Back to studies: 4 ways to make it less difficult

After the holidays the dreaded back to studies and routine arrives, which means “picking up the pace again” and we know that this is very difficult, but we have to get down to it because some of you have final exams in January and February and we want to help you pass them successfully; so, thelofttowners, here are our recommendations.


  1. Start your routine in advance: sure, during these holidays you’ve gone to bed at a time close to dawn; what we recommend is that a week before going back to studies you start preparing your body. So go to sleep at a reasonable time and get up early so getting back into the routine won’t be so tiresome.


  1. Prepare the night before: it is very important to leave everything ready in the evening, and when we say everything we mean everything: clothes, backpack, homework, notes… so in the morning you won’t have to worry about anything and can even sleep a little more.


  1. Breakfast. Seriously: breakfast is the most important meal of the day and although you think that you have already eaten enough, that premise does not apply to breakfast. It is the meal that will give you energy for the whole day.


  1. Plan your timetable: know when the new classes begin (remember that you are changing your semester, and if you haven’t done it yet this advice will help you later) where they are taught, which teacher you are going to do them with, and think about the classmates who go to the same classes as you, they are a good support not to get lost on the first day.


back to study


Are you ready? Then on with the new semester.

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