Enjoy the Three Kings in Barcelona

Learn more about the Three Kings parade, a historical tradition in Barcelona that fills the city with magic


One of the most anticipated events of the year in Barcelona is undoubtedly the Three Kings parade from the East. A historical custom in the Catalan capital in which the Three Wise Men end their long journey from the distant lands of the East to fill the city with magic and illusion in your traditional parade.

For that reason, today at The Lofttown, your university residence in Barcelona, ​​we will tell you all about the history of the Three Kings parade in Barcelona, ​​while the preparations for its magical celebration in the city are being finalized.

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The Barcelona parade

It is estimated that only in Barcelona, ​​in a normal year with no restrictions, the attendees tend to be around half a million people, who take to the streets to receive their majesties from the East, in which it becomes one of the most massive acts that They are held in the Catalan capital throughout the year.

In the parade you will find magical floats that become a great candy factory that will sweeten the attendees who come to meet the Three Wise Men from the East to give them a well-deserved welcome.

Itinerary of the parade

Both by land, sea and by air, the Three Wise Men from the East arrive this afternoon in all corners of Catalonia and Spain.

The date is always January 5 to show that the traditions of always still prevail, despite the strong Anglo-Saxon competition with Santa Claus as an image or other older traditions such as the tió.

For this reason, the kings Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar continue to stay in top shape and do not notice the passage of time in Barcelona at all.

Generally, the parade began in Barcelona at the Moll del Fusta in the port of Barcelona, ​​culminating in its long and traditional 5-kilometer journey to the Montjuïc neighborhood.

History of the horseback riding in Barcelona

It is said that the first references to the presence of the three Kings in Barcelona began with the Corpus Christi processions in the 14th century. However, the first cavalcades that were officially registered in the city date back to the end of the 18th century, taking place intermittently until the beginning of the 20th century.

Later, during the first decades of the last century, the parade had above all a charitable focus in order to help those most in need in the city. Later, during the Civil War, the parade was interrupted until 1942 by order of the Barcelona City Council.

It should be noted that with the passage of time the tradition acquired new rituals, such as the arrival of the Magi by sea, or the reception by the first authority of the city, which was usually the mayor of Barcelona, responsible for handing over the keys of the city to their Majesties of the East.


Parade Barcelona 2022

With the pandemic still among us and for the parade party to be complete and pass without any incident in all populations, the authorities have preferred to make small parades through neighborhoods, in order to avoid contagion and in popular agglomerations.

We invite you to visit the website of the city council to check which are the neighborhoods chosen for this year’s parade.

Luckily, in most Catalan regions, including those in the Barcelona metropolitan region, no rainfall is expected at the time of the parades of the Magi from the East. Therefore, cold but bearable temperatures are expected compared to previous years.

Are you ready to enjoy the ride?

Barcelona will be a party full of magic to receive the Three Kings of the East and all their entourage!

Remember that their Majesties will arrive this January 5 by sea at 3:35 p.m., but they will not be able to welcome them until after 6.15 p.m., when their Majesties and their entourage will tour the streets of the city with their magical floats in a attractive and cultural proposal with music, parties, shows and many gifts.

We hope to see you in Barcelona very soon and that you become a new #TheLoftowner!

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Have an amazing year 2022t!

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