What you have to take into account about an Erasmus student residence Barcelona


Hello! Are you looking for an Erasmus accommodation Barcelona, for the next academic year? Well, you’ve come to the right place, maybe it was fate, do you believe in fate? What we believe is that if you have a good time reading this post, imagine how it’s going to be if you decide that we are your Erasmus student residence Barcelona. We are not going to make you wait any longer because for sure you have come here to know the things that you have to take into account at the moment of choosing a student residence to study in. So, on with the post!



Grab pen and paper, or print this sheet (what you prefer) and make notes of what an Erasmus accommodation must have.


  • Cuisine: it is said that a person falls in love because of the food, well we already say that we are going to be your Romeo; our residents enjoy local produce and organic Mediterranean cuisine. In fact, we organise trips to farms where we buy the raw ingredients.


  • Rooms: for a long period of time they will be your refuge so what you have to take into account about them is: ventilation, natural light, location, good mattresses (very important for relaxation); then there is the decoration, but it already depends most on you. Would you like us to tell you a secret? We have rooms with kitchen and terrace; it is like the dressing room that every woman wants to have but a little better.


  • Outdoor areas: very, very important so you can get away a bit from your studies and enjoy your free time with other residents, we guarantee that you will end up as a family because we have seen it before.


What else can we tell you? Nor do we want to reveal all our secrets to you until you come and try our VR glasses 😉

Come and be part of the best community of students in Barcelona.



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