• Orientation Days in Xior The Lofttown

    During some weeks we will have our Orientation Days in Xior The Lofttown.
    We have organized some sessions of maximum 6 people following the general procedures for the COVID.

    During these sessions we will explain important information about Xior The Lofttown,we will talk about our general rules, we will inform about everything that we have prepared for our Lofttowners… and […]

  • AntiCOVID Measures in Xior The Lofttown

    Welcome to the new Academic Year 2020-2021!  

     After several months inmersed in the pandemic, in The Lofttown we have been keeping for the safety and well-being of our residents. Residence has keep opened and all the necessary measures have been implemented due to COVID.

    We want to receive our students with all the safety guarantees, that’s why […]

  • Preparing your trip to Barcelona

    Preparing your trip to Barcelona is simple and beautiful. You know that soon you will travel to the Catalan capital to carry out your studies, meet new people and live a typical Erasmus experience.

    That’s why in XiorLofttown we thought we’d give you a roadmap so you know, step by step, what you’re going to find. […]

  • Restaurants for students in Barcelona

    An important part of how much it costs to live in Barcelona is, without a doubt, gastronomy. Even more so in a city like Barcelona: the offer of bars and restaurants abounds in the city.

    Students living in Barcelona are aware not only of this, but also of the cost involved. As students, staying within your […]

  • The best markets in Barcelona

    In Barcelona we can find markets of all kinds. The city offers variants for all tastes: from buying fresh food to looking for items you won’t find in any store.

    Both tourists and those who live in Barcelona go out on weekends for a walk and enjoy a taste in these markets. We know that lofttowners […]

  • Finding a job after Uni

    Finding a job after Uni sounds far away. Many of The Lofttown residents come to Barcelona just to study. What happens to them next is that the city and social activity invite them to stay. And believe us: it happens.

    Once your studies are finished you will have your group of friends, your trips on top, […]

  • Tricks to study

    Studying has its tricks. December arrives and as we well know it is a time full of exams and external responsibilities: family, travel, Christmas and New Year.

    You already know that as a student residence in Barcelona we care about your study and your social life.

    Between us: in this context we know that study moves to […]