How to find university internships in Barcelona

All the information you need to know for university internships in Barcelona

However, to do this, you need few requirements that you must take in consideration the respective academic credits approved at your university of origin. In the Catalan capital there are many companies that can give an opportunity to young foreigners, who want to become professionals and who are 100% sure of their possibilities.


Chemistry Laboratory.

Remember without the practical part, if you study only theory is insufficient to develop you as a professional worker. Especially if you want to improve yourself in Barcelona, one of the cities with more competition between professionals from all sectors. Therefore, we recommend you to value all the advantages of university internships in prestigious companies because they will enrich your curriculum and also provide you lots contacts in your professional profile.

How to find internships in Barcelona?

Depending on your professional area there are many online portals where you can find what you are looking for. In this sense, we suggesting you consult popular websites such as Domestika, Infojobs, Welcome To The Jungle, First Job or Linkedin.

Here you will find more than 25000 companies can offer you various options for internships and in some cases even remunerated, depending on the field of your profession. This is the easiest and quickest way to look for internships in companies that publish daily many opportunities for young students who do not yet have experience.


Ask information at your school

Remember that all universities have a job exchange offers and a lot of internship for their students. Therefore, the first step is always to go to your faculty in order to speak with the human resources, because they are the perfect intermediaries between students and companies.

It is also important that you check your university agreements with companies. Our recommendation is that you get advice from those responsible for the internship program, because they will have all the information you need to find a best practice for your needs and preferences.


Connects directly with businesses companies

If you’re looking for an opportunity, don’t wait for it. Therefore, we recommend you, go and follow your goals and put all your enthusiasm. Firstly, organize a good curriculum describes completely you and can also take into consideration on human resources managers.

Then, check the companies websites in which you are interested and contact them with a message that captures their attention so they can think about in the future as a real candidate to be part of their company. Remember that you must be very persevering in your research and you will find the success you so much desire.


Research on scholarships and helping programs

If you something more than a conventional professional internship we suggesting you to investigate also about the different scholarships offered by private institutions, which are characterized by providing the opportunity for professional internships outside Spain and even for longer periods than normal, both for national and foreign students. These typology of scholarships normally cover all travel and expenses so you can do your internship with all the necessary amenities.

With this post today we hope you have learned a lot more about how to find university internships in Barcelona. And remember that if you are sure to move to the Catalan capital, you can always contact our university residence so that your time in Barcelona becomes an unforgettable experience.

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