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  • Preparing your trip to Barcelona

    Preparing your trip to Barcelona is simple and beautiful. You know that soon you will travel to the Catalan capital to carry out your studies, meet new people and live a typical Erasmus experience.

    That’s why in XiorLofttown we thought we’d give you a roadmap so you know, step by step, what you’re going to find. We will also give you some tips to make your stay more comfortable and practical.

    We put ourselves in your situation when preparing your trip to Barcelona: from your sofa or bed reading this blog; guiding you through the steps to follow when arriving in Barcelona.

    As a student you will have a wide range of opportunities and options to enjoy this wonderful city. From its beaches and mountains, through its architecture and gastronomy to its cultural variety, Barcelona is the city you chose and we are sure that you will have an unforgettable experience. Look: you can tempt yourself and choose to live here.

    But enough of the preamble and let’s get to it. As a student residence in Barcelona, from XiorLofttown we tell you how to prepare your trip to the city and enjoy your Erasmus or stay as a student.


    Barcelona is characterized by good weather and this is not a minor fact when preparing your trip. It’s March, and Spring begins to give its first signs. Maximum temperatures will be around 20 degrees and the minimum 13 degrees. Don’t worry as the sun will be present during the day so the feeling of warmth will be higher. You’ll arrive in perfect weather!

    Already thinking about the summer, the maximums will be in the 30s. Why are we talking about this? To keep it in mind when putting together your suitcase: you can come with summer clothes and some other clothing to be a bit warmer at night.

    We’ve already talked about this in another article , which we invite you to read. There you will find in detail all the recommendations for the rest of the year.

    Then you already know: pack a suitcase with the beach in mind. If you like the mountains you can add specific elements for those activities.

    Do you have it clear? Well, come: you arrive at your city airport, get on the plane and land in Barcelona. With your suitcase in your hand you leave El Prat and ask yourself: how do I get to the city centre? Well, read on.

    How to travel from the airport

    Without a doubt, when preparing your trip you should know how to get to the city centre from the airport. El Prat (Barcelona Airport) is very well connected and you have different options. Since you’re a student, and I’m sure you’ll want to spend money on other activities, we’ll tell you the most accessible.

    Public transport

    From either of its two terminals -T1 or T2 – you can take the bus or the metro. Both services can be paid in cash.

    During the day the bus that will drop you off in Plaza de España is the 46. We remind you that the Plaza is in the heart of Barcelona and, from there, it will be very easy to get around.

    However, during the night, bus number 46 doesn’t run. Don’t be scared: Barcelona has everything in mind. Buses N16, N17 and N18 will deposit you in the heart of the city: in Plaza Universitat, a few steps from Plaza Catalunya.

    The metro is also an option thanks to Line 9 (L9). This metro line is new and still under construction, so you’ll have to make a change once you get closer to the city. Please note that the metro provides service between 5 a.m. and 2 a.m.

    Note: You can purchase a Casual or Usual card. It will be cheaper and you will have more trips for the future. Here we leave you the link with all the information. You can find the ticket vending machine at Metro stations.


    The Aerobús is a service that joins Barcelona Airport to the city in 35 minutes. The cost of the ticket is €5.90 and you can pay by card, cash (€20 note max.) or make the purchase online. Here’s the link.

    This service has stops at Plaza de España, Urgell, Universitat and ends at Plaza Catalunya. Inside the bus you will have free Wi-Fi service.


    Places you must visit

    You have arrived; at the XiorLofttown student residence in Barcelona we welcome you with open arms. You leave your bags and… now what? A little sightseeing is not bad:  walking and getting acquainted with the city is a good plan.

    Once you are comfortable in our student residence, you can choose to go out to visit different places of interest. XiorLofttown has a prime location within the city: everything is close by!

    You can go out to know the Passeig de Gracia and visit its shops and bars. You can’t leave out going to the Sagrada Familia, a Gaudí architectural work of art that will leave you with your jaw dropped.

    We also recommend you walk the streets of the district of Gracia, its squares and its cultural diversity of young people who make their social life in the streets.

    Now with more time, and having known the neighbourhood, you must go for a walk through the Gothic Quarter, the Rambla, the Born, Barceloneta (its beaches and its gastronomy), and the harbour promenade.

    Then… you will discover all the options that Barcelona offers you: Park Güell, the beaches of Bogatell and much more. That’s it… we leave it to you to be surprised on your own.

    Getting around in Barcelona

    You’ll walk a lot at first. Come on… everything is close. But then you’ll want to get about using other means.

    In Barcelona you can find Bicing, the public bicycle system. To use it, you will need to meet two requirements: have a NIE or DNI, and pay €50 for the service. Don’t panic: payment is made only once and is valid for one year.

    You can use the mechanical bikes for free as many times as you want; unlimited service. You will also find electric bikes. These have an additional cost of €0.35.

    Finally, as mentioned above, you will be able to purchase the Usual or Casual cards. Once you choose one of them you can take any public transport service: train, metro and bus.

    For more detailed information, we leave you this article on mobility in Barcelona.

    Ready! You already have all the necessary information to prepare your trip to Barcelona. A roadmap for you to start imagining your student days in this beautiful Mediterranean city.

    If you have any questions write to  the XiorLofttown team. We will be happy to know you!

  • How to get around in Barcelona? Arrive by public transport where you want

    New to the city?

    You still don’t know how to get around Barcelona? Don’t worry; we’ll explain it to you. We’ll tell you how to arrive at an address by Barcelona public transport and how to use public transport in Barcelona.

    Barcelona is a relatively small city, and the advantage that the residents have of the student housing in Barcelona, The Lofttown, is that it is to be found in a very good neighbourhood of the city, central and perfect to have access to all types of public transport.

    Learning how to get around Barcelona will allow you to find the restaurants you are looking for to eat in Barcelona, watch your favourite series on the long train journey that will await you according to your destination or find your student housing and easily place it on the map.

    Being a growing city and in a process of ecologic innovation which will be carried out in 2020, and will mean an increase of green areas and public transport, there are more and more  options to get about which do not harm or pollute the planet.


    Following, we will explain to you the options that you have to get around Barcelona:

    Public transport

    • Metro: currently Barcelona has eight metrolines which can be identified by the number colour of the line: L1 (red), L2 (purple), L3 (green), L4 (yellow), L5 (blue), L6 (violet), L7 (brown), L8 (pink), L9N y L9S (orange), L10N y L10S (light blue), L11 (light green), and which cover the majority of the city and its surroundings.


    • FGC (Ferrocarrils Generalitat de Catalunya): There is also an urban and metropolitan network of trains managed by the Generalitat of Catalunya (FGC), which complements the mentioned Metro network in Barcelona. There are 4 urban lines: L6, L7, L8 and L12. Apart from those which go to different parts of Cataluña: S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9.


    • TRAM (tranvía): The tram has been running in Barcelona since 2004. This means of public transport, complementary to the metro, is an accessible, ecologic, fast and comfortable system. The tram is made up of two networks —Trambaix y Trambesòs—, 6 lines, a total of 29.2 km of track and 56 stops. The Trambaix network is made up of lines T1, T2 y T3, which have a common section of 6 km and pass through the municipalities of Barcelona, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Esplugues de Llobregat, Cornellà de Llobregat, Sant Joan Despí, Sant Just Desvern y Sant Feliu de Llobregat. The network has a length of 15.1 km, and 29 stops. The lines T4, T5 and T6 make up the Trambesòs network. The T4 and the T6 connect Barcelona with Sant Adrià de Besòs, and the T5 joins Barcelona with Badalona. The length of this network is 14.1 km and has 27 stops.


    • Train (RENFE): If you want to arrive at a town outside Barcelona, check to see if there is a train station nearby. The Cercanías de RENFEnetwork will easily bring you near to the city centre. And, in the same way as with the tram, there are different options and lines.


    • Bus:Barcelona has a fleet of more than 1.000 buses, which cover more than 80 lines to arrive at any area of the city. The buses are low-floor, and adapted for people of reduced mobility.


    Do you want to go out to party and come back by public transport?


    Barcelona has a service of night buses called Nit Bus, which cover a great part of the city and the surroundings.


    • Going by bike or using Bicing: Barcelona has bike lanes, where you can go on your own bike, or hire it from one of the rental shops that you will find in the centre. The city is full of open spaces and parks. These conditions, and the mild climate, invite the use of a bike as alternative transport.

    There is a public bike rental service which is called Bicing, mainly intended for residents, given that a yearly fee is paid.


    Private transport

    • TAXI service:Barcelona has a service of more than 11,000 taxis, easily identifiable by their yellow and black colours. The taxis that are free have a green light, you only have to hail them and they will stop if they see your hand raised. There is also a service of polyvalent taxis to transport people with reduced mobility.


    • Own or rented car: during your stay in Barcelona/Cataluña you could consider buying a car or renting. Although it is a comfortable option if you have to often go to the city surroundings, we don’t recommend it; in Barcelona there is a lot of traffic and it is difficult to park, apart from the pollution which a car generates.


    • Motorcycle: you will be able to see millions of motorcyclists in Barcelona, as it is easier to get about with them than by car, and they are much more economical. Nevertheless, we recommend that you look at options like Bicing or electric scooters, transport that although it may be private transport does not pollute.


    You will be asking yourself: how much will all this cost me? What are the prices of the different options? How do I buy train tickets and what is the best fare for me?

    To know the prices that each one of the options has, you can check on the webpage of each of them. Search in Google, for example: Metro Barcelona. There, it specifies what price you have to pay. If you haven’t looked on the webpage before, don’t worry, there are station personnel who will help you, and machines where you can buy tickets in the same place as you take the public transport that you choose.

    With relation to the fares offered, as students we recommend to you that you see if there are discounts, because there are offers which will fit your requirement with a reduced price.



    How to choose which public transport is best for me?

    It will depend on which place in Barcelona that you have to go to, or on your preferences.

    • If you like to see the urban landscape and get to know the city without going under it, then choose to go by Bus, Tram, Bicing or private transport.
    • If the traffic and the number of people that are in the street are overwhelming, the Metro is a good option to get around without inconvenience; also they are very frequent and it is easy to identify the stops by their names, which specifically describe the street or place that you are looking for.
    • If you have to go far from Barcelona, take RENFE or your own or hired car, as you like.

    There are many options and it will be easy for you to find what best suits your needs.

    In The Lofttown we believe in the need to preserve the environment and leave the smallest environmental footprint possible. For this reason we recommend that you choose the least polluting means of transport, or do exercise and go on foot.

    If you have any doubt whatsoever, we are at reception: we’ll help you.

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  • What you have to take into account about an Erasmus student residence Barcelona

    Hello! Are you looking for an Erasmus student residence Barcelona for this next year? Hey, then you’ve arrived at the right place, maybe it was fate. Do you believe in fate? What we believe is that if you have a good time reading this post, imagine how you’re going to spend your time if you decide that we are your Erasmus student residence Barcelona. We won’t make you wait any more; for sure you have entered here to know the things that you have to take into account when choosing a student residence to study. It is very important and you should not choose the first one you see, because your academic day to day will develop accompanied by the atmosphere of the Erasmus student residence Barcelona. Do you remember when you had to choose your degree? In this case, no way will test you so that you can gain entrance, the only thing we will do, will be to give you some (good) reasons so that we may be your next best friends and even family. What do you think? We won’t make you wait any more, discover it yourself 😉 on with the post!



    Grab pen and paper, or print this sheet (what you prefer) and make notes of what an Erasmus accommodation Barcelona must have. Let’s make a checklist, it will be fun.


    • Cuisine: it is said that a person falls in love because of the food, well we are telling you now that we are going to be your Romeo and you our Juliet (or vice versa); our residents enjoy Mediterranean cuisine of local organic produce. In fact we organize excursions to farms where we buy the raw ingredients. At certain indicated times of the year we do special welcome or farewell dinners, last year we did a barbecue to bid farewell to all our residents until next year. And to get away a little from the routine, we do themed dinners; for example we have a Mexican dinner, a Japanese dinner, Spanish… and at Christmas… we do the Secret Santa! The food becomes something special for a family, it is the moment that we all get together to explain how our day went or our concerns about exams. Like the big family that we believe ourselves to be, as you can expect, dinners or lunches are always one of the most important moments of our day to day and, do you know what? We want you to become part of them.
    • Rooms: for a long period of time they will be your refuge so what you have to take account about them is: ventilation, natural light, location, mattresses (very important for relaxation) and, well, then there is the decoration but it now depends most on you. Would you like us to tell you a secret? We have rooms with kitchen and terrace; it is like the dressing room that every woman wants to have but a little better since they come to be the little flat everyone dreams about but without giving up friends, because you have them in the same room or in the room next door. Living with friends in the best way possible! And also you don’t have to worry about anything, our room service will take care to clean it and give you clean sheets each week.


    • Outdoor areas: very, very important so you can get away a bit from your studies and enjoy your free time with other residents, we guarantee that you will end up as a family because we have seen it before.


    What else can we tell you? Nor do we want to reveal all our secrets to you until you come and try our VR glasses 😉
    Come and be part of the best community of students in Barcelona .


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  • We go to erasmus summer school in Barcelona!

    Barcelona is one of the most popular Erasmus summer school destinations, and it is not for nothing: we are the city with more lifestyle, tourism, activities, leisure, culture, and good weather (we could be here for days like that) that you will find. For that reason and for everything else that you will discover in this post, we say to you that if you are checking out Barcelona to come for Erasmus summer school, you have to check out the ground where you might find yourself, and we tell it to you in our post 🙂




    • Beaches: in August we will share with you a post about the best beaches in Barcelona, so we will not go into this subject too much, but I can say that in Barcelona there are coves and beautiful places where you can meet with your friends from the Erasmus summer school to enjoy the best paellas in Barcelona; if this topic interests you… stay tuned to the blog in August where we’ll talk about the best beaches in Barcelona.


    • Entertainment: of course, the culture of Gaudí and modernism that characterize some of the highlights of Barcelona overrun the city most linked to Catalan culture; enjoy Erasmus Barcelona photographing the Sagrada Familia, taking a selfie in the Casa Batlló, walking in the corridors of la Pedrera, enjoying the shade of the trees of Parc Güell or going up to Montjuic, where the magic fountain waits to give you its water and light show.


    • Activities: we are talking about skating with in-line skates along the promenade, renting bicycles to enjoy Barcelona on a ride, visiting the aquarium to learn about marine fauna, going to the Columbus statue to have a bird’s eye view of the city, visiting the only museum in the world where you can find all the celebs in wax and bone (we are talking about the Barcelona wax museum)… in every corner of Barcelona there are things to do, and this is what our Erasmus summer school students most like.




    You can be one of them; are you up for it? We will waiting for you in our Students residence in Barcelona

  • The keys to living abroad and not die trying

    Are you new in town?

    Sometimes living abroad becomes overwhelming, especially the first months: the culture shock, a new town that you don’t know, maybe a language that you don’t master. These are facts that make you feel out of place a little. So that does not happen, we share with you the essential keys you have to strictly follow so that you can enjoy your experience from day one.



    1. Friends: we need to be in company, to have someone to talk to and strike up a friendship with, so your first mission will be to make friends. Furthermore it is one of the fastest ways to adapt to the new city, so who better than someone local to teach you the city?


    1. Lose yourself: Yes, lose yourself in the city, explore, question, discover… There is nothing better than discovering new and charming places in the city that will be your home during your exchange, so don’t wait any more and get out there. For sure, you will go with a map or GPS activated, you will not really be lost and not know how to get back again.


    1. Watch out for the money: especially if you go to a city where there is a different currency. Please note that here we use the euro and that the conversion is different; so keep control of your expenses at all times to live abroad calmly.


    1. Have a great time: engrave this sentence with fire, it is a unique and unrepeatable experience (at least under the same conditions), so don’t miss another moment, create memories, take thousands of photos and grow; especially, grow personally and professionally.




    And you, would you like to be a thelofttowner?

  • 10 things to do in Barcelona before dying


    We tell you all the things to do in Barcelona


    The situation could be summarized in this way: you’ve arranged to meet this afternoon with other thelofttowners and you do not know the things to do in Barcelona because, let’s say, you have already visited the most touristic places, (we refer to the Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, Casa Batlló…). Well then, today we share with you some ideal places that you can enjoy in the fantastic city of Barcelona in good company. Shall we start?


    1. Icebar: is it time to feel even colder still? Icebar is a bar located in Barceloneta made entirely of ice, which leads to this bar being at an average temperature of -18º, but it is worth it! Being made entirely of ice, you can enjoy a full Siberian experience. Who dares to enter?


    1. Hidden swimming pools in the middle of the Eixample: yes, it is possible and in fact has a name: the gardens of the Torre de les Aigües, which host the precious and well known beach of the Eixample. They are the first of the Cerdà inner courtyards that were restored for public use. This swimming pool is open only in the summer months. Shall we see each other there?


    1. The Montjuïc cable car: visit the city of Barcelona from a bird’s-eye view, to reach the mythical mountain which houses one of the best museums of art in Catalunya, MNAC; but if art is not your thing, we challenge you to find the enormous slides hidden on the mountain 😉


    1. Els Encants: no, we do not mean the charm that Barcelona has (that too) but the Encants market, where you can find bargains and all kinds of antiques; it is close to the Las Glories Shopping Centre, another newly renovated mall that is really well worth the visit.




    How about it thelofttowner? This afternoon we are going on a tour to see things to do in Barcelona!

  • Everything you need to know about activities in Barcelona


    One more day we welcome you to our post and we say to you that if it is the first time you have entered here and you don’t know us… Congratulations! You’ve found (perhaps unintentionally) the blog that you need. Today we bring you a compilation of activities in Barcelona that you have always wanted to do. Will you join us?

    • Open air movies: cinema goes onto the streets and the classics are back. This summer Barcelona is filled with cinematographic culture and welcomes you every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5 to 21 August. Capacity is limited given that it takes place in El Pati de les Dones, and is free 😉
    • For those who like sports: discover Barcelona on roller skates, a visit to Camp Nou, enjoy nature by bike, live the sunset from the sea… They are activities in Barcelona which are catalogued as permanent. Do you like moonlight? Then the 9,10 and 11 of August you have a date for paddle surfing in the sea organised by Surf House Barcelona. You are also invited to a post-activity cocktail. Are you going to miss it
    • An afternoon in the Museum: Barcelona offers a great selection of museums for all ages and some very interesting ones. We will recommend the Wax Museum, Macba, CCCB, Cosmo Caixa, Chocolate Museum for food-lovers, and a classic among the classics that we cannot leave out… The MNAC full of art and traditions.


    activities in Barcelona


    Everything you can imagine (awake or dreaming) is possible, there are plenty of activities in Barcelona waiting to be discovered by you. We have given you the first brush-strokes to make your day unforgettable; you fill in the rest.

    Thanks for reading us!

  • Where to go in Barcelona: 10 places you can’t miss

    One more day we share with you the essentials you must do if you have any doubts about where to go in Barcelona. Barcelona is a big city, but it is the perfect size to visit, so from The Lofttown we’ll tell you what is on our list of unmissables; devour Barcelona!



    1. Gaudí and Modernism: If there is anything that characterizes the city it is modernism.
    2. A different concert: in the Gran Teatro del Liceu.
    3. Tapas and Vermouth: a very typical “combi” in Barcelona, which fills Las Ramblas for the hours before lunch, a very Catalan break.
    4. Excursion to Montjuïc: and views that leave you breathless. A visual and sensory spectacle steeped in history that you have to discover.
    5. Historic el Raval: get to know the history of Barcelona from the centre.
    6. A swim in the Mediterranean: 4 kilometres of beach to put your towel down and enjoy the sun and the seafront terraces.
    7. Train your palate: with Barcelona cuisine.
    8. The Sagrada Familia: which has become the symbol of the city, still not completed.
    9. The direction to America: Columbus shows it. And you can go up on foot to see a panoramic view of the spectacular city.
    10. Breathe underwater: in the Barcelona aquarium it is possible; that, and swimming among sharks and manta rays. Do you dare?


    where to go in Barcelona

    All this and more is what you can visit in Barcelona. As you can see, we have the good luck to be in the centre of Barcelona, where everything is happening, to offer you the fun time at hand that you want. Do you want to come and see us? We are here and hope you spend your best university years with us. Thanks once more for reading!

  • If you are looking for student halls of residence Barcelona, wait! Before choosing read our post

    The Lofttown Blog brings you the many advantages that come from living in a student residence, and particularly in ours, because we are a residence that is very different from any other, with a lifestyle that will suit you perfectly because we have created everything thinking of you. If you have thought about student halls of residence  Barcelona, we recommend that you read this before deciding.

    In The Lofttown we accompany you during your stay in Barcelona, giving you all the assistance you need to make the most of this period of your life, of your stay in the city and to maximize your performance in your studies.

    Today our post is taking us to a new Travel section, in which we which are going to give you places to visit that you mustn’t miss. Today Formentera, in the Balearic Islands.

    habitaciones para estudiantes en Barcelona

    Formentera is the smallest island in the Balearic Islands, and that’s the reason for its charm. Its virgin beaches make it the perfect destination for an idyllic stay. The island is very quiet and you can rent a bike or a motorcycle to enjoy its wonderful natural surroundings. And if you want to enjoy good atmosphere and music at night, get to know the nightlife in Formentera.

    Ibiza, the island in the Balearic Islands known for its luxurious Beach Clubs is only thirty minutes away by Ferry.

    We take this opportunity to remind you that we are on the homestretch to finishing our residence. This July 1st we are opening our installations! Don’t go to sleep, book your place now and don’t miss out.

    Follow us on our social networks and visit our website to learn more about The Lofttown! Welcome!

  • Student housing Barcelona: the ideal place to live during your stay at university

    As can be seen in the Google results when you type “student housing Barcelona” in its search bar, student residences offer you all the possible advantages so that your time at university be idyllic. From 24-hour security, to facilities adapted to the best conditions, to services that will make life easier, to…

    However, another result that you will get if you do a search for “student housing Barcelona” in Google, is our blog. And, why should you follow our blog? Because you will get an inside look at what life is like in The Lofttown, you will discover the wonderful things that we have in Barcelona that you shouldn´t miss out on, you will receive useful tips for you and a thousand other things that could help you during your time in Barcelona.

    Besides this, today, in our blog, we have announced the newTravel section. Here you will find destinations that we recommend going toas weekend breaks, for example.

    Today, we kick off talking about… Seville! A destination that you can´t miss out on. The people, its gastronomy, its sun… actually, avoid going in summer because the temperature gauges reach 45°, and sometimes even 50°!

    Seville is Flamenco dancing, bulls, Rebujito and much more.

    A quick guide to visiting Seville. The best things to do

    Places to visit

    The Plaza de España, Seville cathedral and the Santa Cruz neighbourhood, the most beautiful in Seville.

    Historic places

    Visit the Town Hall, and the Maestranza bullring.

    Gastronomy, wine and nightlife

    Take a walk at night and a cruise on the river Guadalquivir, go on a gourmet tapas tour with local wine, sherry or beer and end up at a Flamenco show. Discover the passion of Flamenco in its original birthplace. The Sevillian Patio is one of the main Flamenco stages in the city.


    student housing Barcelona


    Monuments that shouldn´t be missed

    The Giralda Tower, the Plaza Nueva, the Glorieta de Becquer and the beautiful Tower of Gold.


    Triana Market, the Roja gallery and the Lonja de Barranco market.

    See you at The Lofttown! Reserve your place if you haven´t done so already. Happy Spring!