Best Low-Budget Restaurants in Barcelona

While studying in Barcelona or staying at Xior Lofttown, you’ll likely be spending plenty of time out and about in the city, enjoying the city’s famously delicious cuisine. There is so much to try! Luckily Barcelona has plenty of spots where the food is as satisfying as the prices. Here are the best restaurants in Barcelona on a student budget!


Gelida is one of those bar-restaurants that are few and far between nowadays, ideal for tight budgets and good eaters. The full breakfast menu is a unforgettable experience. And at lunchtime, get ready for a communal meal with some delicious starters and main dishes. The ‘capipota’, ham hock and cod are great. Wash it all down with a fine wine from the town of Gelida in the Alt Penedès wine region.

El Casal

A typical restaurant in Barcelona located in a perfect place, the Born neighborhood. Their tapas are not the expensive, it is recommended for its excellent menu including dishes from French cuisine. You can eat a first, a second, dessert and drink for €11.25. The menu of this restaurant is one of the best in the city.

Sol De Nit

It’s hard to get more Catalan than Sol De Nit, located in Plaza Del Sol. This tiny restaurant has one of the best terraces in the city, and it’s ideal for gawking at hippie Catalans, buskers, performers, runaway dogs and for sun tanning, especially during the summer. Their food is cheap and tasty and it’s one of a handful of places you can sit for hours and not even notice the time pass you by. You’ll definitely get value for your dime here as portions are decently large and most dishes won’t be more than 5-6 Euros. The service can be a bit slow so just make sure you’re not in a rush before you sit down to eat.

Les Quinze Nits

If you walk through the Plaça Real at lunch or dinner time, you’ll immediately recognize Les Quinze Nits by the huge line of patrons snaking through the plaza. This popular budget restaurant doesn’t take reservations, but your patience will pay off. The food is very cheap and delicious, with mostly regional dishes, but it’s one of the few Barcelona restaurants concerned about turnover, so don’t expect as relaxed a pace as most restaurants. If you’re traveling on a budget and want to feel like you’re going posh without spending more than €13 for an entree, then this is the place to go.

La Taqueria Barcelona

La Taqueria Barcelona is a mexican restaurant Barcelona near Sagrada Familia. Real Mexican street food. Authentic atmosphere, simple decoration, simple menu and very popular with great reviews. Small but cosy reasonably priced Mexican food including street style tacos, nachos and delicious margaritas.

African Foni

In the deep heart of Raval, you will find the only Gambian restaurant in the city, and they serve MAFFE! Chicken tossed in a deep and heavy peanut butter gravy, laid on a bed of fluffy rice. The food and specially that Gambian hospitality makes it such a pleasurable food experience. Don’t forget to order the ginger drink!

Bar La Plata

This small corner bar just one block from the old port of Barcelona has been serving the same four dishes since 1945. Though the salted anchovies, fried sausage, and tomato salad are all delicious, the floured and fried boquerones (anchovies) are the true star. Now run by the grandson of the original founder, Bar La Plata sells over 40 kg of the little fishes per week. This place is nearly always busy and only has a few tables, so do as the crowds do and eat standing up at the bar or even in the street if no seats are available. 

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