Discover the best sustainable accommodation to live in Barcelona with The Lofttown

Today we tell you why The Lofttown is your sustainable university residence in Barcelona where you can live with everything you need

Welcome to a new exclusive post for our #TheLofttowners! Today we want to show you what we offer you at The Lofttown and why it is considered sustainable accommodation in Barcelona, ​​which helps us make a difference today. Will you join us?

Barcelona is the preferred destination for young students, especially foreigners, due to the quality of its universities and study centres, in addition to the variety of professional careers, its social and cultural activity, its Mediterranean climate and an infinity of advantages that make it in a splendid city to spend an academic season.

That is why at The Lofttown we are more than a residence for students and we were born to become the best option fully adapted to the demands of today’s students.

Our residence

When we talk about The Lofttown, we are referring to a newly built building with more than 3,300m2 and a total capacity for 146 students in an incomparable location in the heart of Barcelona.

As if that were not enough, The Lofttown also offers you an added value proposal, especially pampering all the details that help us make a difference, to make students feel at home at all levels from the first day.

Likewise, our facilities are sustainable and respectful with the environment, designed exclusively to satisfy the comfort and safety needs of students without affecting the planet.

A unique environment
We want to be more than a student residence in Barcelona. For this reason, our mission is focused on satisfying your accommodation needs with excellence and offering you multiple spaces and additional services that help you both in optimal development in your studies and in moments of leisure and rest, with green and recreation areas. , where you can fully enjoy the splendid climate and landscape of Barcelona.

In this sense, The Lofttown is specifically designed to offer a complete living experience. How? We have put ourselves in your shoes to understand what is important to you and design both the spaces and the services you need.

In addition, each and every one of the professionals who make up The Lofttown team are involved every day to make this space a benchmark where you will live a unique and unforgettable experience.

A lifestyle
Living with us is also thinking about your future. For this reason, our residents are people who care about their well-being, take care of themselves, care about their health and their image, pursue success, love life, their friends, their loved ones, and strive to achieve what they long for.

In turn, we built The Lofttown following these values ​​so that students find it all here. We assure you that being a #TheLofttowner means many things.

Maximum efficiency
We want to tell you that all our accommodations comply with the A efficiency certificate, the most respectful with the environment and with the entire planet. In addition, we do not consume plastic and we recycle in all our facilities. What do you think?

To all residents: the time has come to set course for personal and professional fulfillment, living unforgettable experiences with the greatest comfort and safety. You sign up?

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We hope to see you very soon in Barcelona and that you become a new member of the #TheLoftowner family!

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