¿Have you ever imagined a FREE and UNLIMITED energy?

Like every year, the International Sun Day sides with the Summer Solstice in the
North Hemisphere, being the longest day of the year and also the first day of summer.

From The Lofttown, first sustainable student housing in Barcelona we would like to thanks the energy that the sun provides to our life.

If we had to describe its energy in a few words, those ones would be: Free, Unlimited and Free.
We believe that in Spain the sun energy is still lose out on and it’s sad because it has been always with us.

Thanks to the sun all the humans and species in the earth exist. There isn’t certainty life in other planets in the solar system yet. We are a unique specie with a big advantage: the temperature of the sun facing our planet favors life.

This big principle is sometimes forgotten by some governments that nowadays aren’t promoting the renewable energies and its use for a better life. The traditional energies, if we can call them like that, are the ones we have been using so far.

Furthermore, there is a definition of the word Tradition, to be considered:

Def. From the Latin tradition. A Tradition is the handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs, information, etc… from generation to generation, especially by word of mouth or by practice: a story that has come down to us by popular tradition.

The current energies are the only ones that has been offered to us so far. ¿But let me ask you, isn’t it time to start turning this old tradition into a new one to the new generations? Gas and Petrol are behind the times.

The world is not stopping here, we need to be conscious about how to take care of it and change the way we are living in order to preserve it, and of course, we do have the moral responsibility to protect the sun, make good use of it and thanks the energy that it’s given to us.

And yes, this is another calling to set up the renewable energies to see finally in the near future, buildings full of solar panels, plants, sustainability and love.

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