gran Via between Plaça de la Universitat and Carrer de Calabria is known for its large selection of toys. Most of the stalls sell children’s toys and other gifts. There are also xurrerias selling fresh xurros and hot chocolate.

    The main day for giving and receiving presents in Spain is Kings Day (dia dels Reis Mags) which is January 6th, for that reason, the Fira de Reis runs from December 17th until the 6th of January. Opening times are from 11:00 to 14:00 then 17:00 to 21:00.

    Fira de Placa de Catalunya

    The Fira de Placa de Catalunya is one of the most exciting festive events in all of Spain. Located in Plaça Catalunya on the first weekend of December each year, it boasts an array of stalls selling everything from artisanal food and drinks to traditional Catalan gifts like handmade wooden toys. The market also gives you live music and dance performances from local artists.

    This market attracts over 2 million visitors per year due to be held in Plaça Catalunya (in front of La Boqueria), which is where most tourists arrive in Barcelona by train or by plane.

    Now that you know what the best Christmas markets are in all of Barcelona in December, we remind you that at The Lofttown, your student residence in Barcelona, ​​we want to count on you to live a unique and unforgettable experience, while you study in Barcelona so that you become one of our #TheLoftowners.

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    Enjoy December!

  • Exam Season is Here!

    Exam season is fast approaching, so this week’s blog focus on exam study tips.

    Exams are inevitable for students, but they don’t need to be painful. With preparation, stress can be avoided, and better results are more likely to be achieved. For that reason, today at The Lofttown, your student residence in Barcelona, ​​we share a list with the best tips so that during exam times you get the results you always wanted.

    Tip 1: Study Every Day

    According to studies, students revise 15 to 20 per week in the few weeks before an exam. This equates to around five hours per day, with weekends off. Revising every day reduces pressure on the student and reduces the need to cram.

    Tip 2: Have A Study Routine

    The best time to revise depends on personal preference, however developing routine delivers better results. Find the study times that work best for you and create a study timetable around that. If you work best in the daytime, treat your study schedule like a 9-5 job and down tools for the day at 5pm to do something fun or de-stressing. If you find you work best in the evening time, then take the mornings for yourself and start working in the afternoon.

    Tip 3: Manage Your Time

    As soon as your exam schedule comes in, write it down and pin it up to your wall. In creating a study schedule, you can ensure that you do not leave anything to the last minute. A starting point may be to write out the dates of exams, organise how many pages you have to learn and how long tasks will take based on your studying habits. Additional tools like alarms, wall planners and to-do lists may help aid the process. There is nothing more stress-inducing than realizing you’ve forgotten an exam because your phone had a glitch and you lost your timetable. 

    Tip 4: Organise Your Study Space

    Organising your notes, files and papers is incredibly important for a successful study sesh, this includes your computer too. There is nothing more frustrating than searching through files and papers trying to find that one piece of information you need, so remember to label and colour code to your heart’s content. A cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind!

    Organising your exam study space and getting rid of distractions improves focus. Ensuring it is as comfortable as possible reduces anxiety and stress.

    Tip 5: Get Plenty Of Practice

    Old exam papers are an ideal way of preparing for exams. This means you are prepared for the format of the questions and the time it takes for yourself.

    Tip 6: Have A Healthy Routine

    You need to fuel your body with foods that help concentration like bananas, berries, yoghurt, eggs, oats, salmon, peanut butter and even chocolate. By eating natural, healthy food you can keep your body and brain fit and help improve concentration and memory. It can be really tempting to reach for foods that are convenient when you’re short for time, but you’ll soon find yourself feeling lethargic and unmotivated if you exist solely on a diet of cereals, pot noodles, and takeaways during your exams. 

    Drinking water is also advisable as it is required to stay hydrated and adds to your positive mood.  

    Tip 7: Get A Good Night’s Sleep

    Revising late into the night might seem like the only way you can get through your hefty to-do list, but you’ll find yourself feeling hazy and unfocused the next day. Stick to a regular schedule and switch off your lights at a reasonable time at night. Getting into a great sleeping pattern will help get your body get ready for those early morning exams and even boosts your mood, concentration, appetite, memory, and physical health.

    Tip 8: Believe In Yourself

    Last but very important, believe in yourself. You are more than capable, just make sure to look after your mental and physical health, structure your revision and do as much as you can whilst looking after yourself. Tell yourself you are capable and you will start to believe it. Your well-being is just as important as these exams. If you need help, ask for it, you will be surprised what the university or school can do for you. With these 8 tips, we guarantee that you can pass the exams with maximum success and end the semester with good grades. 

    If you want to know more about us, we invite you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram so that you are always up to date with the latest promotions and news in our student residence.

    Good luck in the exams!

  • Planning Your Study in Xior Lofttown

    It’s been a week since summer has ended so the study season is starting. Are you ready for your classes, exams and assignments? In Xior Lofttown we are ready to see you give it all this semester. Planning your study time well is very important to reach all your goals and what you want to achieve in the future. And, apart from planning your life in the residence hall, you will also have to plan your studies. We know that it is a difficult task, even more so if you have just started university.

    First of all, you have to have to set your goals and ensure you take care of everything, both with your studies and in your day-to-day activities. You will have days when you are going to wake up eager to do everything, especially now that you are starting the semester, and other days when it is going to be a bit more difficult for you to catch up with your agenda.

    For this reason, at the Xior Lofttown student residence in Barcelona we will give you some advice to make planning your studies as easy as possible.   

    Having an agenda or calendar

    There are many ways of knowing what you have to do on a daily basis, the best thing to do is to choose the best tool for you. It can be an agenda or a calendar, or also online platforms that will help you a lot in the organization and planning of your work or exams such as:

    • Google Drive
    • Google Calendar
    • Evernote
    • Trello
    • Studeam

    Sort your subjects by difficulty

    You can order your subjects from most to least important or also order them by difficulty. Dedicate more time and especially the first hours of study to those subjects that you think may cost you a little more, because when you are more tired and unmotivated, then you will only have the ones that are easier for you to study. 

    This is a great trick to avoid having to deal with the most difficult subjects when you have no more energy left, take advantage of it! 

    Set goals  

    Short-term goals are one of the best things you can do to keep your motivation up and keep you motivated so that you can gradually achieve what you set out to do. You can start by thinking about one main goal but it is always better to have several short-term goals or objectives that are realistic, clear and specific, that you know you will be able to achieve them, also something very important to set your objectives or goals is that you have to establish the time in which you want to achieve them.

    For example, you can start by making daily goals, study one or two subjects per day, or finish a paper in one or two hours. 

    Study area:  

    It is essential to find a place to study or do your university work, Xior Lofttown offers you a study room where you can study, work, etc. But if you are one of those people who like to study in different places, Barcelona offers you many options.