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  • Enjoy the Three Kings in Barcelona

    Learn more about the Three Kings parade, a historical tradition in Barcelona that fills the city with magic


    One of the most anticipated events of the year in Barcelona is undoubtedly the Three Kings parade from the East. A historical custom in the Catalan capital in which the Three Wise Men end their long journey from the distant lands of the East to fill the city with magic and illusion in your traditional parade.

    For that reason, today at The Lofttown, your university residence in Barcelona, ​​we will tell you all about the history of the Three Kings parade in Barcelona, ​​while the preparations for its magical celebration in the city are being finalized.

    Welcome once again to our blog TheLofttowner!


    The Barcelona parade

    It is estimated that only in Barcelona, ​​in a normal year with no restrictions, the attendees tend to be around half a million people, who take to the streets to receive their majesties from the East, in which it becomes one of the most massive acts that They are held in the Catalan capital throughout the year.

    In the parade you will find magical floats that become a great candy factory that will sweeten the attendees who come to meet the Three Wise Men from the East to give them a well-deserved welcome.

    Itinerary of the parade

    Both by land, sea and by air, the Three Wise Men from the East arrive this afternoon in all corners of Catalonia and Spain.

    The date is always January 5 to show that the traditions of always still prevail, despite the strong Anglo-Saxon competition with Santa Claus as an image or other older traditions such as the tió.

    For this reason, the kings Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar continue to stay in top shape and do not notice the passage of time in Barcelona at all.

    Generally, the parade began in Barcelona at the Moll del Fusta in the port of Barcelona, ​​culminating in its long and traditional 5-kilometer journey to the Montjuïc neighborhood.

    History of the horseback riding in Barcelona

    It is said that the first references to the presence of the three Kings in Barcelona began with the Corpus Christi processions in the 14th century. However, the first cavalcades that were officially registered in the city date back to the end of the 18th century, taking place intermittently until the beginning of the 20th century.

    Later, during the first decades of the last century, the parade had above all a charitable focus in order to help those most in need in the city. Later, during the Civil War, the parade was interrupted until 1942 by order of the Barcelona City Council.

    It should be noted that with the passage of time the tradition acquired new rituals, such as the arrival of the Magi by sea, or the reception by the first authority of the city, which was usually the mayor of Barcelona, responsible for handing over the keys of the city to their Majesties of the East.


    Parade Barcelona 2022

    With the pandemic still among us and for the parade party to be complete and pass without any incident in all populations, the authorities have preferred to make small parades through neighborhoods, in order to avoid contagion and in popular agglomerations.

    We invite you to visit the website of the city council to check which are the neighborhoods chosen for this year’s parade.

    Luckily, in most Catalan regions, including those in the Barcelona metropolitan region, no rainfall is expected at the time of the parades of the Magi from the East. Therefore, cold but bearable temperatures are expected compared to previous years.

    Are you ready to enjoy the ride?

    Barcelona will be a party full of magic to receive the Three Kings of the East and all their entourage!

    Remember that their Majesties will arrive this January 5 by sea at 3:35 p.m., but they will not be able to welcome them until after 6.15 p.m., when their Majesties and their entourage will tour the streets of the city with their magical floats in a attractive and cultural proposal with music, parties, shows and many gifts.

    We hope to see you in Barcelona very soon and that you become a new #TheLoftowner!

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    Have an amazing year 2022t!

  • Important tips for Erasmus students in Barcelona

    All the tips you should know if you are an Erasmus student in Barcelona that you cannot miss

    If you are living the experience as an Erasmus student in Barcelona, then you are a more than lucky person. However, in these few months you have been in the Catalan capital, do you think you know all the essentials of the city?

    Well today you are lucky because at The Lofttown, your university residence in Barcelona, we share a complete post with all the important information you should know as an Erasmus student in Barcelona, so that you can enjoy your stay in the city without missing any details.
    Join us? Welcome once again to our blog with the best tips for university students in Barcelona!


    First steps like Erasmus

    After the excitement of being accepted into a university in Barcelona, the perfect time comes for you to know what all the documentation you need to have collected and in order, especially in time.
    So future Erasmus in Barcelona, pay attention of all the steps because the great time has come for you to take the first big step in your new academic adventure, maybe the most important of your life, Barcelona, a magnificent city that will impress you forever.
    So take note, because we are talking about your great move to the Catalan capital and all the aspects that this entails, so you must be ready and mentalized that will not be easy at first.


    What does Barcelona mean?

    Barcelona is more than a city. Barcelona is a unique experience that marks us in life. We remind you that you will live in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, considered also among the top 10 cities to study abroad and where you will find a great variety of cultures in the same place.
    Therefore, our recommendation to make your best adaptation to the city and the fastest, it is essential that you know what are some particular details of the Catalan capital, so that you are prepared 100% in front of all the experiences and curiosities that you will find in the city every day.


    Catalan, a new language you should know

    In Barcelona the official language is Catalan. However, its inhabitants speak all the languages of the world you can imagine, since Barcelona is a multicultural city where countless nationalities from all six continents coexist.
    However, English is the main language among foreign students, don’t forget people e who already speak Spanish. Otherwise, if you have the opportunity to go further and learn a bit of the Catalan language, we assure you that you will appreciate it very much, especially if you have contact with local people or friends here. Don’t forget that local people are bilingual and won’t have a problem speaking to you in either language without any problems.
    On the other hand, when we refer to Spanish-speaking students, especially those who come from Latin America and have Spanish as their mother tongue, the change to the Catalan language is not a big problem, as for people from France or Italy, because there is a great resemblance to Catalan.

    However, if you are from a country outside these languages, the situation changes a lot because of the difficulty of learning Catalan from the beginning. Therefore, we recommend that you adapt as much as possible to the language so that you do not have problems living together, especially for a matter of respect for local people. Good news is that at the universities of Barcelona there are free Catalan courses for their foreign students who want to learn it.


    Adapt to the local culture

    You know that every city in the world has its own local customs and Barcelona is one of them. In the Catalan capital, for example, shops usually close at midday, dinner is very late in the night and when you go to restaurant tips are optiona. Also, don’t forget something fundamental for local people, we mean nap time!
    So, if you want to adapt to the city perfectly then it is necessary that you also do it to their customs conveniently and without any problem. Our recommendation is that you make friendship with people from Barcelona so that you will get to know how people are here and what it means to be a foreigner in Barcelona.


    Discover the secrets of the city

    As we said before, Barcelona is one of the best cities in Europe to study and live. But so it is when we refer to the connection it has with public transport. Therefore, it doesn’t matter where you live in the city, whether in the city centre or outside, because you will always find a simple, easy and quick way to get around Barcelona, whether by public bus, metro service, tram and without leaving the bike service.
    If you go more cycling, then we tell you that Barcelona has thousands of exclusive lanes for people who decide to opt for a more sustainable and healthy mobility.


    Get lost in the neighbourhoods of Barcelona

    In Barcelona you will find neighborhoods of all kinds and for all cultural tastes. If it’s a bohemian life near all the bars, artistic atmosphere and top restaurants in the city that suits you best, then Gothic and Born are a perfect choice for you, because they are located in the heart of the city and offer you all the services you need as an Erasmus student to make your life much more comfortable and especially fun.

    Also, if you like more the connection with the sea and the sailor spirit, then Barceloneta is a neighborhood that you should know. Located in the heart of the city centre and port, this century-old fishing quarter has all the magic of being anchored in a port, with all kinds of shops, bars and restaurants that are characterized by being 100% authentic, and where all cultures converge in perfect harmony.

    Finally, if your desire is to find a place with more tranquility, we recommend exploring the most residential neighborhoods of the city, such as: l’Eixample, Poble Nou and Sant Antoni y Gracia. These neighborhoods are characterized by being less noisy compared to the more central neighborhoods. However, they are also well-connected and have all the essential services for your comfort.


    Let yourself be seduced by Catalan cuisine

    Barcelona is characterized by having a wide variety of restaurants for all tastes and budgets especially when you are a student. For this reason, foreign students will be able to find all kinds of restaurants and special corners with meals from around the world at a fairly affordable price for their pockets that they will also love.
    The options range from traditional Catalan and Spanish food, Latin American and Asian restaurants, fast food, tapas, pizzerias and many more options. The secret is to explore the city to find that culinary corner that completely satisfies your tastes without affecting your budget.

    Now that you know our guide to live the maximum of your university stage as Erasmus in Barcelona, we remind you that at The Lofttown, your university residence in Barcelona, we want to count on you to live a unique and unforgettable experience, while you study in Barcelona to become one of our #TheLoftowners. If you need to know more about tips and curiosities of Barcelona, we will always be ready to help you in what you need.

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    Enjoy Barcelona very much!

  • Visit the most beautiful parks in Barcelona

    Everything you need to know about which are the most beautiful parks in Barcelona and which are ideal for you to meet your friends after university

    Barcelona is a great metropolis, but it also has many green areas that you cannot miss. So, if you like nature a lot and are always looking for a moment to disconnect, today at The Lofttown, your university residence in Barcelona, ​​we will tell you below which are the best parks in the city so that you can do it with total peace of mind and at your own pace.

    Welcome once again to our blog with the best tips for university residents in Barcelona!


    Ciutadella Park

    We refer to the largest green area in all of Barcelona. One of the quintessential parks in Barcelona that has a long history to its credit and is perfect for youth gatherings.

    Therefore, if you are looking to study casually and pleasantly with a touch of nature, come to the Ciutadella park, either with a blanket to find a good place on the grass or in the shade of a tree.

    Then you just have to take out the books, your notes or your computer and enjoy the good atmosphere that is lived in this magical place. In addition, when you take a well-deserved break, you can also take a walk around the impressive water fountain or have a coffee admiring nature either alone or in the good company of your friends.

    The Gardens of Laribal

    If you are looking for a quieter version than the Parc de la Ciutadella, then we advise you to visit Els Jardins de Laribal in the heart of Montjuic. And is that in this area, being less crowded, is ideal for studying with a quiet atmosphere and without many tourists around.

    In these gardens they are next to the Joan Miró Foundation, a museum that we also recommend you visit because it is a classic of Barcelona.

    Here the gardens offer a lot of shade and wonderful fountains, which make it an ideal area to study or enjoy a good book.

    La Tamarita Gardens

    These gardens are located in the Sant Gervasi district and have vegetation and play areas that will make you forget even that you are in the city.

    It is characterized by having two different areas, one perfect for walking and enjoying a beautiful garden and another area to sit and read in complete comfort.

    An ideal Park for any time of the year thanks to its large shaded areas and the total tranquility it transmits to its visitors.

    Sentmenat Gardens

    They are without a doubt one of the most preferred gardens by Barcelonans. Eina Park becomes a very large park as well as clean at all times.

    It is also perfect for cycling, lying on the grass, reading a good book or having a picnic with friends, as it also has a bar and terrace, perfect for a vermouth while you take a break from your studies.


    Slide park on Diagonal Mar

    This is one of the most original parks in the city thanks to its architectural design. Located next to the Diagonal Mar shopping center, here you will find a huge space perfect for cycling, walking or running by the lake.

    And while you want to review your notes or meet with your friends for an outdoor job, then this park becomes the best space to work with nature.

    Joan Miró Park

    This park, also known as the zip lines, is a huge space in the middle of the city of Barcelona that borders a beautiful library designed in the shape of a boat. Here you have several very different areas depending on your needs, whether for leisure, pleasant meetings or to study and concentrate as you like.

    Now that you know which are the most beautiful parks in all of Barcelona, ​​we remind you that in The Lofttown, your university residence in Barcelona, ​​we want to count on you to live a unique and unforgettable experience, while studying in Barcelona to become one of our #TheLoftowners.

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    Enjoy the parks of Barcelona!





  • Suggesting to organize well in the university

    All the tips from The Lofttown, your residence in Barcelona, that you need to know to organize perfectly yourself during the academic year at the university

    When you arrive in Barcelona what you most want is to enjoy the city. However, you also need to get organized properly in your academic life, and for that, sometimes our residents find it difficult to get the best organization that matches their lifestyles and studies.

    Do you identify yourself? That’s why today at The Lofttown we help you bout this. And we’re sure you’ll find our tips helpful how organize yourself during the academic year, especially if you start a new adventure in Barcelona.

    Welcome once again to our blog with the best tips for university residents in Barcelona!


    1 Good planning

    Planning your academic life is very important to help your university organization. We mean that now that you are independent, out of rules and controls, is when you will have to take care of all your time organized for each of your daily tasks, such as: shopping, cooking at home, cleaning and order, etc.

    Therefore, our advice is that you establish good schedule planning, both in your personal routine and academic life. The secret is that you always focusing a target and spend the necessary time in each activity.

    Have patience that everything over time you can manage at the perfection. Be persevering and never burden yourself if you think you’re not on time with all your homework.

    2.Live your university residence to the maximum

    At The Lofttown we offer you everything you need to make the best university experience in Barcelona. Therefore, if you have chosen to live in our student accommodation, we inform you that here you have all confort and facilities so that you do not have the need to leave our residence. In The Lofttown we have spaces that will help you, such as our study rooms, libraries, restaurant, gyms, terraces and without forgetting our comfortable rooms that are ideal for the perfect rest.

    3.Work in a team

    Making classmates in and out of the college is ideal. Therefore, focus on coordination with your other classmates, sharing assignments, notes, staying to review what you learned after class and, above all, set out some guidelines for studying at the university on an individual level.

    In the universities you will always find the options to find the group work, therefore it is essential that you have a team dynamic so make everything efficacy.

    In The Lofttown we offer you open spaces so you can share moments of teamwork with your classmates. So do not worry if you do not find an ideal place to meet them, we will always help you.

    4. Forget the distractions

    Mobile phones and smart devices that aren’t necessary for your studies are an obstacle to learning correctly in college. In this case, there are interesting technological tools that facilitate you in teamwork, and the individual work.

    That’s why we tell you that there are apps for mobile phones and tablets that help you get full concentration, so you take out all unnecessary distractions. It’s time to focus on your performance and leave a part the distractions.


    5. Sleep well

    And you, how much do you sleep every night? It’s not about wake up early or staying up late, since both options are very valid. However, the important thing is that you follow a habit of constant sleep so that you can perform to the fullest every day.

    In this way, keep good rest you will also have energy even to do sports and great ability to concentrate on your academic duties.

    6. Relax

    We know that being a student is not an easy task and much more when you live in a city like Barcelona, as it is full of attractions and interesting things to do. However, the secret to studying well and performing to the maximum lies in knowing how to relax fully in body and soul.

    We know that many people to perform need to activate themselves before start the study. It can be with physical exercises, like going to the gym or doing cardio very early in the morning. Likewise, if it’s your thing to find something more spiritual, then do meditation exercises or yoga sessions.

    We assure you that if you follow these suggesting you can learn how to organize yourself to study in college, especially because it helps a lot during exam time, when nerves grow and the mind is blocked.

    Now that you know our secrets of how to organize yourself well during the academic year. Remember that at The Lofttown we want to count on you in our university residence to live amazing and unforgettable experience, while you study in Barcelona so that you become one of our #TheLoftowners.
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    Enjoy the academic year!


    All you need to know about the best universities in Barcelona that you can choose the appropriate one for your academic year in the Catalan capital


    Studying in Barcelona is a unique experience for many young people. If you are one of them and you are sure 100% that the Catalan Capital is a perfect place for realize an academic season, so is necessary all info about the best universities before you start your academic adventure in Barcelona.

    For this reason, today we bring you a complete blog where we tell everything about them.

    Can you come with us? Welcome to a new post on our blog #TheLoftowner!

    Without a doubt, the university is a step increasingly important in the lives of the young people. For that, is also important to know about the university where you will study in Barcelona, which one will have to adapt to your needs to help you live a satisfactory experience.

    In this post of today, we will tell you all about the best universities of Barcelona for that you can take the best decision. If you want know more about the the best universities of Barcelona, we will give you the following recommendations:

     How choose the ideal university:

    • The most important thing at the moment to take a decision like that, this significant for your life is that you keep your priorities in mind. For example, what level of curricular flexibility do you need? What times and modalities do you prefer to study? Is your priority continuous assessment, basic training, teacher training, leisure environments?
    • It’s essential that you keep in mind the offer and the academic level offered by the university you have chosen, because at the moment to process a professional career. For that, you have to make sure you receive the best professional training possible. 
    • However, it’s equally important that you think about factors such as the university’s environment, social life, opportunities for extracurricular activities… Remember that the university is also for having fun and meeting new people.
    • Consider if you are looking for a public or private university. Obviously, it is very important keep in mind the budget, and also the facilities that each one offers.
    • Research academic rankings. In this post we present the best universities available in Barcelona, but also keep in mind that every year the rankings of the educational level of the universities are updated, and you can consult them to have more info about how each university is positioned against a variety of specific opinions.

    The best universities in Barcelona


    Now that we have already talked about all the aspects that you need keep in mind at the moment to choosing a university in Barcelona, we present our selection of the best places to do it, for that you have an idea of the options that you have to and you can choose the best for you.


    1. Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña

    The UPC has more 6 campuses in 9 different cities of Catalunya. Further of Barcelona, also you can find them in Castelldefels, Manresa, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Terrassa y Vilanova i la Geltrú. It has more than 3.000 students and 100 certifications and is focus on the careers such as engineering, architecture and construction.

    1. Universidad Pompeu Fabra

    The Pompeu Fabra is the unique Spanish university that is among the best 200 in the world (according to THE). It was founded by the Generalitat of Catalunya in 1990 with the purpose to being a public university that could provide an education of the highest quality to all people. Over the years it is become a center of investigation and one of the fastest growing the young universities. Its academic offer is very wide and enjoys international prestige.

    1. Universidad de Barcelona

    The UB defines itself as a public, ethical, critical, open and plural university, firmly committed to gender equality, transparency and sustainable development. It is one of the oldest universities in Europe, since It is 570 years old, and it has positioned itself as one of the best universities in the world and has the group of students and academic offer bigger of Barcelona.

    1. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

    The UAB is the public university with the highest quality, with a highly trained group of teachers with worldwide prestige and focused on conducting interdisciplinary investigation, in different careers in the area of arts, humanities, social, legal, natural sciences, health sciences, architecture and engineering.

    1. Universidad International de Cataluña

                 UIC is a young university that focuses its academic training on practical application in                       professional life. For this reason, all its academic programs it offers training from the teachers in connection to the professional field of their areas, and by carrying out professional internships before the degree.

    1. Abat Oliba CEU University

    Abat Oliba University is a private and Catholic university, based with a modern and new model training includes on differential learning, the close connection between teachers and students and the application of knowledge to today’s complex social realities

    1. Ramón Llull University

    This university has been listed as one of the 100 best in Europe in terms of its faculty, since it is prepared to help students in their academic disciplines and in the comprehensive application of these disciplines to their future careers and the transformation of society based on social responsibility, innovation and research.
    Did you decide to study and learn in the summer? We hope this post has helped you find the best courses during the summer in Barcelona

    And also remember that at The Lofttown we want you will reserve in in our university residence to live a unique and unforgettable experience, the time you stay in Barcelona to become one of our #TheLoftowners.
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    Have a great summer!

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