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    The Xior Family has news for you!  

    Xior Student Housing community has recently started a new movement to encourage our residents and their closer people to keep their bodies on moving, to be able to help the children of Little Hearts Cambodia.  

    Join us on Strava and run, swim, walk and bike with us for Little Hearts & help us reach our goal to help orphans in Cambodia get a proper education and housing!📖

    🎖23.898 km = Xior donates €3,000 euros to Little Hearts.

    🥈 If we manage to do it twice, we’ll donate €5,000!

    🥇 1 of our top 20 most active students will also be entered to win a Garmin Forerunner 645 music watch!

    Join our ‘XIORIZE’ group on Strava and donate your kilometres ♥ 


    Xior The Lofttown Team 


    Last October 14, we held the first The Lofttown Ping-Pong tournament of the season. With all the security measures, the residents have had an excellent performance and have been able to enjoy some time of entertainment between each other. 

    Following the tournament rules and protocols, it was an entertaining tournament, and the final was purely Italian and the event has been super cool! 


    Thanks for participating!
    We are already planning more at Xior The Lofttown. 

    #XiorTheLofttown #StudentHousingBarcelona #XiorFamily

  • Restaurants for students in Barcelona

    An important part of how much it costs to live in Barcelona is, without a doubt, gastronomy. Even more so in a city like Barcelona: the offer of bars and restaurants abounds in the city.

    Students living in Barcelona are aware not only of this, but also of the cost involved. As students, staying within your budget is important when choosing where to go for lunch or dinner.

    At TheLofttown we listen to the questions of the residents and that’s why we thought about listing the best restaurants for students in Barcelona. Let’s see, we’ll also look at taking care of your economy. That is to say: good, nice and cheap.


    Let’s start by mentioning the food that never fails and we like so much: the Kebab. If you like this type of food, music and street life you have to go to Bismillah Kebab, in the Raval neighborhood.

    A walk from MACBA is a kebab paradise. You’ll see it: the colour of the meat and pita bread kneaded at the moment and the continuous movement of customers will captivate you.

    You can choose not only an unrivalled kebab (we recommend chicken), but also exquisite and abundant Indian food. Google it and look at the scores.

    We warn you not to expect a great deal of attention: the highlight is the food. You can order it to take away, grab a beer at the market and enjoy a meal with friends in the MACBA courtyard, surrounded by urban culture of radio, street music; and you can’t miss the skaters.

    Average spend per person: €4

    Bar Jai-Ca

    If you like tapas and want to eat deliciously, Bar Jai-Ca is the answer. In the heart of Barcelona, you can enjoy a typical Catalan restaurant.

    Here we are going a bit higher from the budget we manage in Bismillah, but it’s worth it. You can choose between Octopus, baby squid, croquettes, razor clams… everything!

    A hard-hitting menu will allow you to explore the flavours of all Spain. A recommendation: book before you go. Jai-Ca is quite popular and if you go without a reservation you will have to wait a while or eat at the bar.

    The average cost per person is €15 or €20, and asking for a couple of tapas you will be already satisfied.


    Can Ganassa

    Paella. Paella and Paella. In Can Ganassa you will enjoy an abundant and delicious paella for an incredible price in Barcelona.

    We’re talking about luxury at a good price. Also located in Barceloneta – a neighbourhood with great gastronomy- in Can Ganassa you can ask for paella for at least 2 people. From here, we recommend the black rice.

    For €17 you can have dinner without our problem. If you’re going to eat, the menu costs between €12 and €15. Before you go don’t forget to ask for a herbal or cream orujo… It’s on the house!


    We’re going to Galicia. O’Retorno is a Galician restaurant specializing in Octopus with cachelos (Galician-style boiled potatoes). They have portions and half portions and believe us: they are huge.

    This renowned restaurant is located in the heart of the Eixample and is always full of customers. That is to say: book your table!

    All the food is homemade – try the ham croquettes – and plentiful. As you know, octopus is not cheap, but here you will pay and it will be worth it. We told you before: good, nice and cheap. But… there are meals that are worth more. The important thing is the price-quality ratio.

    The price per person is, depending on what you order, €25.

    La Malandrina

    We won’t forget the meat. La Malandrina is a restaurant in Barcelona that will surprise you. Small and cosy, it specializes in grilled meats.

    At an incredible price, you can enjoy a platter accompanied by potatoes (fried or creamed) or salad.La Malandrina is located in Barceloneta and, because of its value for money, there are always people there. Once again we recommend making a reservation.

    The average price of a dish and a drink is €15.

    We have now told you the best restaurants for students in Barcelona. In addition, from TheLofttown we have told you the best places to eat by specialty: from a kebab to Argentinean meat.

    Enjoy your meal!


  • The best markets in Barcelona

    In Barcelona we can find markets of all kinds. The city offers variants for all tastes: from buying fresh food to looking for items you won’t find in any store.

    Both tourists and those who live in Barcelona go out on weekends for a walk and enjoy a taste in these markets. We know that lofttowners are part of the active and daily life of the Catalan capital.

    That’s why we want to tell you what the best markets in Barcelona are. Grab paper and pen (or mobile, as we are in 2020) and write down those that attract you the most and get ready to experience a different weekend: strolling around Barcelona and immersing yourself in the best markets in Barcelona.

    Let’s get to it!

    La Boqueria

    The market of the Boqueria is one of the best known in Barcelona. Not only is fresh produce sold and you have the possibility to enjoy meals, but it is also an important tourist attraction.

    The Boqueria market is located in the heart of Barcelona: on La Rambla.

    The Boqueria market has an area of 2500 square meters. Inside you can find more than 300 stalls that offer a wide variety of products. These range from fresh raw materials such as fruits, vegetables, fish or seafood to sweets and chocolates. The products offered in this Barcelona market are local.

    La Boqueria is the largest market in Catalonia… what about that? But …do you know it’s not called that?

    A little history isn’t bad. The name La Boqueria is popular. The real name is Mercat de Sant Josep. It was opened in 1840 and was originally an open-air market.

    Make an agenda and spend a day walking through this emblematic market of Barcelona. We do not forget the schedules: it is open from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

    Els Encants Vells Market

    Now we move from gastronomy to old objects. Encantes de Barcelona (or Feria Bellcaire) is a street market with more than 7 centuries of tradition.

    What can we compare this market in Barcelona with? Well, if you’ve seen the film Notting Hill you’ll know that in London, the capital of England, the famous Portobello market is located.

    Well, Els Encants Vells Market resembles the famous English market in north-west London.

    In the Barcelona market you can find items and objects of all kinds and with a lot of history. If you like to collect old objects to decorate or just take a look at very peculiar items… then come to the market.

    Currently you can find the fair at Avenida Meridiana, 69  (Glories Station of L1 Metro). It opens on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9 a.m.

    Dare to explore this exotic flea market in Barcelona and, if you find something you like, get ready to haggle over the price… will you get it?


    Mercado de la Concepción

    Located in the heart of Eixample is the Market of the Concepción. Opened in 1888 this market in Barcelona has an area of 4 thousand square meters and is known for being… the flower market!

    That’s right… you’ll see flowers everywhere. A must for any day of the week to surround yourself with nature and colours… that is, of joy.

    The market was designed by Antoni Rovira i Trias, the same person who designed and built the Sant Antoni market.

    It is in Carrer de Aragó, 313-317; you can visit the market from Tuesday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. On Mondays and Saturdays it opens from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

    Get ready to find some flowers you may have never seen and enjoy a day in pure colour.

    Sant Antoni Market

    After 8 years in renovation, the Sant Antoni market has reopened its doors to the public. It is one of the largest markets in all of Barcelona and within it you can find three markets in one: food, clothing and books.

    It is located in Eixample, where previously the Baluard de Sant Antoni stood, one of the most important entrances of the old walled city.

    In 2007 the City Council began the process of remodelling. The reopening was finally held in 2018. The reason for the delay of the works is that during these, archaeological remains of Roman times were found. Currently they have incorporated these remains into the building, so you will not only find three markets, but also a bit of history.

    Built in 1882, the total area is… 12,100 square metres. We recommend that you visit this beautiful market in Barcelona and take advantage of each of its corners.

    It is open from Monday to Saturday from 8 8 p.m., and is located in the Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 1.

    As we mentioned earlier, tourists choose to visit La Boqueria. So if you want to know a more local market, with fewer tourists and with friendly and helpful stalls… visit Sant Antoni!


    Finally we will talk about another very used and popular market in Barcelona. Every second Sunday of the month, behind the Maritime Museum, the Fleamarket takes place.

    This second-hand market is perfect if you want to find fashion accessories, clothes, records, books and much more.

    In Plaza Blanquerna , in the  Raval, the stalls are installed ready to receive visitors in a friendly and close way. From May to October it is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. For its part from November to April, you can find it from 10 a.m. to 7p.m.

    We have explored all kinds of markets: itinerant, fixed, and open-air; and with different products. It’s up to you to choose which one to visit on your next day off.

    If you want to know a list with all the best markets in Barcelona you can enter here.

    Do you already know which one you’re going to?


  • Finding a job after Uni

    Finding a job after Uni sounds far away. Many of The Lofttown residents come to Barcelona just to study. What happens to them next is that the city and social activity invite them to stay. And believe us: it happens.

    Once your studies are finished you will have your group of friends, your trips on top, and you will ask yourself a question: what if I stay to live in Barcelona? This is where you’ll start thinking about looking for a job after university.

    So we thought, what if we give you a hand? Here we will tell you, thanks to the experiences that the lofttowners tell us in the student residence in Barcelona, how and where to look for work. Whether part or full time.

    Let’s get to it!

    Prepare your C.V.

    You will have to invest a lot of time in this task, but in the end it will be worth it. When it comes to finding work after Uni the C.V. will be your cover letter.

    Take time to polish it. Make it minimalist, short and concise; so that it doesn’t last more than one page. A Word sheet is no longer usually presented: companies are already looking for creativity from the C.V. To do this, give it a creative touch, with colours and highlighting your knowledge and qualities. Do you know what you can use? Canva, a super easy and intuitive design tool where you can find countless C.V. templates that you will love, and many of them are free.

    Think that they’ll know you through a piece of paper. So sell yourself. Make a brief introduction describing your personality, values and goals. Remember to add a cover letter to let companies know more about you.

    Here are some templates for you to have ideas when creating your C.V.

    Part Time Work

    After Uni finding a job will be, in itself, a job. There are many who decide to work part time as waiters or in kitchens of bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs.

    But this isn’t all: you can also look for work from what you’ve studied. At first you will be able to find many internships. Most will not be paid and others will.

    Here it will be important how you want to allocate your personal time. That is: working part time you will have every morning or afternoon free (depending on where you apply). This will allow you, for example, to start your own projects while gaining experience in a company.

    But don’t worry: you have paid part-time jobs. Depending on which degree you’ve studied there will be more or less offers. Seek and you will find, believe us.


    Full Time Work

    If you already set out to find work after Uni with the aim of having a career and gaining experience, then you will be looking for a Full Time job.

    In this case, focus on sending your C.V. to offers that interest you. That is, do not do bulk mailings. Think what you want to work doing, in your day-to-day life, what you like. It’s not a matter that you want to come to later. Don’t focus only on the economic side. We all want to be rich, but we’ll need to gather experience and grow and train in the workplace.

    However, these offers are usually accompanied by an acceptable salary.

    Platforms to find work

    Depending on the sector you are in, there are platforms that will have more offers. However, here we leave you the list of the most used in Barcelona:





    Jobs Today



    Now, it’s your turn. Remember: prepare a good C.V. and cover letter to find work after Uni. Set goals and decide what to do with your time. Then choose what kind of work you want. The final step: start submitting C.V.s and wait for the answers.

    Good luck and go for everything!

  • Erasmus in Barcelona: what you should have in your suitcase

    The time has come for Erasmus in Barcelona. We leave our city to travel to a new place, live experiences, meet people, have fun, “study”… anyway: everything that comes with going on Erasmus.

    The student residences in Barcelona offer many services, but in TheLofttown we go further. We leave the formalities out and are aware of our students’ lives in Barcelona. Let’s see… don’t forget to study.

    After seeing all the residents who have passed through TheLofttown in Barcelona we have noticed that many have problems when it comes to packing. We have taken note of this and that is why we will tell you some secrets that you must take into account when packing to come on Erasmus to Barcelona.

    Before flying

    Please note that if you come on Erasmus to Barcelona (or any city) you will need to bring not only your carry-on baggage, but you will also need to pack your bags.

    To do this, remember that the maximum weight of the suitcase to be sent is usually 23 kilos. For its part, the carry-on bag must weigh no more than 11 kilos. Anyway, remember to check the airline. Each has different conditions when referring to luggage.


    Well, well… we always have problems here, right? First let’s think about which season of the year we’re going to arrive. Remember that you have a weight limit on your suitcase and you can’t keep your whole wardrobe there.

    We recommend you take the essentials for the season in which you arrive in Barcelona. For example: if you come in summer, bring loose clothing. But don’t forget a jacket or a thin sweatshirt. Remember that this way you will spend autumn and spring better and avoid winter expenses. Coats are expensive.

    In case of winter it is easier: bring everything warm and then, when you arrive in Barcelona, take advantage of the sales to buy yourself lighter clothes. This way you will optimize the space and with a couple of Euros you can buy clothes suitable for hotter times.

    Remember that in Barcelona you have very good quality second-hand shops, such as Humana. In addition, you can shop at low cost chains like Primark. If you add the sales to this… it will make everything easier and cheaper.

    What you should never forget: a swimsuit.



    If there’s one thing that takes up space and weighs, it’s footwear. We already know that you are fond of many even if you do not wear them, but focus on bringing only what you will use in your Erasmus stay in Barcelona.

    After the experiences we saw in the residence, we recommend you bring: a pair of sports shoes, a pair of shoes to party (this will be multitasking: outings, uni and work) and then more comfortable footwear such as flip flops or espardeñas.

    With this combination you can combine, be comfortable and perform all the activities you want.

    Personal cleanliness

    Don’t bring any of that. It doesn’t mean that you are not clean, but that you will take up a lot of room for items that you can get for your day-to-day. At most, if you wish, choose a perfume; the one you like so much.

    On the other hand, and without wanting to look like your mothers, don’t forget your toothbrush. For women, yes: bring makeup, blusher, lipstick and a long etcetera. They are expensive products and you may not get them.


    If packing to come on Erasmus to Barcelona were VERY minimalist and there was space left over, take advantage of it! Bring decorative or souvenir items to have your city and your friends and family close to you: photos, posters, etc.

    Also remember the technology: laptop, mobile phone and their respective chargers. In addition to accessories, such as earrings. These things are always better to put in your carry-on bag.

    What do you think? The day of the trip is coming and your suitcase won’t be a problem. Remember to put it together in time and separate your travel clothes.

    We hope that the information has been useful and that you can pack your suitcase in the best possible way. In Barcelona and TheLofttown we are waiting for you.

  • Tricks to study

    Studying has its tricks. December arrives and as we well know it is a time full of exams and external responsibilities: family, travel, Christmas and New Year.

    You already know that as a student residence in Barcelona we care about your study and your social life.

    Between us: in this context we know that study moves to a second place in our lives. It’s a responsibility we want to get rid of instead of dealing with.

    To do this, we have thought of tricks to study. The goal is to give it the right and necessary time to optimize your study and, at the same time, enjoy your social life. Come on… which is what you like most.


    It’s clear you don’t want to spend too much time on it, but you’ll have to. Studying for a long time running is no longer usual. Instead, focus on studying by setting a time limit.

    Control the times you dedicate to study and do not exceed 30 or 40 minutes. That said, during that time you have to do it 100×100. This way you’ll see that you’ll keep your mind focused and you’ll be able to assimilate the information much faster.

    It’s better for you to study in small bursts of time than all at once. Needless to say, sleep is very important. That is to say, rest well.

    It’s better do it in the morning, which is when you’re most active. Then, when you’re done, you’ll have all day for yourself.


    Get a routine. This trick to study will be very useful so that you can adjust your schedule and activities outside of study.

    Set a schedule to study. For example: between 10 am and 1 pm from Monday to Friday. Set up a calendar with the most complicated topics for the beginning of the week and leave the lightest for the end.

    In this way, over time, you will face the end of the week with less pressure and more relaxed. Plus, you’ll feel better about yourself as you’ll see results and the progress you’re making in your study.

    Don’t leave everything for tomorrow. Can you imagine getting to Friday with the hardest and most tedious topics to do? Do it on Monday and you’ll enjoy the weekend.


    This trick to study will be easy for you. In TheLofttown, the student residence in Barcelona, you will find many spaces designed exclusively for study.

    In these shared spaces, order, neatness and tranquillity prevail. These same features should be transferred to your room or personal place of study.

    Believe us: order makes study easier. At a certain point having everything in place and structured will make you feel more comfortable and willing to grab your books.

    Also, if you are able to, you can rotate and change your study places. Take advantage of open places.



    Avoid distractions. We don’t know why we are speaking in the plural, as we are referring to the mobile phone.

    Put it silent or face down. If you can, keep it away. Think that this distraction will consume your structured time and, in the long run, affect your weekly routine.

    That WhatsApp message and the last post on Instagram can wait 30 minutes. Once you’re done studying, relax, go for a walk and have a drink and eat something.

    Like at school: take a little 10-minute break and get back to the hassle.

    It’s not much to ask: stay away from the technology and stimuli that may affect you for only half an hour.


    Adjust study goals by month, weeks and days. This way you can measure your achievements and feel you’re moving forward. This trick to study is key. Especially for your self-esteem.

    Try to set out complete study units according to your needs. You’ll see how good a feeling it is to finish what you’ve set out to do.

    You can also create a mind map of the topics and this will help you better remember the topics you are studying.

    You now know the tricks we recommend to study. If you carry them out you will see the results and, most importantly, you can enjoy your free time without guilt!

  • 6 places to go out to party in Barcelona

    Go out to party in Barcelona, or the best discotheques that you have to visit

    We know it, the moment has come. Returning to the routine to see your friends, thelofttowners who spent their holidays away, to smell your room; and… What is most commented by Whatsapp? “We have to go out to party”. You know it, we know it, your friends know it and even the streetlamp in front of our student residence knows it. You’re going to go out to party when you meet up again and you’re going to be into it. Watch out for the excesses that you already know are the worst of the worst (we are sorry but our maternal vein comes out at seeing you go out to party, and we don’t want anything to happen to you).

    It’s for this reason that before you get dressed to go to commemorate the return to routine, we want to share with you the best places to go out to party in Barcelona and many other things that we think are going to interest you very much. But as we don’t want to give anything away, we will leave you now with all the hype so that you keep reading and make a list of the Barcelona pubs where you’ll be able to have some party. Shall we get on with it?

    1. Apolo

    Sala Apolo, one of the most mythical discotheques to go out to party Gothic neighbourhood Barcelona and one that personally brings back many memories. We won’t find the old folks, right? In no way; in fact it’s one of the favourite discotheques to go out to party during the week for young people, since every day there is a different theme: we go from the dj’s to the all-time hits, to reggae nights and the memorable nasty Mondays (what memories). Well then, if what you want is to have a good time with friends, in a mythical environment in Barcelona with a wide offer of bars to have a drink before going in, or for dinner, you cannot discount this option from your list. We’ve already said ours, now it’s your turn to say, but to make it even a bit more difficult, we’ll say that we have even more options to choose from and here comes one of our top ones.

    2. Sala Razzmataz

    Amen brother, we don’t have any better way to introduce this spectacular polyvalent nightclub, since we can not only find a discotheque, but also a stage for the best music groups of the moment; it would be a bit like you went to Palau Sant Jordi but on a smaller scale. If what you want is to go out in Barcelona free, don’t put this discotheque on your list, you can’t even consider this option; but they do offer discount flyers until a certain time of night, so if you want the ticket to work out more economical try to buy it in advance (if you’re already clear that you’re going to go there) or get a discount flyer by Internet; it couldn’t be more crystal clear.

    If you intention is to go out to party Barcelona 2019 and be into it, without doubt you have to visit this discotheque, it’s one of the biggest in Barcelona to say nothing else. With a total capacity of 3,300 people, it has five internal rooms with different types of music in each of them, a very big exterior area on three levels, various bar counters distributed in the entire discotheque so you always have something to drink, and big and separate bathroom areas.

    We’ll talk about the surroundings, in the same area, without going very far, we’ll find many bar options (airbar) where you can quietly have a drink before going into the disco, some of those bars are: D9 or L’Ovella Negra.

    Without room for any doubt, Marina is one of the best neighbourhoods to go out to party in Barcelona. We’re talking about a quiet area of homes and hotels, in the heart of the most technological Barcelona since you find yourself in the district 22@, for which reason we shouldn’t be surprised by the incredible glass buildings around Razzmatazz, for which reason we are talking about a safe area.

    3. BlingBling

    It is described as the club which has changed the night in Barcelona, and we’re talking about a club a bit different, since the rooms are not characterised by the dj’s but rather for having sofas and places where you can enjoy a delicious cocktail drink and really enjoy listening to music.

    Inside BlingBling, we find three differentiated rooms: Main Room, which would be the party room, VIP Room, a private space within the Main Room, and the private area, a place equipped with comfortable sofas and centre tables where you can enjoy a more relaxed leisure while you listen to music with pleasure.

    From this discotheque we highlight the exclusivity, the design and the decoration. It’s one of the best places to go out to party in Catalonia, no longer only in Barcelona as it would be defined as one of the most exclusive clubs in Barcelona with party rooms. Do you want to spend a different night?

    4. Sutton

    We move to another club to go out to party in Barcelona, although we are also talking about a club like BlingBling; we are talking about a discotheque in the high status area of Barcelona, defined as the fashionable disco of the city. An infinity of known artists and DJs have been within its walls and they have carried out some of the best parties in Barcelona.

    If what you fancy is to be in a more relaxed environment, without crowds, being able to enjoy the music and your friends, we 100% recommend this disco as it’s made for you. However, bear in mind the type of party that they are doing, since there are some which allow 40-year-old people in, and you might find yourself a little bit out of place. Look on their webpage for the next events and choose well.


    5. Moog

    This disco to go out to party Barcelona we define in four words: an electronic music room. As easy and quick as that; if nothing that we have shared until now is good for you, if you like electronic music much more, and you want to enjoy a night where they only play this music, then this is your place. In the heart of the Raval (one of the most mythical neighbourhoods in Barcelona) you can find this little temple to electronic music, and we don’t want to say much more. We want you to find it out for yourself and give words to the experience. We only want to ask you that when you go, tell us in this blog how it was for you, and yes, you have been too! This way you will help other Thelofttowners to take a decision.

    All the options to get around Barcelona Get around Barcelona as you want. Here we tell you all the options to get around Barcelona.

    5. La Fira

    From the exclusive parties in Barcelona we move on to popular parties and in this case we’re talking about La Fira, one of the most popular discos among students; there is a list on Thursdays and, as you well know, Thursdays are university nights. What are we going to find in La Fira Group? Fashionable music, reggaeton, Latin and hits. So that you can spend the best night of your life if this is the style that you most go for. As you can check, all and each of the discos that we have shared have different styles of music, so you’ll have to do come to an agreement with your group so that you can enjoy the Barcelona nightlife leisure together.

    6. Bar Mariatchi

    I’m sorry, but I want something quieter, to go out with friends without so much partying. This is what Bar Mariatchi is like; it is a bar within Barcelona with a touch more, the something in the atmosphere which makes it special in the eyes of the entire world and makes it into the meeting place for friends’ gatherings, dates… A place to have a good time, open during the night; and it closes at 2.30 in the morning except on Fridays, which are extended until 3:00.

    Have you got it all? Don’t worry if you can’t be bothered to explain everything that we have said to your friends, you can do a screenshot of each one of the places so that you all come together on the plan, got it? Well it only remains for us to say that we are very lucky to be in a student residence in the centre of Barcelona, and are able to offer a multitude of places to go out to party in Barcelona that we know. There are more exclusive ones as well, for example the disco of the Hotel W, but to go out with friends after having not seen each other during all of the summer, we believe that the options we have put forward are going to suit you better. Right?

    Know the best beaches in Barcelona.

  • The parties of neighborhood Barcelona 2019 where you’ve always wanted to go

    It is a known fact that the parties of neighborhood Barcelona 2019 are something that is in the diary of everyone from Barcelona (and the ones who aren’t as well), and it really is one of the things that is most looked forward to in the year. To our first timers we say: is it your first time in Barcelona? Then you have to pay attention to this blog because we are going to open the doors for you to the most party, musical and fun Barcelona you have ever seen, and once you have attended the parties of neighborhood Barcelona 2019 you are never going to want to step again into Opium, Shoko and Pachá; we are risking ourselves with this but we know that you’re going to be delighted, we know it because we have been young too (although it doesn’t seem so now) and the moment also arrived for us to know the youngest spirit of Barcelona. We are not going to lead you on! Discover for yourself all the events that are waiting for you this summer.


    La Mercè: but wasn’t the blog about the parties of neighborhood Barcelona 2019? Oui mon amie, but we couldn’t begin this blog without mentioning the party of parties the Tomorrowland of Barcelona; and with that, we refer to THE FESTIVAL OF LA MERCÈ and we tell you in capital letters because we don’t know any other way except for shouting. Yes dear friends, La Mercè is one of the events of the summer, specifically September, most looked forward to by everyone, and rightly so.

    Apart from being the patron saint of Barcelona, the festival of La Mercè has an important reception as much for its popular and cultural atmosphere since during the day different activities take place all over Barcelona suitable for all ages, while at night the Forum, the Avenue Maria Cristina and the Bogatell Beach are filled with concerts of all types of music. Are you really going to miss it? We can only tell you musical references from last year, because this year we still don’t know who will perform, but we tell you everything if we mention Green Valley, Love of Lesbians, Dr. Calipso and la Iaia (artists from last year). This year promise yourself: pay attention to your calendar!

    Fiestas of Poblenou: hold on, there are curves coming. After Llum Barcelona, Poblenou brings all the neighbours together again to celebrate its Fiesta Mayor and we believe there is no need to tell you, that you have to attend, no matter what, because it is a tradition; you will never have lived a fiesta mayor like it, and it is when neighborhood traditions come together with the best music and cultural activities that jewels like this arise.

    Fiestas de Gràcia: another of the important dates that you have this summer. We are not going to detain you a lot on this topic because we told you in a previous post about plans in Barcelona and we want you to go there and note down all the plans you don’t want to miss. So everyone to that blog.

    Neighborhood parties: we wanted to highlight the best known, but in general in Barcelona all the neighborhoods or districts have their annual festival, for which reason fun is assured in all its senses. It is for this reason that we don’t want to recommend only some of them; we wanted it to be you yourself who discovers all of them according to the events that are held, as you may be interested in some more than others.




    Ready? We believe that you already are, and for our veterans, if you have already spent a summer with us you already know what we are talking about, so we ask you to go with the more recent members of our big family so that they too know what it is to enjoy the parties of neighborhood Barcelona 2019.


    Now we have to adopt a little bit the role of parents; yes we’re sorry, but as we have already told you we look after you as if we were your parents so you’re going to hear the speech twice. Be careful, please, it’s possible to go out to party and enjoy to the maximum the events in Barcelona this summer responsibly. By this we mean to say: be careful with drink, don’t lose sight of your group of friends; although you know Barcelona, there are a lot of people about during these festivals so it’s not difficult to get lost and sometimes the mobile phone coverage doesn’t work well. For this reason we recommend previously arranging a meeting point with your group of friends in a way that if someone gets lost they can go there to meet up again with all the group (the idea is that you go there too); look after your belongings and don’t carry anything of value on you as the pickpockets are expert thieves. Better to leave them in the residence where we will look after them very well. Understood?


    This said, we give you free rein to enjoy to the maximum these parties, all the events and we hope you squeeze the maximum out of your stay with us in our university residence in Barcelona.

  • The secret Barcelona terraces that you need to know

    Where to eat and be happy makes sense, and we don’t only have delightful rooftop terraces in Barcelona to go out and have a drink; and we’re going to show you.


    Terraces Barcelona, two words which cover so very much: on the one hand the unique lifestyle, and on the other the opportunity to get to know gastronomic Barcelona within an almost impossible atmosphere.


    With the arrival of the good weather you feel like eating out, it’s like that, but literally out, in the street. And as your wish is our command, this is exactly what we are going to do, but guys, you already know us. We are not going to present to you whatever Barcelona terrace, no, we’re going to present the best restaurants with terrace in Barcelona from within.

    Let’s start from the secret, and what we are suggesting are those interior Barcelona terraces, those which escape from the city noise and promise (and fulfil) unique experiences. As of now we’ll tell you that we are going to present for all tastes, from more exclusive terraces to others ideal to have a good time with friends, enjoying a delicious economical set menu. Is your mouth watering? Ours is, we are not going to delay any more in presenting the best Barcelona terraces. We’ll tell you something before we present the best Barcelona terraces. Remember that we love you very much, because you are not going to forgive us for not having told you before (sorry).

    The secret Barcelona terraces that you need to know



    First stop, Brummel Kitchen: where are the hipsters of our student residence? Let them show themselves. In the heart of Poble Sec is hidden your interior Barcelona terrace that you dreamed about. And it is the obligatory stop because of its obvious reasons: simple, minimalist, photogenic (amen to our posing); you don’t feel like anything is out of place. Certainly it will end up becoming one of your favourite places for the moment, and it won’t only be because they serve one of the most exquisite brunches in the area, no. And the neighbours? My beloved friends, this jewel of a place has a truce with the neighbours of Palo Cortao, it is a good sign. We’ll tell you something else: we know that you love our buffet at midday, that the food is the best in the whole wide world, and nothing could be better, we know, but for one day (not more as we miss you) we’ll let you go to enjoy its midday set menu for €12.50. We approve, we have to confess. This precious Barcelona terrace is to be found at Nou de la Rambla 174.


    Second stop, Casa Bonay: pay attention as this Barcelona terrace comes with a surprise. You know it, or at least it rings a bell that you’ve heard it spoken about. Well yes, it’s a hotel, but like all good hotels, it has a terrace to be reconciled with the peace of urban life, which also exists, you only have to look up and go up a few floors (minimum 9). We’ll tell you that this is one of the best Barcelona terraces where you can enjoy a private space, where the food is heavenly. But… we’ve already told you that it comes with a surprise, if the Barcelona street is not your thing, let us tell you that we’ll move this atmosphere to the beach. It’s a joke, we would do it for you but in this case we have already been overtaken.

    This marine experience is called Casa Bonay Goes to Sea (original? Not a lot) we simply move the idea of private space and the exclusivity of the food to the sea but we add an extra touch. The menu is prepared by Estanislao Carenzo himself of the Elephant Crocodile and Monkey, ta-da!

    To enjoy this so extremely incredible experience we tell you to hurry up since Casa Bonay only organises outings in May, July and September on board the Narinan, Kenneth Perdigon’s sailboat (yes, baby), for a maximum of six people. The price? € 145 per person but for once in a lifetime it’s really worth it.


    Third stop, Marea Baja: aha, no we’re not going to the beach, we are sorry if we are really making you want to go to the beach to eat. Guilty! We’ll tell you that Marea Baja has nothing to envy of its big brother, Marea Alta. We find ourselves on the lower floor where it gives competition. It offers a menu of Finger food (with oysters included) where you can enjoy a wide menu of cocktails, sangrias, and you can even appreciate the presence of binoculars. Are you up for it? We are 😉


    Fourth stop, the terrace of the Cercle: we are leaving the beach to present another of our selection of restaurants with terrace in Barcelona, and in this case we are going to none other than the Cercle Artístic de Barcelona, which has become a Barcelona basic that you must visit no matter what. We’ll tell you that for many years there have been a lot of questions about how to get into such an appealing terrace that opens onto Portal del Àngel. In its interior we will be able to enjoy a delicious set menu of Mediterranean food (two courses and desert) full of love, but we will also have the option to taste dishes of Japanese cuisine, ask for a cocktail, some tapas and, above all, enjoy the character of being in a five-century-old building. Touché.


    We’ll put a full stop to our selection of Barcelona terraces. Why? Because we are going to be sharing them with you little by little. For the moment enjoy these, there are many more to come. We love you!

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