Xior The Lofttown team have created a calendar of activities for this academic year, which will be adapted according to government and global measures regarding Covid.  

Our main objective is that our residents in Xior The Lofttown feel like home, we want to offer them activities to enjoy, but always our priority is to organize everything taking into account the necessary measures in order to feel safe. 

We have closed several agreements with different places, in order to provide activities and opportunities for the residents, so that they can enjoy them during all these months in Barcelona. From music school, surf and skate school, gym, to coffee shop and copy shop.  

We have also contacted the university league tournament, so our residents of Lofttown can register and play the football tournament, season 20-21. 

We will keep looking for new advantages and activities for our Lofttowners! 

By showing the new Student Card of The Lofttown, each resident will be able to enjoy its benefits!


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