your loved ones will be in safe hands

Peace of mind

The Lofttown is located in one of the safest and most peaceful areas in the city, as well as being in a pedestrian zone, extremely well connected by public transportation and bicycle lanes to all parts of Barcelona.


The Lofttown has a 24-hour reception desk at your children’s disposal 365 days a year for whatever they may need. What is more, it has CCTV surveillance, a sophisticated fingerprint-access control system, and emergency warning in case your children are in need of immediate assistance.

Socially responsible, organic and healthy food

At The Lofttown we give a lot of importance to your children’s food. For that reason, we offer them a varied diet, prepared in our kitchen with organic seasonal products. During the exams period, or whenever they need it, we prepare them food to take with them to the university so that they don’t waste time. Furthermore, if they want, your children can visit the farms where the food products are cultivated and made such as the milk, cheese and yoghurts that are eaten every day at The Lofttown. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, all the food that your children don’t eat will feed the most underprivileged people of our community, in collaboration with a charity, in Barcelona’s soup kitchens


As well as the daily cleaning of all common areas, we also include weekly cleaning of the rooms with a replacement of fresh towels and sheets. If you prefer, you can increase the frequency of the room cleaning service. Also, throughout the residency, and in all rooms, your children will have automated hygienic renovation of air to guarantee that they live in a healthy environment, with the air being filtered from outside.


Your children will be able to go to any university, study centre, pharmacy, clinic, shopping centre, and an endless list of services without the need to use any transportation. As well as being able to walk to anywhere they need to, they also have bike lanes, every kind of public transportation, and if they don’t have their own car, there are several Car Sharing services in the area.

100% services

The Lofttown offers everything that is necessary so that your children live comfortably and can focus on their studies, without any worries.

Fluid communication

The Lofttown has its own intranet that allows for fluid communication between your children and our team at all times. Your children can also choose the member of the team that they most feel comfortable with to resolve any requests that they may have during their stay.


At The Lofttown we want your children to make new friendships. We organize a wide variety of activities so that they can socialize with the rest of the The Lofttowners, making lifelong friendships and support each other now and in the future.

No surprises

At The Lofttown there is no small print, you already have enough everyday work. From the very beginning, you will know exactly what the monthly payment is without any surprises. Choose what best fits your needs, and that’s it!