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All you need to know about the carnivals in Barcelona this 2022 that you cannot miss with the tips of The Lofttown

Carnivals return to Barcelona for another year in style. So aim well in the agendas because from February 24 to March 2, 2022, will be seven days of full fun in the Catalan capital with a series of activities that will be held in the vast majority of neighborhoods, also known as the Ruas Carnival, with workshops, dances, mask contest, costume parties and live music all over the city.

For that reason, at The Lofttown, your university residence in Barcelona, we share an interesting post with a complete list of all the activities for these carnival 2022 that you can not miss.

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Origin of carnival in Barcelona

Historians claim that the first recorded data of the Carnival of Barcelona date back to 1333, through a provision of the Council of One Hundred, which explicitly prohibited the throwing of oranges and regulated the use of masks in the population. At that time, the carnival of Barcelona began in All Saints and was a party that could last many months.

It was already in the 16th century when the feast of Carnival in Barcelona began to resemble the one we know today. In this way, some emblematic acts such as “the arrival” began to be represented, as well as masked dances and the classic burial of the sardine.

Finally, from the 19th century on carnivals the use of costumes was popularized and it was at that time when the festivities lived one of the periods of maximum apogee.

However, during the years following the Civil War and the Franco regime, the celebration of the Carnival in the city was officially cancelled in Barcelona, which recovered again in 1980 with the arrival of democracy in Spain

Kick-off on 24 February

The Carnival of Barcelona officially begins the last Dijous Gras or Larder Thursday of February. We refer to a day known also because it is customary to eat the typical Catalan omelette and the butifarra d’ou or egg butifarra.

After these local delicacies, comes the turn of the main course, that is the “Arrival” of the Carnival King and his ambassadors that fill the city with joy and color.

In this way, the King Carnastoltes comes to the city, which means carnival in Catalan, and his 7 ambassadors who start the great parade, known among the locals as the “Pasacalle de los Siete Embajadores” and which enjoys a lot of reception in the public.

Its route takes place through the streets of the Gòtic district until you reach the Plaça Sant Jaume in the heart of the city. It is here that from the municipal balcony of the City Hall, Carnestoltes proclaims the seven days of revelry and excess of carnaval in Barcelona

Parades of February 26

It is from Saturday afternoon when the greatest number of parades take place in the city, all thanks to the citizens’ initiative that is distributed strategically by each emblematic neighborhood of the city.

This is how the well-known “Ruas de Carnaval” begins, full of popular culture, and in which it usually has one of the seven ambassadors of the Carnival King. Here you can enjoy the floats, parades, costumes and the splendid atmosphere of the neighbors who put everything together to make the carnival a success.

Parades of February 27

The next day on Sunday afternoon takes place the “Parade of the Carnival King and the typical orange tree” also known in Catalan as the Parade of Rei Carnestoltes i la taronjada, a beautiful activity that you should not miss as it becomes a great party.

This day is special because it is when the Carnival King is accompanied by all his ambassadors and when the parade officially ends there is an authentic festive battle full of confetti and orange balloons.


End of the carnival on March 2

Ash Wednesday is the Burial of the Sardine. A satirical funeral procession is organized in an emblematic place in Barcelona. The Carnival King bids farewell until next year and the days of unbridled madness are over.

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