Enjoy February in Barcelona with the best plans

February is a month to enjoy and we bring you the best plans in Barcelona that you cannot miss

2022 is still in full swing.  January almost gone and we started a very special as it is February, the shortest month of the year, of love and of course of the carnivals. So, let’s start February with style, which although it is the shortest month is still one of the most interesting of the year

For that reason, at The Lofttown, your university residence in Barcelona, we share an interesting list of the best plans in Barcelona throughout February.

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 The festivities of Santa Eulàlia

The Fiestas de Santa Eulàlia 2022 is a classic in the city. Although this year they will not have the emblematic correfocs, nor the fun parades and other typical acts that always had a great popular influx.

However, what is maintained for this year is the open day of Santa Eulàlia, we mean that visitors can attend museums, gardens, art centers, among other essential buildings in the city, that open their doors completely free for visitors from all over the world.

Carnival of Sitges 2022

The carnivals in Sitges are the most famous in Catalonia and will begin on February 24 and will last until Wednesday, March 2, with the classic burial of His Majesty the King Carnestoltes.
This carnival certainly becomes one of the most anticipated, especially after nearly two years of pandemic, so the Carnival Commission and the Sitges City Council are sure to take Carnival 2022 to the streets in full with the sanitary measures for both the participants and the general public. 

Vespres d’hivern Festival

The Vespres d’hivern festival starts from 4 to 18 February with the performances of two famous Catalan artists who have very recent new discographic

We refer to Lu Rois who will open the cycle on February 4 with his third album ‘Microcosmos’ and also Anna Andreu, who will delight the public with her first solo album ‘Els mals costums’. A splendid option for you to enjoy the local music and so practice a little bit your Spanish and Catalan with the best melody of the moment.

Eufònic Urbà Festival 2021

When we talk about the Eufònic Urbà, we are referring to an extension of the Terres de l’Ebre festival in Barcelona, which this year is celebrated at the Arts Santa Mónica from 4 to 28 February.

Here you can enjoy an assortment of national artists such as the dj and electronic singer Ro. e and the sonorous Lina Bautista. In addition, there will also be other types of events between dance and sound, film and live music, all within an audiovisual atmosphere of the Japanese multimedia creator Tomonaga Tokuyama.

Mecadillo Fleadonia

Another classic of the city that has an appointment in February is the fleadonia market. We refer to a second-hand market with premium vintage objects that is held in Raval.

So make a good point in your agenda because from next February 7, the Fleadonia will be installed again in the square of the Filmoteca de Catalunya, Plaza de Salvador Seguí, with many boxes of clothes, accessories, vinyl, books and many more curiosities.

Mercat de la Terra

When we talk about the Mercat de la terra it means talking about nature and top-quality products. So throughout February every Saturday, from 9 to 14 hours in the Garden of the Three Xemeneies.

Come and buy fresh product and proximity of the field with fruits, vegetables, sausages, oils, cheeses, preserves, breads, sweets, wines, vermouths and also natural cosmetics of the first level that will surprise you. So if you want to give a touch of authenticity to your home shopping, we encourage you to come to the Mercat de la Terra where you will find all the healthy products you need.

Flea market

If there is a market that takes center stage in the city is the Flea. And what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th in a flea market full of surprises.

If what you like is to enjoy a clothing market with authentic personality, timeless wonderful accessories and vintage collector’s items. So take note because every second Sunday of the month from February in Plaza Blanquerna from 10 to 18 hours and totally free.


Do you already feel like enjoying our fantastic city as the best in February?

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Enjoy February very much!

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