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  • Where to have the best summer picnic in Barcelona

    All the tips you should know to make the best summer picnic in Barcelona in the most beautiful areas of the whole city

    In the middle of July, what we look the most is to make plans on the free air, in order to enjoy the long sunny days but also with a touch of freshness. So why not have a picnic with friends? If you really want to live an unforgettable experience in Barcelona, ​​today The Lofttown brings you an interesting post where we tell you which ones are the perfect areas for a picnic in the Catalan capital. In the mood for a picnic? Take note of our tips because they will do a lot!


    The Carmel Bunkers

    First of all, we have to talk about where are located the best views of the whole city. And is that if what you are looking for is to celebrate a picnic with a cinematic atmosphere, then the Carmel bunkers are the ideal place to do it.

    Located at the top of Turó de la Peira, in the heart of the neighborhood of El Carmel, we mean an area used in the past for military, especially being an antiaircraft base during the Spanish Civil War, an environment that without a doubt gives a special touch to your visit.

    For all this, the bunkers have become one of the viewpoints more impressive with some movie sunsets of all Catalunya and are very popular internationally.


    The Ciutadella park

    Located in the center of the city, it is an icon of Barcelona. And is that we mean the most popular park in the city and a natural meeting point for local people as well as for the foreign.

    This Park adjoins the Arc de Triomf, the Barcelona Zoo and the Catalan parliament, details that make it even more interesting beyond its beauty and natural atmosphere. Also, in this park you can find many cultural and sports activities that give life to the place. And of course, the Parc de la Ciutadella is one of the People’s favorite places to have a picnic.


    Picnic with sea flavor

    There is no better decision than to spend your time near the sea during the summer in Barcelona. So, if you live in the Catalan capital you can’t miss the opportunity to have a picnic by the Mediterranean Sea, enjoying a sunny day with friends and with all essential services you need.

    Therefore, for tastes and colors, the beaches of Barcelona offer you many options. From the central and picturesque beach of the Barceloneta to the tranquility of Forum beach, in Barcelona you can find the beach that best suits your needs for make your dream picnic in front of the sea.


    The Montjuïc forest

    A synonym for picnic is nature. For that reason, one of the best places to have a picnic in Barcelona is the splendid Montjuïc forest. A place surrounded by all the nature that you can imagine and that also has a lot of history behind it. Since the 1992 Olympics, Montjuic Castle, Poble Espanyol, the Botanical Garden and Plaza España, this forest offers you everything you need to make your picnic a dream, especially during the summer days that is when we need a good shade the most and fresh air.


    The gardens of Poble Sec

    Around the mythical Teatre del Grec located in the heart of the neighborhood Poble Sec, there are the Grec gardens. An area that counts with one of the most beautiful, sophisticated and well-cared parks in the entire city ​​that serves as a prelude to the Teatre Grec, where world-class cultural events and concerts are celebrated.

    So, if what you are looking for is peace and a true disconnection, the Grec gardens are your best option.


    Joan Miró Park

    This Park is one of the most beautiful and one of the best places to have a picnic in the Catalan capital. Located next to Plaza España, it is characterized by being very large and because it offers you magnificent shaded areas ideal for having a picnic with your friends far away from the bustle of the city.

    Are you ready for your next picnic? We are sure that after having read this post you will already know where to celebrate the best picnics in Barcelona during the summer. 

    And also remember that at The Lofttown we are waiting for you in our university residence for you to live a unique and unforgettable experience while you study in Barcelona so that you become one of our #TheLoftowners.

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    Have a wonderful picni!

  • The advantages of healthy eating for young students

    Everything you need to know about the great importance of having a healthy diet while you are a student

    In recent years, research in the food sciences has shown that young students can learn much more and better when they maintain good nutrition during their university studies.

    Therefore, the mere fact of eating healthy foods is directly linked to a much higher academic performance, also improving memory, alertness and favoring faster information processing compared to students who do not eat well.

    Although it is not an automatic rule, since health is independent in each person, it is clear that people who maintain a healthy diet will always have better performance both physically and mentally, which is reflected in their day to day.

    For that reason, today at TheLofttown we tell you much more about why it is important that you eat correctly so that you perform at your best during your academic stay in Barcelona. Ready to find out more? Welcome back to an exclusive post for university residents in Barcelona!

    Importance of eating well

    As we said, food is basic for a student’s performance to be adequate. One reason for this is because foods rich in fiber, protein, and healthy fats, such as eggs, yogurt, apples, or oatmeal keep the body full for much longer, thus providing the energy needed to focus and stay alert. for the whole day.

    Time to cook

    And the big question that all students have is: As a student … when do you have time to prepare healthy and delicious meals that do not require hours to prepare? A great enigma for many young people who, faced with this reality, choose to eat poorly in fast food establishments or simply skip meals.

    Therefore, a simple way to ensure good performance is to obtain a good balance of nutritional foods like the ones we present below, through a list of foods that we have baptized as the rainbow table.

    Discover the rainbow diet

    It’s a phrase many modern nutritionists use to remind young people to get more fruits and vegetables into their daily diet. Therefore, foods that are naturally colorful, such as blueberries and red peppers, contain antioxidants, vitamins, fiber and many other nutrients that support healthy growth and also help prevent problems such as tooth decay, obesity, deficiency iron and osteoporosis.

    Likewise, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables are characterized by being abundant in vitamins C and A, and because they prevent cell damage, contributing to healthy joints, eyesight and significantly reduce cholesterol.

    Consequently, green fruits and vegetables, such as spinach, asparagus, and avocado, are high in vitamins K, B, and E, which greatly improve digestion and support optimal bone health.

    On the other hand, purple foods are high in vitamins C and K, which help to obtain a good memory and contribute to a healthy heart.

    Young students tend to be in good health precisely because of their youth. However, it is always necessary to strengthen health by prioritizing the nutritional value they need. Next, we provide you with a list of the 5 food colors of the rainbow so that you can put them into practice in your daily diet.

    1. Red foods

    Sliced strawberries, cherries, apple slices with natural peanut butter or almond butter, raspberries, watermelon slices, cinnamon-cooked sweet potato slices, cranberry juice, tomato slices with salt and pepper, pepper slices.


    1. Yellow and orange foods

    Pineapple slices, melon balls, baby carrots with ranch sauce, peaches, dried mango slices, oranges, yellow bell peppers, lightly salted pumpkin seeds, roasted pumpkin, fresh papaya.


    1. Green foods

    Sweet peas, kiwi, peanut butter celery sticks, molasses slices, salted avocado slices, green grapes, cucumber salad with tomato and Italian dressing, green peas, zucchini slices, broccoli, kale or spinach salad, sauteed cabbage.


    1. Purple and blue foods

    Blueberries, blackberries with skimmed yogurt, dried plums, grapes, aubergine parmesan, raisins, pomegranate juice, toasted beats.


    1. White foods

    Peanut Butter Banana Slices, Roasted Cauliflower, Pear Slices, White Peaches, Hummus Dip, Sautéed Mushrooms, White Bean Dip with Wheat Crackers, Hard-boiled Egg, Kohlrabi Coleslaw.

    We hope that with this post you have learned much more about how to eat correctly through the healthy rainbow diet so that you have the best performance in your academic experience in Barcelona.

    And remember that at The Lofttown we want your experience in Barcelona to be unforgettable and with all the comforts and, for that reason, we want to become for you the best university residence in Barcelona.

    We are looking forward to you to become a new #TheLoftowner!

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    Have a wonderful day!



  • Discover the magic of Barcelona with the best walking routes in summer

    We present the best routes for you to explore Barcelona in summer on foot and discover completely the magic of the city

    Barcelona is a splendid city that attracts many foreigners every year. And it is that its cultural and leisure offer is so great with many attractive places to visit at any time of the year, but especially when the good weather arrives.

    In the Catalan capital you will be able to find all kinds of attractions and activities that will allow you to enter the city and know its essence from its roots, especially when you walk through it, which will give you a perspective of Barcelona as if you were a lifelong Barcelonian.

    For that reason, today at The Lofttown we share with you the best walking routes so that you can explore at your own pace and that will teach you the magic of Barcelona in all its splendor.

    Are you ready to get to know Barcelona from the inside? Welcome to our blog with the best tips for university students in Barcelona! Here we go…


    The beach route

    If what you are looking for is a comforting walk by the sea in the middle of summer, then starting your walk in the La Barceloneta neighborhood is your best choice. And it is that not only is it one of the most popular neighborhoods in all of Barcelona, ​​but it also has a wide range of restaurants, bars and many leisure attractions that will make you experience the most of the marine atmosphere that is breathed in this colorful and authentic neighborhood.

    We recommend that you start the beach route from the Hotel W and continue along the impressive promenade of the neighborhood, which is characterized by being full of life, among athletes and many young people, forming a lively atmosphere throughout the year. Here you will find people from all over the world, which gives a special and cosmopolitan touch to your beach route.

    On the other hand, you can also walk through its small streets that will allow you to learn a little more about the culture of this neighborhood, but always respecting the tranquility of the neighbors. Subsequently, we encourage you to continue walking along the seafront along the promenade to Platja de la Mar Bella, or if you like to walk a lot, then do not stop until the Forum beach. Do not forget that the further you get from Barceloneta, the more tranquility you will find on your walk.


    A trip to the historic center of Barcelona

    We are sure that the best way to get to know Barcelona is undoubtedly on foot. And it is that the Catalan capital has so many beautiful streets that you will want to visit all those magical corners that you can only find walking in the heart of Barcelona.

    So our recommendation is that you start your walking tour through one of the oldest and most emblematic neighborhoods of Barcelona, ​​we mean the Gothic, a neighborhood full of charm and that has a lot of history behind it. We assure you that when you start walking through its small streets and discovering its traditional shops, you will enjoy all the medieval and modernist atmosphere of the city with some of its most emblematic churches and famous squares in all of Spain.

    Then continue through the Raval which is a colorful and lively neighborhood that has a lot of personality that you will be able to recognize in all its corners. Here you will find a great movement of commercial activities that is characterized by multiculturalism that makes it a unique neighborhood in Barcelona. As you walk through here you will see many emblematic places that have even appeared in movies and, above all, how many cultures merge in total harmony together with local people and tourists.

    Por último, te animamos a culminar tu paseo en el mítico barrio del Born, que mezcla historia, modernidad y un ambiente fantástico que lo convierte en uno de los barrios que siempre está de moda en Barcelona. Aquí podrás vivir ese espíritu bohemio en su máximo esplendor, con bares conceptuales y restaurantes de autor, todo junto a una gran mezcla de culturas que tanto caracteriza a la ciudad.


    The modernist essence of the Eixample

    Without a doubt, the Eixample is the most cosmopolitan district in all of Barcelona. Created more than 100 years ago in an unprecedented architectural and urban challenge, it is characterized by its unique modernist style in the city, which stands out with its modernist buildings, wide streets and a very particular squared architectural style where the legacy is lived. of the great Gaudí.


    Although it is mainly a residential neighborhood, here you can also find a lot of history in its streets, with emblematic shops that marked the lifestyle of the city in the past and that continue to this day. And if you prefer to know more about its history, you also have the option of taking a free tour of modernist Barcelona where you will learn a lot about the essence of this famous neighborhood.


    The life of the industrial neighborhood of Poble Nou

    If you think about the artistic spirit of Barcelona then you have to visit the Poble Nou neighborhood. There is no doubt that this sensational neighborhood is the best option for people looking for cultural events or connecting with the avant-garde life of the city.


    A fantastic option at first sight, since it has an industrial, working-class and revolutionary past that is now mixed with entrepreneurial, creative circles full of companies and centers dedicated to art and communication sciences.


    The magic of the Gràcia neighbourhood

    If there is a unique neighborhood in Barcelona, ​​that is the Gracia neighborhood. And it seems like a small town anchored within Barcelona, ​​where local people and their authentic customs predominate. As a historical fact, we tell you that before it was a town that over the years was annexed to Barcelona back in the 19th century. This neighborhood is characterized by being bohemian and multicultural, with hundreds of very narrow streets and colorful local shops that serve as a great aperitif to a mandatory visit to Parc Guell.


    Disconnection in the nature of Montjuic

    If what you are looking for is a complete disconnection, Montjuic is the paradise that you have to visit, yes or yes. Here you can take a few long walks, starting from Plaza España, going up through the National Museum of Catalonia, Poble Espanyol, and especially calmly throughout the Olympic area, crossing the botanical garden to the Montjuic Castle. We assure you that you will greatly enjoy the impressive views in a perfect combination of nature that your body will appreciate.

    Did you like our tips? With today’s post, we hope you can explore all of Barcelona on foot at your own pace and discover all the magic of this fantastic city. And remember that if you are thinking of moving to Barcelona, ​​we encourage you to discover who we are so that you can live in the best residence for university students in the city.

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    Have a wonderful day!

  • Discover the most important museums in Barcelona

    All the secrets you need to know to live an authentic cultural life in Barcelona visiting the best museums in the city

    Barcelona is a city with synonymous  with art and culture. Therefore, if you are living an academic season in the Catalan capital you have to know that Barcelona has many museums, for all tastes and budgets, that will help your stay with a good cultural dose that will surprise you.

    That’s why today at The Lofttown we bring you an interesting guide with the most important museums in Barcelona that you cannot miss while you live here.
    Want to know more? Follow us in our post today where we inform you what are those emblematic museums of the city that you cannot miss.



    When you think of Barcelona you automatically think of Modernista art, which is certainly an important feature of the city throughout its history. For this reason, the Catalan capital becomes the most important city  of this artistic current and that’s why it has an impressive museum also dedicated to Modernism.

    A privilege space dedicated for this fantastic artistic movement that was very much welcomed in Catalan territory, especially during the 19th and 20th centuries when it had its greatest boom in Europe. Therefore, if you like art and have a great connection with the city, we recommend that you visit this museum so that you enter completely into this essence of Barcelona.


    Barcelona and the sea have maintained a historical connection since the time of the Roman Empire. The maritime museum of Barcelona is the ideal place for you to learn about the development of Barcelona’s history with the sea over the centuries. Therefore, this museum located in the center of the city, has a lot of maritime documentation and historical boats that marked history. Here you will learn how Barcelona opened its way to trade across the Mediterranean and, also, the big conflicts that happened during ancient and modern history


    When we hear about the magnificent artist Picasso many of his most famous paintings come to mind. But did you know that him has his own museum in Barcelona? Then you have to visit its museum located in the heart of the city, where is exhibited the most complete collection of his stage of formation and youth of the famous artist when he lived in Catalan region.

    Here you can find one of the most emblematic paintings of the artist, such as the series “Las Meninas”, within the blue period that brought him to be famous. Without a doubt, this splendid museum of this universal painter will surprise you. In addition, it is located in a medieval palace that is an architectural jewel that is located very close to the church Santa María del Mar, which makes it a tourist destination.



    If there is a place that brings together much of the art that exists in Barcelona, it is the National Museum of Art of Catalonia. In this museum, which is also one of the most important in both Romanesque and Gothic art in Europe, you can also find magnificent painting from the Renaissance and the Baroque, along with other more contemporary artistic expressions of the 20th century.

    And best of all, all this stunning art is housed in the imposing Palau Nacional de Montjuïc, located very close to Plaza España and the Olympic space, a huge venue dedicated for art and universal culture that you have to know while living in Barcelona.


    El Raval is a picturesque neighbourhood, full of colour and where many cultures from all over the world come together. And best of all, this centric area of Barcelona also has a museum according to its colorful personality. We are talking about MACBA, a museum that brings together a large collection of contemporary art from around the world and has become a reference in Europe.

    Here you can find art works on contemporary artistic experimentation, as well as temporary exhibitions of the best modern European artists. Therefore, the MACBA is a fantastic place situated in the heart of the city that perfectly combines both the modernity of the building with the old architecture of the neighborhood.


    Joan Miró is one of Barcelona’s artistic standards. In this sense, this museum dedicated exclusively to the artist, located around the beautiful nature of Montjuïc, becomes the epicenter of modern art with great works that are already part of the history of Catalonia.

    The museum was opened in 1975 and has since become the place of the largest public collection of works by Joan Miró, with its paintings, sculptures, prints, textiles and thousands of drawings that will not leave you indifferent.



    Located in a modern and impressive building in the heart of the Raval, the CCCB is the epicenter of exhibitions and conferences that give artistic life to the city. Before this area was only a church and  later converted into a convent. Later, it became the CCCB that we know today, a unique space in Barcelona that promotes art with hundreds of projects and thematic exhibitions annually, whether in both face-to-face and digital format.

    We hope that with this post you already know which are the most important museums in all of Barcelona that you should know during your academic stay here. And remember that at The Lofttown we want your experience in Barcelona during for all your life and that’s why we want to make you the best student accommodation in Barcelona.

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  • The best beaches in Barcelona

    Everything you need to know enjoy your holidays on the best beaches in Barcelona

    After a long academic year and quite atypical due to the pandemic, who is that person does not want to disconnect from all responsibilities and duties? We do and what better way to disconnect completely on the magnificent beaches of the Catalan coast and listen waves of the wonderful Mediterranean Sea.

    Do you like the idea? Today at The Lofttown we bring you a complete guide with the best beaches in and around Barcelona, where you can enjoy your spring and summer holidays, which will make your experience in the Catalan capital unforgettable. Want to know more? Read on!

    A part to all fantastic tourist attractions, we know Barcelona is one of the cities with the best coves and urban beaches in all of Europe. And for that reason, during every summer season the entire Barcelona coast is filled with tourists from all over the world. All this thanks to beautiful beaches of Barcelona, them are very well connected and, in addition, they are equipped with all the essential services that will make your beach stay the best.

    Also, you don’t have to go far from Barcelona to admire the beauty of all the beaches of the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada. Are you ready for the best beach season of your life? Below, we recommend which are the most important ones you should visit and how to get there.

    Beach of Castelldefels

    This beach is one of the most popular for its good quality and its proximity to Barcelona. It is located just 20 minutes by train from Sants Central Station. In addition, it is a beautiful beach that has a large sand surface, so it is never difficult to find a place available for you to put the umbrella and your towel. Castelldefels is a perfect area because it does not have much depth and is ideal for windsurfers because there is the strong wind here.

    Beaches of Sitges

    Sitges is a mandatory destination if you live in Barcelona. A town located south of Barcelona on the coast of Garraf, 35 minutes from Barcelona by train or car. This city is fantastic and very famous for its carnivals and for its international film festival. And the best of all it also has more than fifteen beaches to choose from the busiest located on the promenade to other more hidden and natural where you will have to walk to find them. If you want a bit of culture and a fantastic beach atmosphere, Sitges is your perfect destination.

    Cala Fonda, Tarragona, Spain

    Cala Fonda is also called Waikiki and is a natural beach located within the Costa Dorada. A nudist cove located an hour and a half from Barcelona, very close to the city of Tarragona. This beach is perfect thanks to its great beauty for being a corner of totally golden sand, where there are no services or restaurants, and you will stay in the middle of nature’s peace.

    It is hidden behind a cliff and surrounded by vegetation, which makes it a perfect place for the practice of nudism. Our recommendation is that you arrive by car, and then you will have to walk about 15 minutes on foot to reach it.

    Aiguablava, Costa Brava

    Aiguablava beach is one of the most beautiful and visited on the Costa Brava. Located in Begur, this small beach has fine sand and its waters are completely crystal clear. Its location is amazing, as it is situated in a beautiful bay surrounded by a lot of vegetation and rocky outcrops. It also has lifeguard service, big parking and all essential services for you to enjoy the experience.

    Cala S’Alguer, Palamós

    If you are looking for a quiet place S’Alguer is the perfect cove for you because it is not a busy beach, even in summer. Here seems time to have stopped, since you will find beautiful houses of old fishermen and picturesque boats like a very traditional touch. We recommend you to come to this beautiful corner of the Costa Brava where you will find the tranquility you need outside Barcelona.

    Cala Montjoi, Roses

    Cala Montjoi is located in a natural area of great importance in Catalonia. We refer to the Cap de Creus National Park. This cove is one of the most visited beaches of this park because it’s very near to the tourist center. However, it is usually a quiet beach where you can find peace and nature. Very curious, close to here was the famous restaurant El Bulli, by the world-renowned chef Ferrán Adrià.

    Lloret de Mar, Girona

    If you are looking for a party atmosphere and full of young people from all over the world, this town in the province of Girona is perfect for you. The beach of Lloret de Mar is a kilometer and a half long and has all the necessary services, including bars, pubs and nightclubs. In addition, there is  an extensive parking at the beach for your comfort. It is also characterized because here you can do activities in the sea such as kayaking, windsurfing or jet skis.

    With this post today we hope you have learned much more about the most important beaches in Barcelona and surroundings so you can enjoy your summer holidays in the best way. And remember that if you deciding to move to the Catalan capital, you can always count on our university residence to enjoy your stay in Barcelona and becomes a splendid experience that you will never forget in life.

    We hope to see you soon in Barcelona and become a new #TheLoftowner!

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    Have a great day!



  • The best free plans for students in Barcelona

    Everything you need to know to enjoy the most interesting free plans for students in Barcelona

    Barcelona is a fantastic city to enjoy at any time of the year. And, above all, the feeling of living here becomes a completely fascinating experience when you are a student and have all the availability and energy to make Barcelona a splendid place for your enjoyment.

    To do this, in the Catalan capital there are many plans, of all kinds and for all tastes, that will make you enjoy Barcelona as you would never have imagined before. And, also, imagine if everything we tell you below is free. Sounds good right? Take note of our advice and we assure you that you will not regret it. With the onset of spring, the climate in Barcelona changes and you can see the joy and colors in the streets. For that reason, after a long academic year that will soon end, what you deserve the most is to have a good time and what better idea if you do it for free. Today at The Lofttown we will show you that you don’t need to have a special budget to have the most fun during your last weeks in Barcelona. Can you come with us?

    Get to know the Sagrada Familia

    We know that museums in Barcelona cost a lot in some cases when you are a student. However, there is the possibility of visiting them completely free and perhaps you did not know it. This is the case of the Sagrada Familia, an emblem of the city and of European architecture, since every Sunday of the year it is open to the public, completely free, during the celebration of the good morning masses. Of course, you will have to get up early to be able to arrive on time and take a square in the basilica, since there are many people who like you will have the same idea. Also keep in mind that the capacity is limited and that many faithful people, especially older adults, always come to Sunday mass as tradition dictates and it will not cost them anything to get up early before you.

    Discover the Picasso Museum

    One of those places that you have to visit during your stay in Barcelona, ​​yes or yes, is without a doubt the splendid Picasso Museum. Hence, it is one of the most important and most visited museums in all of Catalonia. For this reason, remember that if you go on Thursday afternoons from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., you will be able to access totally free and take a good bath of art with all the magnificent works that the great artist Pablo Picasso left as an inheritance to the city ​​during the time he lived in the Catalan capital.

    Enjoy the free concerts

    Although it is true that we still live within strong restrictions by the authorities due to Covid-19, Barcelona still has an interesting musical proposal for all tastes and, best of all, totally free. To do this, we recommend that you discover the cultural plans of the different neighborhoods of Barcelona, ​​because they always organize some kind of musical show in the open air and with the respective security measures.

    Take advantage of the neighborhood parties

    Barcelona’s neighborhoods are the spirit of the city. And for this, popular festivals are the best way to fully integrate into Barcelona life as if you were part of its history. Our recommendation is that when summer arrives, be alert to all the cultural and leisure events organized by the most important neighborhoods such as Gracia, Santa, Poblenou, Barceloneta or Raval. We assure you that you will have complete fun and experience firsthand the most authentic traditions of the city.

    Walk the beaches

    There is no more fun and economical plan than going to the beaches of Barcelona. Here you can enjoy splendid experiences with friends, either sunbathing, doing sports and bathing along the Mediterranean Sea. And it is that in any of the beaches of Barcelona you will find all the atmosphere you need and with everything you need, between bars and restaurants, so that your spring and summer days are the best.

    Excursions to the forest

    If you are more about parks and forests, you have to know that Barcelona has several interesting options that will make you fully connect with nature. For example, just a few minutes from the city you have all the vegetation that Montjuic offers you, an ideal space to do sports outdoors or celebrate picnics with friends. On the other hand, if you like long walks more without many people around, about 20 minutes from the city by car or train, you can find the Collserola natural park, a fantastic option for nature lovers and where you can do long walks, yoga and meditation sessions, mountain biking or even barbecues with friends.

    Outdoor cinema

    Watching a movie has never been as safe and fun as the open-air cinema. In Barcelona you have the opportunity to enjoy good independent films of all time, either on Barceloneta beach or at Montjuic Castle. Both options are great if you are a lover of the seventh art. And best of all, completely free. You will only have to take care of the pica pica and the drinks. With this post today we hope you have learned much more about how to enjoy Barcelona for free. And remember that if you are determined to move to the Catalan capital, you can always count on our university residence so that your stay in Barcelona becomes a splendid experience that you will never forget in life.

    We hope to see you in Barcelona soon and that you become a new #TheLoftowner!

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    Have a great day!

  • How enjoy Barcelona during spring time

    All secrets you need to know as a student to enjoy Barcelona in the best way in spring

     Barcelona is a fantastic city at any time of the year and we are very sure about that.  However, one of the most magical seasons and with many plans to do here is, definitely with the arrival of the spring in Barcelona and all involve for residents and tourists.

    And it is that this period feels very well the Catalan capital in all aspects, filling gardens and parks with color, bringing happiness to its inhabitants and, especially, offering a wide rage of cultural and entertainment proposals to enjoy the best and true charm of Barcelona.

    For this reason, today at TheLofttown we share with you an interesting post where we explain how enjoy Barcelona in spring with all interesting plans that you can choose, as in the city as around with the arrival of this magical station. Do you want know more? Welcome to our blog #TheLofttowner!


    A different year

    Although we live in an atypical time due to Covid-19 and the restrictions of the authorities that greatly limit the actions and events in the city, if you are a student and you are already settled in Barcelona you can always find fantastic ideas on how to enjoy the most of the city, especially with the arrival of spring.

    From religious events, such as events for Holy Week, concerts with limited capacity, the wide beaches facing the Mediterranean, passing through the Sant Jordi Day among other artistic and cultural attractions, Barcelona always offers you a splendid way to get out of it. the most out of your academic stay.

    Therefore, here are some examples of what you can do during your stay as a student in Barcelona now that this wonderful season is about to begin. Take note!

    Easter in Barcelona

    Regardless of your personal religious beliefs, it is honestly worth experiencing Holy Week in Barcelona. And it is that the religious traditions in the Catalan capital are full of several surprises that will not leave you indifferent, such as the ancestral celebration of Palm Sunday and the holidays that offer several options that you should write down in your agenda.

    In the same way, in Barcelona the traditional Burreta is celebrated, which is an authentic procession of the city that runs through all the streets of the center. In turn, there are also other processions that you should also know, especially when it is Good Friday, which take place in the main neighborhoods of the city center, such as Born, Gótic and Barceloneta.

    In Barcelona, ​​both Good Friday and Resurrection Monday are festive, also known as Easter Monday, which is celebrated with a classic Catalan and Mediterranean pastry dessert such as Easter mona and you should enjoy it because it is delicious.

    International Comic Fair

    April is a month when the weather is already very welcome in Barcelona. Meanwhile, the city is filled with various types of international events, that although the pandemic has changed the way they are held, the essence of these events still persists.

    One of those emblematic events is the International Comic Fair that has been held since 1981 in the city during the second weekend of April at the Fira de Montjuic, where the most important exponents of the world of comic gather together with many fans of the comic. If you want to go back to your childhood and fill your spring with color and adventures, this event is your best choice

    Sant Jordi, the festival of the rose and the book

    Barcelona has an authentic celebration recognized worldwide, we are referring to Sant Jordi, patron saint of Catalunya and which also coincides with International Book Day. This day is perhaps one of the most magical in the city because two great reasons come together for people to fill the streets of Barcelona with books and roses, thus highlighting the spirit of the city everywhere.

    However, in a normal year all the streets of the center of Barcelona are paralyzed with this special celebration in each of its corners. However, being still in the pandemic and with the congregations of people restricted as a precaution, the city always proposes a different way of experiencing Sant Jordi that we are sure you will also be able to enjoy.

    The Monastery of Montserrat

    And when Sant Jordi ends, it is the turn to celebrate the day of the Virgin of Montserrat, also known as the Moreneta, patron saint of Catalunya. If you have a free day, we recommend visiting the Montserrat monastery located one hour from the city, where you will live a wonderful getaway to a beautiful monastery installed in the middle of the mountain, where nature with its splendid geological formations and the magic of the architecture of This enclave will make you enjoy a formidable experience during your stay in Barcelona.


    Girona, time of flowers

    In Barcelona you can find practically everything you need to enjoy spring. However, if you want to expand your cultural plans, you can travel outside the Catalan capital to learn more about Catalan culture in all its splendor.

    One of those destinations that never go unnoticed is the city of Girona. Located about 100 kilometers north of Barcelona, ​​it is characterized by the fact that in spring its old town is covered by endless floral compositions during the month of May that adorn the buildings in a fantastic way. A mix of colors, aromas and a good atmosphere that will make you enjoy this beautiful city to the fullest and disconnect a bit from the hectic pace of Barcelona.

    The museum night

    Barcelona has a wide variety of museums throughout the city, making it one of the cities with the most cultural life in Europe. If you are a lover of art and history, you should know that every year on the second Saturday of May you can access all the museums totally free of charge and at night from 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

    This event brings together many people each year who seek a different and, above all, free alternative to enjoy the artistic and historical wonders of the city.

    Bikini season on the beach

    In Barcelona you can enjoy a good climate throughout the year. But if there is a time when the beaches begin to fill with bathers, outdoor sports and people having picnics with friends, this is undoubtedly spring.

    Therefore, we recommend that you take a walk through all the beaches that the city offers, as well as those that are outside it. Remember that just 30 minutes away, either north or south of Catalunya, you can find fantastic beaches to go on excursions and enjoy with family or friends.

    Music festivals

    Although this year we still continue with restrictions that affect major musical events, Barcelona still has a wide range of concerts with limited capacity throughout the city.

    You will find these festivals for all tastes and audiences almost daily. Before the pandemic, Primavera Sound as well as Sónar were internationally renowned international festivals that were associated with Barcelona and with the arrival of spring, macro events that marked a before and after in the year.

    Therefore, until this normality returns to our lives, we recommend that you continue enjoying everything the city has to offer through these small musical events.

    Sant Joan, the shortest night of the year

    Everything comes to an end and so does spring. And what better way to close it with a flourish than with the magical night of Sant Joan, also known as the shortest night of the year and which becomes the official start of summer, a season that we will talk about later in another. post giving you many tips so you can fully enjoy it.

    During the night of Sant Joan, which is celebrated on June 23, the city is filled with pyrotechnic fires that fill the Barcelona sky with color and with joy to the city and its inhabitants.

    With this post today we hope you have learned much more about how to enjoy Barcelona in spring. And remember that if you are determined to move to the Catalan capital, you can always count on our university residence so that your stay in Barcelona becomes a splendid experience that you will never forget in life.

    We hope to see you in Barcelona soon and that you become a new #TheLoftowner!

    We also invite you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram so that you are always up to date with the latest promotions and news in our university residence.

    Have an excellent day!



    The Xior Family has news for you!  

    Xior Student Housing community has recently started a new movement to encourage our residents and their closer people to keep their bodies on moving, to be able to help the children of Little Hearts Cambodia.  

    Join us on Strava and run, swim, walk and bike with us for Little Hearts & help us reach our goal to help orphans in Cambodia get a proper education and housing!📖

    🎖23.898 km = Xior donates €3,000 euros to Little Hearts.

    🥈 If we manage to do it twice, we’ll donate €5,000!

    🥇 1 of our top 20 most active students will also be entered to win a Garmin Forerunner 645 music watch!

    Join our ‘XIORIZE’ group on Strava and donate your kilometres ♥ 


    Xior The Lofttown Team 


    Last October 14, we held the first The Lofttown Ping-Pong tournament of the season. With all the security measures, the residents have had an excellent performance and have been able to enjoy some time of entertainment between each other. 

    Following the tournament rules and protocols, it was an entertaining tournament, and the final was purely Italian and the event has been super cool! 


    Thanks for participating!
    We are already planning more at Xior The Lofttown. 

    #XiorTheLofttown #StudentHousingBarcelona #XiorFamily

  • Restaurants for students in Barcelona

    An important part of how much it costs to live in Barcelona is, without a doubt, gastronomy. Even more so in a city like Barcelona: the offer of bars and restaurants abounds in the city.

    Students living in Barcelona are aware not only of this, but also of the cost involved. As students, staying within your budget is important when choosing where to go for lunch or dinner.

    At TheLofttown we listen to the questions of the residents and that’s why we thought about listing the best restaurants for students in Barcelona. Let’s see, we’ll also look at taking care of your economy. That is to say: good, nice and cheap.


    Let’s start by mentioning the food that never fails and we like so much: the Kebab. If you like this type of food, music and street life you have to go to Bismillah Kebab, in the Raval neighborhood.

    A walk from MACBA is a kebab paradise. You’ll see it: the colour of the meat and pita bread kneaded at the moment and the continuous movement of customers will captivate you.

    You can choose not only an unrivalled kebab (we recommend chicken), but also exquisite and abundant Indian food. Google it and look at the scores.

    We warn you not to expect a great deal of attention: the highlight is the food. You can order it to take away, grab a beer at the market and enjoy a meal with friends in the MACBA courtyard, surrounded by urban culture of radio, street music; and you can’t miss the skaters.

    Average spend per person: €4

    Bar Jai-Ca

    If you like tapas and want to eat deliciously, Bar Jai-Ca is the answer. In the heart of Barcelona, you can enjoy a typical Catalan restaurant.

    Here we are going a bit higher from the budget we manage in Bismillah, but it’s worth it. You can choose between Octopus, baby squid, croquettes, razor clams… everything!

    A hard-hitting menu will allow you to explore the flavours of all Spain. A recommendation: book before you go. Jai-Ca is quite popular and if you go without a reservation you will have to wait a while or eat at the bar.

    The average cost per person is €15 or €20, and asking for a couple of tapas you will be already satisfied.


    Can Ganassa

    Paella. Paella and Paella. In Can Ganassa you will enjoy an abundant and delicious paella for an incredible price in Barcelona.

    We’re talking about luxury at a good price. Also located in Barceloneta – a neighbourhood with great gastronomy- in Can Ganassa you can ask for paella for at least 2 people. From here, we recommend the black rice.

    For €17 you can have dinner without our problem. If you’re going to eat, the menu costs between €12 and €15. Before you go don’t forget to ask for a herbal or cream orujo… It’s on the house!


    We’re going to Galicia. O’Retorno is a Galician restaurant specializing in Octopus with cachelos (Galician-style boiled potatoes). They have portions and half portions and believe us: they are huge.

    This renowned restaurant is located in the heart of the Eixample and is always full of customers. That is to say: book your table!

    All the food is homemade – try the ham croquettes – and plentiful. As you know, octopus is not cheap, but here you will pay and it will be worth it. We told you before: good, nice and cheap. But… there are meals that are worth more. The important thing is the price-quality ratio.

    The price per person is, depending on what you order, €25.

    La Malandrina

    We won’t forget the meat. La Malandrina is a restaurant in Barcelona that will surprise you. Small and cosy, it specializes in grilled meats.

    At an incredible price, you can enjoy a platter accompanied by potatoes (fried or creamed) or salad.La Malandrina is located in Barceloneta and, because of its value for money, there are always people there. Once again we recommend making a reservation.

    The average price of a dish and a drink is €15.

    We have now told you the best restaurants for students in Barcelona. In addition, from TheLofttown we have told you the best places to eat by specialty: from a kebab to Argentinean meat.

    Enjoy your meal!


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