The other side of a master degree in Barcelona

There’s something about a master degree in Barcelona that you have not been told and you will love to know… There are student residences for you to live your university time in all its glory! Although you do not believe living in Barcelona with your colleagues, friends, doing what you like, studying with support groups, escaping with the leisure in Barcelona, gyms, shopping, excursions, is something that you have not been told about and that you have to live. Why?

  • Your university years are yours: What do we mean? You are studying what you like, what you have already chosen, it is not compulsory education and you begin to build your future: leaving the family circle is a first step toward personal growth. It is time that you started to pack to leave the nest.
  • Friends from the the residence will be friends for life: social and even loving relationships are going to be created in these years so special for you, maybe the love of your life is close and you have to live, feel and enjoy. With the activities in The Lofttown you will be able to enjoy everything: leisure, excursions, walks, gastronomy, shopping… do know that you can visit the farms where the food we serve at our buffet comes from?
  • Nights behind the scenes: of course there are moments for everything, time to study, time to eat, time to go out with your friends and… fun nights! Barcelona awakes to light your nights of entertainment, theatres, dinner, drinks; leave the pressure from your master degree in Barcelona on one side and… fun mode on!


master degree in Barcelona

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy 100% The Lofttown experience in your master degree in Barcelona years. We know that these years are difficult because of the distance away from the family and can be scary, but we are here 🙂

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