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We present you all the events you have to know to enjoy to the max Barcelona in September


With the arrival of September, Barcelona is transformed into a city full of events, colors and joy that is experienced in every corner of the city. And it is that during this month the festivities of the neighborhoods, the popular festivals and among other events that we are sure you will love will continue.

Also, don’t forget that La Mercé is coming, the official festival of Barcelona where you can get to know in depth everything that our fantastic city has to offer. Next, take note of all the art, film, theater, music events, among others, that we are going to tell you about and that you certainly cannot miss.

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Welcome to Mercé 2021

As every year, the Barcelona’s City Hall has presented the poster of La Mercè, the famous proclamation and the respective program of the festivities of La Mercè 2021. On this occasion, the Mayor Ada Colau has expressed the satisfaction of being able to maintain this “celebration full of culture, life, the city and the authenticity of the neighborhoods “, despite the difficulties of the circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

La Mercè is full of artistic and popular events throughout the city, which will fill the days of September with joy, after a year in which we return little by little to the normality of before. In this link you can find all the information about La Mercè 2021.


The week of the book in Catalan 2021

The book in Catalan has its official day in Barcelona. This year is the 39th time that for a whole week there will be dozens of stops full of new books and all in Catalan, along with other activities, itineraries, talks and exhibitions on literature in Catalan over time.

One more year La Setmana del Llibre en Català demonstrates this, which is why it has become one of the most important cultural events in Barcelona and a meeting point for the relationship between booksellers, publishers and readers, who can find news, but also books classics. It should be noted that the Setmana is full of activities, talks, conferences, itineraries, recitals, presentations that will not leave you indifferent. All this to stimulate literature in Catalan and, above all, to keep it alive among local people and also among foreigners who learn the Catalan language and culture. If you want to know more, find out in this link.

Poblenou Festival 2021

If there is a neighborhood that mixes creativity, innovation and joy, it is undoubtedly Pobleou. So do not be surprised that the Poblenou Festival is one of the best in Barcelona, ​​since it normally has 650 activities, and although with the current situation there are only 165, do not doubt that there are 165 fantastic opportunities to start back to work in the middle of September with guaranteed fun. Do not miss it!

Horta Festival

A neighborhood full of nature also deserves its festivity. For this reason, you have to know everything that the Fiesta Mayor de Horta offers you, full of activities for all audiences. However, due to current restrictions, the concerts on the 10th, 11th, 16th, 17th and 18th have established an aid voucher of € 2 upon reservation of entry.


Barcelona Second-hand Book Festival

For lovers of literature, the Book Festival is the perfect fair. Even more so if it is a party that has been offering university literature to the city for more than 70 years.

And it is also that at the Fair you can not only find the best books at any price, from the highest to the lowest, but also all kinds of copies, from bibliographic jewels that you will not be able to imagine to comics, illustrated and pocket books.

Ravalada Drag Tour

With the restrictions we know that we cannot gather many people in one place. For that reason the Ravalada Drag Tour has decided to gather few people in many places. Its creator, Olivier Grau, is one of the promoters of the Ravalada party, which arises as a revelation and also as a necessity in order to support the collective of Drag artists, DJS and bars in a difficult situation after the pandemic.

Here you can enjoy an exclusive tour and circulate through 5 bars, where there are shows by 5 DJs and 5 different Drag artists that will entertain you to the fullest. For this fifth Barcelona edition, the ‘Gaixample Edition’ will dance in the bars of the Eixample, and most importantly, the profits will go to the participating artists and bars.

Barcelona Gallery Weekend 2021

For lovers of museums and art galleries, the time has come to enter the galleries of the city without fear. That is why you cannot miss the international calendar of events in the art world, at the Barcelona Gallery Weekend organized by the Art Barcelona association, which returns with its 7th edition from September 15 to 19.

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And this year the event will surpass its previous editions and will have the participation of a record number of 33 participating galleries: 27 from Barcelona and 6 from outside the city

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Enjoy together September in Barcelona!


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