At THE LOFTTOWN we wanted to transfer our philosophy to the food that we offer to you. That is why, as a reflection of our Environmental Conscientiousness, we offer organic and local products that minimize the carbon foot print on our planet. We also apply our Social Corporate Responsibility to our food. All the food that you don’t eat will be given to charity that will use it to feed the most underprivileged from our city in the city’s soup kitchens.

50% of a good recipe is the raw ingredients, or was it 60%? Under that premise, we work to ensure that our food is healthy, balanced and the most delicious. The dishes are put together in our kitchen with organic products that we buy directly from local producers, and which have been chosen with the utmost care.

At The Lofttown you will enjoy a rich and varied Mediterranean diet, along with dishes from around the world for the most demanding palates. The menu varies regularly so that you can try everything!

If you want to see how the products that we provide grow, and how the cheeses and yoghurts form our buffet are made, we organize trips to the farms that put all their energy and passion into providing you with the best.

You will have a buffet for your breakfast, lunch and dinner so that you can choose what you fancy the most in every moment. You will also be able to order various freshly-prepared and grilled dishes for a fat-free diet.

You will be able to enjoy salads, pasta, vegetables, meat, fish, fresh fruit and homemade desserts every day without having to worry about doing the shopping or cooking. Everything will be ready for you so that you don’t waste any time preparing food, and so that you have all the time necessary for your studies and for your more than deserved free time.