6 things that only residents in student housing bcn understand.


  1. We always sit at the same table/chair: and if one day it’s not free we get anxious and we are not comfortable with the free table or chair.
  2. We want THAT highlighter of THAT brand and THAT color: it is inevitable, and as the highlighter ends half way through the topic we have to change the color or use a friend’s, and it is another brand that is of no use to us.
  3. We have whims and rewards: when a test comes out great, we have aced a presentation or we learned 27 topics in one day… You have to celebrate it and cannot miss a visit to Barcelona.
  4. The table won’t do: the kitchen won’t do, the cafeteria won’t do, I need my space to study, and that means that I and the study rooms of housing bcn are close friends. (And do not take away that “my”).
  5. I will not look at my mobile: I will not look at my mobile, will not look at my mobile… Oh look! The guy that I like has spoken to me. Yes, we admit it, we couldn’t be a minute without looking at the phone, it is inevitable; but we are talking with the group of friends from the residence, we are reviewing with the class group.
  6. We also go on vacation: in housing bcn, weekends are ours and that translates into visits, shopping, museums, excursions, beach… Everything you need is here.


housing bcn


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You’re not the only one 😉

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