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  • We pack our bag for these Christmas holidays

    Objective: get the perfect suitcase for the Christmas holidays


    Come the Christmas holidays, for us it is a precious time in which some of our residents travel to see their families and spend Christmas with them, and it is at this time when we are facing the dreaded “empty case”, and that translates into : unknowns and uncertainties, what to wear for New Year’s Eve? What gifts/souvenirs to take and where to put them? How many coats to take? And shoes? And thus to infinity and beyond. To achieve the perfect balance we are giving you some elements that you have to keep in mind when packing your suitcase. Let’s do this!




    3 magic words that define what you must have in your suitcase:

    • A couple of days’ break: also known as express breaks, they are those Christmas holidays that must be divided between seeing friends, family and being in the city where you study to enjoy the atmosphere that it has. If this is your plan, your suitcase must have: two looks, one for New Year’s Eve-Christmas or New Year’s Eve-New Year, and another for day to day to be comfortable. Ready!
    • A weekend getaway: the known 4 vacation days compress into the trolley 3 looks: one more risky, another more relaxed and the last more versatile that you can easily complement with different accessories.
    • Holidays from start to finish: known as the two weeks’ Christmas holidays and they are those that colleges and universities tend to have, so you’re in luck. For this occasion, you have to take the 4 basic essentials; and success!




    Enjoy yourself with your family, thelofttowner, we are waiting for you here on your return. Happy holidays!

  • Everything you were looking for about free time in Barcelona

    The challenge was complicated, but not impossible; Barcelona is a city full of activities, museums, routes, attractions, amusement parks, but we’ve done it! We have brought together the best “must haves” for free time in Barcelona that one way or another you have to visit if you ever come to study your university degree here. Discover Barcelona step-by-step!

    • Music runs through your veins: for lovers of music and concerts, Barcelona hosts from 5 to 14 July the V Festival dels Jardins de Pedralbes. The best music, an idyllic climate and select gastronomy is what makes this festival so special. An appointment that cannot be missing from your diary.
    • Nights under the stars: for fans of the big screen you can enjoy from June 30 to August 4, the 15th edition of open air cinema on Montjuic, which returns with a program that promises a very pleasant meeting with picnics, outdoor concerts prior to the films, which this year are combined between classics and well known. We advance you that some of them are: La La Land, The Revenant, The Hateful Eight and The Next Skin… A complete entertainment event in Barcelona!
    • Dizzying entertainment: in Halka, Grec 2017. Moroccan tradition together with aerobatic practice give a high voltage spectacle mixed with contemporary creation, music and humor. An event that you can’t let go by: from 12 to 13 July you have an appointment at the Teatre Grec in Barcelona.


    free time in barcelona


    There is an easy way to visit Barcelona and get to know free time in Barcelona; in The Lofftown we wanted to bring together, by categories, some of the most important events so that your stay in Barcelona is not just that, but you live it, you feel it. We want you to enjoy Barcelona.