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  • Where to eat healthy in Barcelona this 2022

    We tell you which are the healthiest places to eat in Barcelona that you cannot miss this 2022

    They say we are what we eat. Then it’s time for you eat well in Barcelona with the best ideas we have for you today.

    For that reason, at The Lofttown, your university residence in Barcelona, we share a complete list of the best healthy places in Barcelona to enjoy a 100% healthy meal and also at a good price that will awaken your appetite.

    Welcome to a new post from our exclusive #TheLoftowners blog!

    The Healthiest Choice


    Its name cannot be more appropriate. The Healthiest Choice is the healthiest choice in its translation. And of that we have no doubt, since this restaurant is a nice corner in Barceloneta away from tourists with a 100% homemade proposal.

    In this restaurant processed and excess calorie products are completely prohibited. We recommend you try their smoothies and homemade bacon.

    Wok and Bao


    A more than good option that you will not regret choosing. Wok and Bao is referring to a unique texture, which is characterized by that juicy filling that melts slowly in your mouth, certainly a different concept of the baths in Barcelona. We advise you this place because it is a classic corner of street food, with many followers and fans.


    Flax and Kale

    It is not only a healthy place but also fancy. And here you will come for the decorations, the atmosphere of film and of course you will stay for the food that is fantastic. Therefore, Flax and Kale is considered one of the most innovative, special, bright and unique restaurants in Barcelona. It is characterized by sharing a concept that includes the whole world of brunches, lunches, breakfasts and dinners, in one place. Flax and Kale means eat better, be happy and live longer.

    Restaurant Xavier Pellicer

    If you like vegetables, this is the best restaurant in the world. And we don’t say it ourselves but also the world event We’re Smart Think Vegetables! Think Fruit, who gave this great distinction to Xavier Pellicer, cook of the place but also name of the restaurant.

    Pellicer, by the way, is one of the most renowned chefs in Spain in the healthy world. Even if  it has not been open for a long time in Barcelona, it has already become an essential part of the city for vegetable fans.



    If you are looking for a vegetarian restaurant that does not look vegetarian this is your best option. This is assured by people  who have tried Aguaribay that offers its customers a variety of very original dishes, ranging from homemade croquettes, ravioli, pad thais, creams and much more.

    Its concept as a restaurant is far from the most basic vegetarian preparations. In addition, they are characterized by making their own breads with organic flours. An entire delicacy that you cannot miss.


    Do you like soup? Well this place is called Sopa and of course it is characterized by that among the first dishes always the protagonist is the soup. Sopa offers a menu that is totally macrobiotic, vegetarian and also partially vegan. However, the Soup is much more than that, because its product is always fresh and the own local shops, have the first quality material, and even a room where you can practice yoga if you want.




    If you are vegetarian as if you are not, the Rasoterra is a restaurant with a very warm and close atmosphere and that follows the philosophy of slow food, which is the new culinary philosophy that combines both pleasure and knowledge. If you come to the Rasoterra you will not only eat well but also enjoy all the atmosphere that is lived here.

    Teresa Carles

    An emblematic restaurant for vegetarians in Barcelona. Although it is not very cheap than other options, it does offer you a big variety of complete menus. Of course, its menu is very original and varied and its dishes are top quality. Go with time because here there are always long waiting lists to eat.

    Have we already awakened your appetite? Surely!

    We hope that with this post today you will enjoy healthy food as the best in Barcelona and find your favorite healthy place in the city.

    So, if you are already determined to move to Barcelona, remember that you can always count on our university residence to make your stay in the Catalan capital the best. Therefore, we guarantee that we will do everything possible to make your experience amazing

    We hope to see you very soon in Barcelona and become a new member #TheLoftowner!

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  • Where you can eat in Barcelona at student price

    All the secrets you should know about the best places to eat in Barcelona when you are a student at a good price

    Studying in Barcelona can become the best adventure of your life. However, we know that everything has a price and the Catalan capital is not exactly one of the cheapest cities in the world to live in, especially when you are a student. And one of those important aspects when you are  young student is the monthly budget, without a doubt, the money they spend to eat out in the restaurants of the city.

    For that reason, today at TheLofttown we bring you an interesting guide with some of the bars and restaurants that offer a quality culinary at the best price. Are you hungry?  Welcome to a new chapter of our blog for students in Barcelona!


    The Cova Fumada

    This fantastic place situated in the heart of the Barceloneta district offers delicious seafood tapas, maybe the best in the whole city, as it has a traditional menu and is appetizing for any palate.

    A small authentic corner of the city, which collect people from the neighborhood and also many foreign tourists, which makes it a place with a fantastic seafaring atmosphere that tastes like a port. We are sure you that when you try it once you will want to repeat many more times. However, we suggest you that if you want to eat without waiting long time, go earlier or you will have long lines form.

    La Malandrina

    We are sorry to say that it is a forbidden place for vegetarians, because if you are a meat lover, this little Argentine corner located in the heart of Barceloneta will  become one of your favorite places in the city.

    And here you will find a great offer of grilled meats of all types and with the best side dishes at a very good price. Imagine that for only 15 € you can be more than satisfied always with a  good homemade wine, we are ready hungry!


    Tuna and tomato pasta isn’t just for the student diet, and you know it. However, if you really like Italian food and pasta, you will enjoy it, because you have to go to Macchina, an Italian restaurant with the best homemade pasta and the best Italian sauces that will make you feel as if you were eating in the center of Rome with the Roman coliseum view. If you want to try authentic Italian food and at the best price this place is your perfect place.

    Rosa del Raval

    An authentic Mexican restaurant located in the heart of the city. This place has a delicious offer that all types of people can like it even if they are not lovers of Mexican food. And if that’s not enough, you can also find here one of the best micheladas and margaritas in the city at cheap price, which you can combine perfectly with some good nachos with guacamole. A fantastic option who want to feel like they are in Mexico.

    Chen Ji

    Barcelona has a large Chinese immigration for many years and for thid reason felt in the city.  Chen Ji is a real Chinese restaurant for those who want to eat well and big portions at economical price. This restaurant is the authentic Chinese of Barcelona where you will meet Chinese people want enjoy food from own original country.

    We let you know that Chen Ji is not one of the most elegant places in the city, however it has a particular charm that will live a good atmosphere and nice food. Therefore, here for only 12 Euros we assure you that you can eat like a real king.


    If you are very hungry and want to eat at very cheap  price, this place located in the heart of the Borne is ideal for you. And the quality of their food is excellent despite its price, especially if you like Asian food served in tapas a lot, so we guarantee that you will eat well.

    La Dolça Herminia

    For only 15 Euros here you can eat in luxury, enjoying a succulent menu that includes first main course, second course, dessert, drink and bread. It is incredible both the quality-price of this restaurant thanks to its typical dishes either of Catalan cuisine and other more international  varieties that will make you eat as at home.

    Alsur Café

    This place is perfect for brunch on a Sunday alone or accompanied. At midday you can find a menu for only 15 Euros that includes any dish from the menu, drink, dessert and coffee with an excellent quality. Do not miss the delicious eggs benedict and the delicious homemade desserts that will fall  you completely in love.

    We hope that with this post today we have awakened your appetite and know better what are the best restaurants in Barcelona with a great culinary offer at a good price.

    And remember that at The Lofttown we want your experience in Barcelona will be enjoy at the fullest way for the rest of your life and that’s why we want to make you the best student accommodation in Barcelona.

    And we look forward to seeing you here to become a new #TheLoftowner!

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  • The importance of good nutrition when you are a student

    Everything you need to know about the importance of a healthy diet that helps you to be full concentration in your performance when you’re a student

    To be a student requires have nice physical and mental health. Therefore, eat well becomes a great guarantee to always obtain a good academic performance. For that reason, today at The Lofttown we share a post dedicated exclusively to the importance of having a regular nutrition when you are a student.

    Want to know more?

    What is a good diet?

    Remember the time you spend to attend classes, study, prepare for exams, meet with other colleagues, involves to lose energy during lunch time. In this sense, meals are also reduced, especially among young students who prioritize their social life to respect their schedules for a good nutrition.

    In the other way, they prefer to eat anything without considering the place and what they are eating. For this reason, the ideal thing is that you take your time to eat with calm and always at your hours so that you never affect your body.


    Tips for Eating Well

    Our body is our temple. Therefore, keep in mind that your body is not a machine to just full it when you want and how you want. Therefore, if you want your body works well as your mind to be in full condition, it is important to take your nutrition seriously, as this way you ensure optimal academic performance. Next, we suggest you how to follow a healthy alimentation in your day by day:

    Have breakfast like a king

    You have to know the most important meal for a student is breakfast. That’s why is recommended to start the day with the best balanced and nutrient-rich diet will help you get full energy to face up you day.

    Forget about the fast food

    A healthy diet doesn’t connect with fast food or a sedentary life at the same time. In that sense, a healthy mind in a healthy body is only possible with a nice alimentation rich in fruits and vegetables, in addition to all the nutritional foods such as meats and fish. We know that when you are a student sometimes there is not much time to cook every day at home or at your student’s residence; however, we recommend you always try to eat well and if possible, in places where there is quality and healthy food. Remember fast food will only affect your health and performance.

    How TO learn to cook

    When you are young be creative is almost normal. And that’s why we recommend you also practice it also in the kitchen, as this way you can always eat as you like with own pace and taste. The essential thing is you get to know your body and your needs.

    Cooking for yourself is always a good pleasure and much better if you do it sharing moments with your colleagues at the university or in residence. Therefore, could be nice for you learn some simple and healthy recipes so you can change your daily menu and not always have to eat outside your residence.

    Respect your schedule


    Just as with your academic schedules, you should also organize diary schedule for your meals. Ideally, never skip any meals time because at the end it can affect your academic performance, your concentration and generating more hunger and anxiety than you imagine. Our recommendation is you always prioritize your lunch hours over all things, and then can you have a better quality of your style life.

    With this post today we hope you have learned more about the importance of good nutrition when you are a student. Remind that in our university residence we have an excellent restaurant service and we only offer you healthy and balanced meals to make more comfortable your stay in Barcelona and you only have to worry about studying and enjoying the city.

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  • BBQ Dinner in Xior The Lofttown

    We are in the middle of the academic year and in our residence good food cannot be missed.
    We have students from all over the world, many different countries, with diverse cultures and for this reason each month we have organized themed meals so our Lofttowners can enjoy typical foods from other cultures. 
    Follow us on Instagram @thelofttown_bcn to not miss any news about our gastronomic activities!
    Remember, tonight we are waiting for you at the BBQ Dinner!

    Equipo Xior The LoftTown 


    In The Lofttown you have the possibility to enjoy our ecologic and organic buffet, with fresh meals, made daily: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

    Meat, fish, pasta, typical spanish meals, themed meals from all over the world, bbq’s, brunch and so on.
    Kitchen team from The Lofttown will be here for everything that you need.
    ¡Feel at home!

    You can choose half board, full board or you simply can order and eat!

    You will find a lot of creativity and love  



  • The 10 vegan restaurants Barcelona that you must know

    To all you vegan guys, we tell you that there are vegan restaurants in Barcelona full of deli food that are waiting for you with open arms.


    We present the vegan restaurants Barcelona that your carnivorous friends will want to sink their teeth into ;). It’s always the same, you go out with your friends (the great majority of whom eat meat) and you always have to ask for something “special”; for them to take the chicken off the yakisoba and substitute it for you with onion, you don’t want them to give you barbecue sauce, you want them to take away the egg and give you avocado… And everyone looks at you this way, thinking “this is vegan with its modifications”. It is time for you to stand firm and say no, that you too want to eat calmly without modifications of the menu; so, our object of today is to present a long list of vegan restaurants and vegan hamburgers Barcelona which you won’t have to convince your friends about, as they will want to have seconds without thinking twice. It sounds good, right? Let’s get to it!



    All and each of them promise a faithful relation with healthy food, without animals and a strong commitment for the environment, which makes them some restaurants worthy to admire.


    1. Vegetalia: a mix between the vegetarian and Italian, so the name already gives us some clues. We’re talking about a restaurant of Italian cuisine with vegetarian and vegan cuisine. They love people and for €20 you will be able to taste abundant dishes of authentic healthy food, you will find it in the Gothic quarter. BIENVENUTTI


    1. Sopa Barcelona: another vegan restaurant that is defined by its name, in all and each one of eight set menus there appears a plate of soup cooked over a slow fire and with totally healthy ingredients. Healthy? Wasn’t it vegan? I see that you are attentive my dear Watson, well yes, we’re talking about a “healthy food” restaurant which gets a bit absent-minded; well that’s how they define themselves, healthy food, but all the dishes prepared are so they are totally vegan, an experience facing the sea that you cannot miss. We tell you that your friends are going to lose their keenness to order a plate of calamari or fried baby cuttlefish.


    1. Vegetart: for lovers of the orthodox, there is your fetish place, a place in which yes, the potato tortilla was your favourite dish and you can continue enjoying it, and with chorizo. Maybe this seems a bad joke but it’s nothing of the kind. Made with two types of flour and with a bonus of seitan chorizo, this tortilla won the prize in the best vegan magazine, in the magazine Anima Naturalis, so to lovers of tortillas and orthodox, we say to you that your RESTAURANT, in capital letters, has arrived in the city. And furthermore at midday you will be able to enjoy an excellent set menu to take away, which costs no more than four Euros, seems unreal, right? Well it is as real as us calling ourselves TheLofttown.


    1. Veganoteca: we present to you something a little different, concerning a store of 100% vegan, vegetarian, organic and fair trade products; the store of 1000 wonders, wow! Apart from all this, it is also the perfect shop for all of those who have some type of intolerance, whether to egg, or to lactose, or simply for those people who want to look after themselves with a diet low in fat. It is ideal for you and you know it.




    Now that we have shared with you some of the secrets of the most valued vegan restaurants, we want to remind you that we, as one of the university residences Barcelona most committed to the environment and sustainable, maintain a firm commitment to the organic label, everything which helps our students and furthermore does not harm the environment is welcomed by us and we have to explain a secret to you.

    Since the first pillars were established in TheLofttown we can assure that we build our bases with totally organic elements, respecting the environment, we decorate our student residence so that it is modern but with a touch more, we fill it with green, plants which give life, organic in the dining room, games and study rooms completely climate controlled, we use cleaning products totally respectful of the environment and, you know something else? The curtains that you have in your bedroom renew the air, yes, that’s right, we’re talking about an advanced German technology that is already being used in hospitals around the world; as ever we want to go one step further and offer you only the best, we wanted you to have these curtains so that the air in your bedroom is renewed every day even though the window is closed. It’s something that turns out to be very comfortable during the winter since the window is usually opened less and the need for fresh air is indisputable. Another of our great advantages is the extreme security of the student residence, since only authorised students can enter the bedrooms area using their fingerprint, and this way we assure you of the maximum security in each and every of the bedrooms, it only remains for you to enjoy to the max your stay, which we know for sure you will.

    Another of the great things that we do and makes us feel proud is our organic buffet, we have a wide variety of local produce which day by day offer the most delicious dishes. One of our great attractions, and which our students love, is our thematic dinners and meals and, the thing is, maybe we decide that it is Mexico day and our entire buffet offers Mexican food, or we can do an oriental dinner or a barbecue …. You will be discovering all of this during the length of your stay; we don’t want to reveal any more (neither do we want to tell you that we already have available VR glasses for Play Station).


    What do you think about everything we have told you? We are more than sure that your stay in TheLofttown is going to be one (to not say the best) experience that you are going to live during your university time, as much if you are going to study a degree like a master’s we tell you that your place of residence is to be found in TheLofttown, and we are waiting for you with open arms.

    Come in to be part of the best community! We are waiting for you, thelofttownerJ

  • The best Barcelona beaches you have to visit

    Golden bodies in the sun and the best Barcelona beaches in front of you; there is nothing better than enjoying this August lying in the sun, but wait, do you actually know all the Barcelona beaches where you can go? And you do not know it, but there are hidden corners in Barcelona which are waiting for your visit. You only have to read our blog post to find out what will be your next stop. Let’s get to it!




    • Barceloneta: the best known of all, and the beach of la Barceloneta is an undisputed symbol of Barcelona; on this beach, starting with a refreshing swim, you can use the services it offers, such as: sports areas, rental of beach umbrellas, beach library, bike rental, lockers and showers and public toilets.


    • Mar Bella: one of the most significant bays of Barceloneta, a quiet, family , place, and perfect to have a good time with all the thelofttowners. Now we ask you, please be very careful with the sun, your health is at stake and the sun’s damage is not repairable. What will you find on this beach? Refreshment stands and ice creams on sale, sports areas and lockers.


    • Somorrostro: our last beach in this selection, which has a story to tell, was baptized with this name to pay homage to the shanty neighbourhood of Somorrostro , which after one hundred years of life, was knocked down in 1966 for the visit of Franco to Barcelona. The name of the beach and its history are what make this neighborhood an everlasting memory.




    Which beach would you prefer? Sincerely, as we are in love with Barcelona we love each and every one of its beaches, and above all the beach bars that are close by. Would you like to sign up to eat a paella with us? There is no better way to enjoy the August.


  • The new places to eat in Barcelona are like this


    Gastro sites become fashionable; where to eat in Barcelona:


    Do you really know where to eat in Barcelona? We will tell you something, you can’t say you know Barcelona like the palm of your hand if you haven’t been to eat at one of these places we are going to tell you about next, they are the places where to eat in Barcelona that you should already know. Is that so? We found them

    Barcelona shows its most gastro and healthy side

    Do you think that we had forgotten the healthy part? No guys, your health is paramount to us. On with healthy options!


    • MarketCuina Fresca: as you might expect, we start the selection with a healthy, and at the same time organic, option: fresh-daily market produce to eat in Barcelona, an experience beyond limits. The menu is composed of 80% vegetables and 20% meat, and it goes without saying that the menu products are fresh every day.


    • Idil·lic: it could not be more idyllic, it is a gastro space offering only organic products and most importantly: no sugar. The sugar in our body becomes like a silent health villain: a sweet temptation we must not fall into. If you want to know all about the sweets of idil·lic, you have it easy, go spend the afternoon with friends enjoying the delicious experience of its secret cakes. Say no more!


    • Woki Organic Market: an incredible gastro experience with an unbeatable atmosphere, as if it were a real market. This option located in Barcelona raises the bar of where to eat in Barcelona to another level. We cannot tell you more; you have to try it with your own palate.




    Hasn’t it made it your mouth water? Go and try them, and then tell us 😉

  • The importance of good eating habits for students

    One of our biggest concerns is eating habits for students, we know that at study time the brain and energy have to be 100% so you can perform with all your ability; and eating habits are a fundamental pillar, so our buffet offers everything you need: fruits, cereals, vegetables, everything indispensable so that your diet is balanced and healthy. What should you do as a good thelofttowner? Follow our advice:


    eating habits for students


    • Have breakfast every day: breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that will give you energy to face classes, homework and activities outside the university. During breakfast you break your overnight fast, which is very important to reduce fatigue, stress and feelings of hunger.
    • Add fruits to your diet: in our buffet you can find, at any time of the day, fresh organic locally-produced fruit . The fresh fruit will allow easier digestion.
    • Keep yourself hydrated: preferably with water or juices; cold teas are good choices but they contain too many processed sugars. The best thing to do is to squeeze a few oranges early in the morning to prepare a natural juice full of vitamins, or drink water regularly: eating habits for students in on-mode!
    • Avoid fast food: they are types of food that can save you time and money, but are in no way healthy eating habits for students. In TheLofttown, you can choose the option of full board so that you don’t ever have to worry about meals, we will offer you the best for you, take care of you, like at home. Do you remember?


    eating habits for students


    We are aware of the importance of good eating habits for students, as your parents would be. Trust us and enjoy our buffet and enjoy our Mediterranean cuisine daily

  • If I had to choose to rent a room in Barcelona for students or a residence, I would no doubt choose…

    The residence! It is clear, I have already mentioned all its advantages in previous posts, but we have not given all the emphasis we would like to one of the factors that matter most to us. Although you may not believe it, food is closely related to all aspects of your life. And we are not only talking about your health, but we are also talking about your studies, your physique and your standard of living. When you choose to rent a room in Barcelona for students you yourself regulate your diet, and that is not very good sometimes, since due to tiredness we tend to end up resorting to fast food, cheap restaurants, and packaged foods. In a university residence, on the other hand, we make sure that you have first class food, and at the right time.


    rent a room in barcelona for students


    We constantly hear: “you are what you eat”. Well, stop hating this saying because it is completely true. When we make a bad decision, like deciding to sink our teeth into ‘fast food’ rather than a dish prepared with care from an ecological kitchen, our brain is changed and becomes less able to control its impulsive behaviour. It may seem utopian but regulating your diet during your years of studies can be crucial. In addition, there are foods that help to boost your concentration. We showed them to you in one of our previous posts.

    A good diet lets you handle problems better, find an easier way for everything. A University of Pittsburgh study concludes that obesity affects cognitive function, so that an individual who suffers from it will require a greater effort in terms of complex decision-making. So you know, if you want your studies and your body to be in harmony choose our cuisine in The Lofttown and enjoy an unforgettable experience. Have a good week!