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  • Discover the best music bars in Barcelona

    Live music is synonymous with Barcelona and today we are going to tell you about those musical corners that you cannot miss

    Are you music lovers and want to enjoy it to the fullest in Barcelona? Then you are in the right city, since when we talk about the “center of Barcelona” we also refer to a great variety of music bars located in the Raval, Gothic, Borne or lower Eixample neighborhoods, with a wide range musical that will surprise you.

    Without a doubt, this is the nerve center of the Catalan capital where musical offers abound until late at night. For that reason, today at The Lofttown, your university residence in Barcelona, ​​we share a post with the most emblematic music bars in the center of Barcelona where you can enjoy a drink and, of course, listen to good music. Take note of our advice!


    The Shamrock in the Eixample

    A mythical Irish pub in the center of Barcelona. We refer to The Shamrock, a unique and ideal space to enjoy a great selection of craft beers in a very relaxed, artistic, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

    Here you can taste Irish beers but also listen to the best live music from the 70s and 80s when night falls from the hand of local and foreign artists. A fascinating experience that you must live if you like Irish pubs and live music.

    Big Bang Bar in the Raval

    Big Bang Bar is a Barcelona classic. We refer to a musical tavern that has been open for more than 100 years and that currently continues with its assorted musical programming. Here you will be able to find new emerging artists who are looking for a different space for artistic dissemination and exchange, for that reason, numerous concerts and especially jam sessions are programmed here weekly in which talented local and foreign musicians always participate.

    We remind you that the Big Bang Bar is open all week and also to any type of cultural manifestation, be it theater, dance, exhibitions, movie shows, poetry readings, etc … For all this, it is one of the most popular bars. cultural that exist in the Raval and in which you will enjoy the most authentic and alternative Barcelona.

    Míramelindo in El Born

    El Born is synonymous with art. And here is located another of the most outstanding music bars in the neighborhood, we refer to Míramelindo, located in the heart of Passeig del Born and which has an assorted cocktail menu with the best local social and artistic atmosphere.

    In addition to enjoying these tasty cocktails, you can also enjoy pleasant live background music, based mainly on classic and modern jazz, which will undoubtedly transport you to a very cozy atmosphere as if you were in Paris or New York, ideal for relax and chat with the best company. We recommend you to walk through the Born because it is one of the most charming and culturally active neighborhoods in Barcelona.

    La Alcoba Azul in the Gotic

    Located in the very narrow Sant Domènec de Call street, in the Gothic quarter, you will find La Alcoba Azul, a charming place that is also in constant evolution, where you will teleport to the past thanks to its decoration with antiquarian objects, centuries-old candles and dim lights , books, paintings, furniture … all in a unique vintage style.

    Here you can enjoy a great selection of drinks and cocktails but above all the good atmosphere that is experienced while listening to artists play live jazz, blues, swing, flamenco, bougainvillea or soul among many other musical styles.


    The Black Horse in El Born

    Located in the heart of the old town in the Born district, you will find The Black Horse, an authentic space whose interior is decorated in a special way with stone walls and ceilings with high vaults that give it a unique and historical atmosphere.

    Here you can enjoy live music that are perfect to liven up your nights in Barcelona with a great variety of artists of all genres you can imagine.

    Marula Café in the Gotic

    You will always find the party and the best live music at the Marula Café Barcelona. Considered one of the most important and long-lived music bars in the center of Barcelona for more than 30 years, it is a unique venue in the city where live concerts and also jam sessions with funk and soul music are organized. , disco, swing, jazz, etc. Here you can experience a unique atmosphere with the public and artists from all over the world that you cannot miss.

    Cassette Bar in the Raval

    One of the most original and popular bars in Barcelona is the Cassette Bar. Located in the Raval neighborhood, in Ciutat Vella, this establishment works both as a bar to nibble on some tapas and as a music pub where you can listen to the best electronic music of the moment. , as well as the hits of the nineties or the indie music that is triumphing in Barcelona.

    At night, the bar is transformed into a modern pub that welcomes a 30-year-old atmosphere to those who like current music and a pleasant place to spend a relaxed evening. The gin and tonics are also one of the most sought after on your menu, for a reason!


    El Cangrejo in the Raval

    It is a cocktail bar and nightclub located in the Raval where you can enjoy hilarious drag shows in a tolerant, diverse and liberal environment. It is a small venue that is filled to the brim and where weekend nights begin with a rogue and mischievous show performed by one of the dragons of the moment.

    After the show, El Cangrejo becomes a fun party room where you can dance to the best hits of the moment and classics of a lifetime that will make you spend a hilarious night with friends.

    Jazz Sí Club in Sant Antoni

    A synonym for live music is undoubtedly the Jazz Sí Club located in the heart of Barcelona between the Raval and Sant Antoni neighborhoods. A small corner of Barcelona full of authenticity and the best musical talent that you can find in the city on any day of the week. The styles are for all tastes, including Jazz Mondays, Rockandroll and Jam Sessions Tuesdays, Flamenco Wednesdays, Latin Thursdays and the weekends of varied and exclusive concerts. So, if you want to live a unique musical experience with authentic musicians from Barcelona and visitors from all over the world, then the Jazz Sí Club is your ideal destination.

    Now that you know which are the best music bars in all of Barcelona, ​​we remind you that at The Lofttown, your university residence in Barcelona, ​​we want to count on you to live a unique and unforgettable experience, while you study in Barcelona so that you become one of our #TheLoftowners.

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    Enjoy music in Barcelona!

  • The best music festivals of the summer in Barcelona

    Everything you need to know about the best summer music festivals in Barcelona that you can’t miss

    After a long academic year, what we most want is to go on vacation. However, if you don’t want to leave Barcelona and prefer to extend your stay as a resident to enjoy a unique summer in one of the best cities in the world, then the post that we bring you today is going to interest you a lot.

    And the thing is that today we tell you all about the best music festivals in Barcelona that take place during the summer. An assorted selection where you can find all musical styles ranging from pop, rock, jazz, electronic, classical and contemporary music that will surprise you. Do you want to know more? Keep reading because below we leave you a complete list with the best selection of music festivals!


    Cruïlla 2021

    One of the most emblematic festivals of the city that has an appointment at the Parc del Fòrum, Sant Martí until July 10, 2021 This year as the motto of the new edition of the festival mandates, “the same old Cruïlla returns” and also with the possibility to dance and sing without safety distances but with masks, thanks to the antigen tests that will be carried out on all attendees. Among the headliners, international bands such as: Kase.O Jazz Magnetism and Natos y Waor, Two Door Cinema Club, Amaral, Zoo and 2manydjs Set and Izal, Leiva and Morcheeba stand out.


    19 Festival de Blues de Barcelona

    Fortunately, the pandemic has not been able to with the legendary Barcelona Blues Festival, which has remained faithful and strong to its appointment for 19 consecutive editions. For that reason, all lovers of good blues, this year have an important date with such famous names of the genre as Koko-Jean & the Tonics, Dani Nel lo with ‘Los saxophonistas wild 2’, A Contra Blues and the Barcelona Big Blues Band conducted by Ivan Kovacevic, with Canadian saxophonist and singer Spencer Evoy. A whole musical delicatessen that you cannot miss.


    Grec 2021

    Top-notch international stars always stand out in the musical section of the exclusive Grec program. In this edition, he could not stop being the exception and presents us with an artist of the stature of Fatoumata Diawara and the Cuban diva Omara Portuondo. This year the prestigious festival also invites artists who had never performed in it to the Teatre Grec, such as Sopa de Cabra and Love of Lesbian along with other great names such as Trio Da Kali, Cimafunk, Concha Buika and Rodrigo Cuevas. Without a doubt, the Teatre Grec is a must-see destination for true music lovers.


    Festival Jardins Pedralbes

    If there is a unique festival in Barcelona, this is Pedralbes, which also celebrates its ninth edition, now a classic in the city, and its summer nights in the open air. In this edition, it will be inaugurated by Sara Baras where around thirty artists will parade, among which artists such as Love of Lesbian, Loquillo, Rosario, Manel, Raphael, Woodkid, Miguel Poveda, Aitana, Amaia and Nathy Peluso stand out. As is tradition during each edition, the Village will continue to host performances by talented emerging artists before the main concerts.


    Monumental Club

    As we know, Barcelona is a quintessential anti-bullfighting city and above all it likes to party. For that reason, this imposing architectural work that was a space in the old bullring is now used for concerts for all tastes. It should be remembered that legendary concerts such as the Beatles’ were held here more than 50 years ago. For all this, this edition looks good because bands such as Javiera Mena, Da Souza, La La Love You, El Petit de Cal Eril, Los Aurora, Ferran Palau will perform … All as always with a great offer to eat and drink along with a schedule of DJs to keep the party going.


    Festival Mozart Nits d’Estiu

    For lovers of classical music we have good news. And it is that the OBC recovers for this year the Mozart Nits d’Estiu festival, which has a series of concerts that a few years ago opened each of its seasons. However, now those concerts close the current season. The program looks very good because it has three proposals with music by Mozart and other contemporary authors. A unique opportunity to experience classical music to the fullest.

    In the mood for a festival? We hope that with this post you already have your list of festivals that you will go to with your friends during the summer. And remember that at The Lofttown we are waiting for you in our university residence so that you can live a unique and unforgettable experience while you study in Barcelona so that you can become one of our #TheLoftowners.

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    Have a great day!









  • The parties of neighborhood Barcelona 2019 where you’ve always wanted to go

    It is a known fact that the parties of neighborhood Barcelona 2019 are something that is in the diary of everyone from Barcelona (and the ones who aren’t as well), and it really is one of the things that is most looked forward to in the year. To our first timers we say: is it your first time in Barcelona? Then you have to pay attention to this blog because we are going to open the doors for you to the most party, musical and fun Barcelona you have ever seen, and once you have attended the parties of neighborhood Barcelona 2019 you are never going to want to step again into Opium, Shoko and Pachá; we are risking ourselves with this but we know that you’re going to be delighted, we know it because we have been young too (although it doesn’t seem so now) and the moment also arrived for us to know the youngest spirit of Barcelona. We are not going to lead you on! Discover for yourself all the events that are waiting for you this summer.


    La Mercè: but wasn’t the blog about the parties of neighborhood Barcelona 2019? Oui mon amie, but we couldn’t begin this blog without mentioning the party of parties the Tomorrowland of Barcelona; and with that, we refer to THE FESTIVAL OF LA MERCÈ and we tell you in capital letters because we don’t know any other way except for shouting. Yes dear friends, La Mercè is one of the events of the summer, specifically September, most looked forward to by everyone, and rightly so.

    Apart from being the patron saint of Barcelona, the festival of La Mercè has an important reception as much for its popular and cultural atmosphere since during the day different activities take place all over Barcelona suitable for all ages, while at night the Forum, the Avenue Maria Cristina and the Bogatell Beach are filled with concerts of all types of music. Are you really going to miss it? We can only tell you musical references from last year, because this year we still don’t know who will perform, but we tell you everything if we mention Green Valley, Love of Lesbians, Dr. Calipso and la Iaia (artists from last year). This year promise yourself: pay attention to your calendar!

    Fiestas of Poblenou: hold on, there are curves coming. After Llum Barcelona, Poblenou brings all the neighbours together again to celebrate its Fiesta Mayor and we believe there is no need to tell you, that you have to attend, no matter what, because it is a tradition; you will never have lived a fiesta mayor like it, and it is when neighborhood traditions come together with the best music and cultural activities that jewels like this arise.

    Fiestas de Gràcia: another of the important dates that you have this summer. We are not going to detain you a lot on this topic because we told you in a previous post about plans in Barcelona and we want you to go there and note down all the plans you don’t want to miss. So everyone to that blog.

    Neighborhood parties: we wanted to highlight the best known, but in general in Barcelona all the neighborhoods or districts have their annual festival, for which reason fun is assured in all its senses. It is for this reason that we don’t want to recommend only some of them; we wanted it to be you yourself who discovers all of them according to the events that are held, as you may be interested in some more than others.




    Ready? We believe that you already are, and for our veterans, if you have already spent a summer with us you already know what we are talking about, so we ask you to go with the more recent members of our big family so that they too know what it is to enjoy the parties of neighborhood Barcelona 2019.


    Now we have to adopt a little bit the role of parents; yes we’re sorry, but as we have already told you we look after you as if we were your parents so you’re going to hear the speech twice. Be careful, please, it’s possible to go out to party and enjoy to the maximum the events in Barcelona this summer responsibly. By this we mean to say: be careful with drink, don’t lose sight of your group of friends; although you know Barcelona, there are a lot of people about during these festivals so it’s not difficult to get lost and sometimes the mobile phone coverage doesn’t work well. For this reason we recommend previously arranging a meeting point with your group of friends in a way that if someone gets lost they can go there to meet up again with all the group (the idea is that you go there too); look after your belongings and don’t carry anything of value on you as the pickpockets are expert thieves. Better to leave them in the residence where we will look after them very well. Understood?


    This said, we give you free rein to enjoy to the maximum these parties, all the events and we hope you squeeze the maximum out of your stay with us in our university residence in Barcelona.

  • Where to go out partying in Barcelona that you need to know

    Well, thelofttowners, we are going to that subject which interests you, where to go out partying in Barcelona; we know that as students you have to enjoy your nightlife, and going out to dinner and for a drink is fine, but sometimes you want to dance a bit, right? So here we are to bring you the places where to go out partying in Barcelona and have a great time. Let’s do this!




    • Barceloneta: it is a very good choice if you are looking for nightlife and going for a drink. In Barceloneta you will find famous restaurants by day, pubs by night with direct access to the beach. One of these most famous places is Opium: among other artists, it has been the place of performance for David Guetta. There are also other options such as Shoko, Soho, Pachá and Carpe Diem.


    • Sala Razzmataz: the mythical concert hall of Barcelona, next to Glories, you can find this place offering live music from time to time… On this stage, artists as big as Niall Horan or Coldplay have performed… You cannot miss it.


    • Sala Apolo: another mythic concert hall and disco that you have to know if you are looking for where to go out partying in Barcelona. You cannot miss the NastyMondays; I do not want to reveal anything, discover it yourself 😉




    Well well, thelofttowners, it is time to make the most of your summer with us. That is why we always offer what you need at any time. It is time to have fun with your friends and live the nightlife of Barcelona. It is not too much to say:  please be responsible at all times, your safety is paramount.