Discover the pleasure of cycling with the best routes for urban cyclists in Barcelona

Today we share the best bike routes in The Lofttown to pedal discovering the magic of Barcelona at your own pace this spring

That Barcelona is full of cyclists is not new. For this reason, just like the great European capitals that promote sustainable transport, the fashion of getting around by bike is increasing every year among Barcelonans who want to take care of the planet and at the same time feel more active.

In this sense, it is not surprising that thousands of bike lanes have been implemented in Barcelona over the last decade, thus making it more accessible to cyclists of all levels, whether for leisure, work or as a means of daily transport.

For this reason, today at The LoftTown, your university residence in the heart of Barcelona, ​​we share a complete post where we tell you which are our favorite routes to go by bike and that you can travel enjoying all the magic of the city. Are you ready to pedal with us? Take note of your next route!

Route 1: For nature lovers
How a disconnection in nature is appreciated. For this reason, we recommend that you start the walk in Plaza España and then head towards the MontjuÏc mountain.

To do this, take the wide avenue that ends at the MNAC building. Once you have crossed Reina Cristina Avenue you will already be at the foot of this impressive building. Then just head down the road that you will see on your right, take energy because it is an uphill for demanding cyclists.

As you advance you will notice the start of the MontjuÏc slope in your legs. If you are an athlete you will see that the challenge will be the maximum and we are sure that you will not abandon the path.

The first stop you will see is the Poble Espanyol, a complex built for the Universal Exhibition of 1929, and which has 117 full-scale buildings and more than 25 local artisans who will teach you the meaning of Spanish culture.

Leaving Poble Espanyol, you will continue the route through the Olympic Stadium, an emblematic venue in the city built exclusively for the Barcelona Olympics in 1992.

Further on, you will arrive at the Botanical Garden, which has more than 10 hectares of gardens that will make you fully connect with nature. To end your tour, we suggest you go to MontjuÏc Castle, where you can see the port and the city’s coastline.

Route 2: For beachgoers
One of the best bike routes around the city is along the sea coast. We encourage you to look from another angle and rediscover the seven most important beaches in the city and all this in less than 30 minutes. We assure you that you will fully enjoy the pleasure of feeling the Mediterranean air on your face.

We recommend you take your bike in the seaside neighborhood of Barceloneta and ride along the entire coastline until you reach the Forum. The trip in total will cost you about 30 minutes, but we recommend you extend it and enjoy the walk by taking breaks at each beach.

Route 3: For urban cyclists
Sightseeing in Barcelona is a must. And for this you don’t have to be a tourist to discover new places in the historic center of Barcelona and you know it very well. Our recommendation is that you do the route of the old town through the small streets of the Gothic, Borne and Barceloneta quarters, since when you ride a bike the sensation is different and you will see these neighborhoods with new eyes.

In the Gothic there are corners that you know, but surely you have never paid much attention to them. That’s why when you do it on the bike you will see that you will feel as if you were inside a movie.

Surely you already knew that Barcino was the old name of the Catalan capital and you have even passed many times in front of the Roman wall of Barcelona, ​​and perhaps you did not know where you were or the importance of this fantastic place.

The Roman wall began to be built in the 1st century, but the remains that are preserved today date from approximately the 3rd and 4th centuries. The Roman wall thus has almost 2,000 years of history and is the largest monument of ancient Barcelona that remains to this day.

We recommend that you start your bike route by the Cathedral, then go to Plaça del Àngel and continue along Sotstinent Navarro street, Plaça del Traginers, Hostal del Sol street, Regomir, Gignàs, Avinyó, Bany nous and finish the tour at Palla street. We assure you that after this tour you will see the old part of the city with different eyes.

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