Live the essence of The Lofttown in Barcelona

All you need to know about what The Lofttown is and why you should choose us as your next student residence in Barcelona

Studying in Barcelona is a unique experience in the life with which many young people around the world dream to come once in their life. Are you one of the chosen or do you want to be one soon?

So, you have to know that the best supplement to your stay in the Catalan capital is The Lofttown and in today’s post we tell you all the reasons for you to be 100% convinced to choose us as your next residence in Barcelona.

We are more than a student residence in Barcelona

As we said, Barcelona is the favorite destination for university students, both foreign and Spanish, for the quality of their study centers and universities, in addition to offering a wide variety of careers, along with its culture, social activity that never stops, its Mediterranean climate and endless benefits that are highly attractive to the world.

This is how The Lofttown was born, a student residence designed to provide accommodation solutions for people from all over the world, adapted to the increasingly demanding and demanding profile of modern students seeking excellence.

Therefore, our residence lives up to the demands of the 21st century, because we have a newly built building with 3,300m2 and capacity for 146 students. The Lofttown offers a value-added proposition by extremely pampering all the details, to make students feel at home at all levels.

In addition, our facilities have been designed exclusively to meet the comfort and safety needs of students.

We offer you a unique and optimal environment

The Lofttown is more than a student residence. All absolutely everything has been created to considered your accommodation needs and offer you multiple spaces and services, to help you both in your studies and in your well-deserved breaks.

This is a very important moment in your lives and we want you to be able to focus on what is important, while you live wonderful experiences, as we take care of everything else.

In this sense, The Lofttown is specifically designed to offer a complete life experience. How? We have put ourselves in your shoes to understand what is important to you and design both the spaces and the services you need.

In addition, each and every one of the professionals who make up the team of The Lofttown are involved day by day to make this space a reference.

Enjoy a lifestyle of your own

Our residents are people who care about their future, take care of themselves, care about their health and their image, pursue success, love life, their friends, their closed ones, strive to achieve what they desire. That’s why we built The Lofttown following these values so that students find everything here.

Being a #TheLofttowner means many things.

To all residents: it’s arrived time time to choose and follow a course for personal and professional realisation by living unforgettable experiences with the greatest comfort and security. Joining us? Enjoy life! Enjoy #TheLofttown!

We hope to see you soon in Barcelona and that you become a new member of the #TheLoftowner family!

We also invite you to follow us on Instagram so that you are always up to date with the latest promotions and news in our university residence.

Welcome to Barcelona, Spain!

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