Restaurants for students in Barcelona

An important part of how much it costs to live in Barcelona is, without a doubt, gastronomy. Even more so in a city like Barcelona: the offer of bars and restaurants abounds in the city.

Students living in Barcelona are aware not only of this, but also of the cost involved. As students, staying within your budget is important when choosing where to go for lunch or dinner.

At TheLofttown we listen to the questions of the residents and that’s why we thought about listing the best restaurants for students in Barcelona. Let’s see, we’ll also look at taking care of your economy. That is to say: good, nice and cheap.


Let’s start by mentioning the food that never fails and we like so much: the Kebab. If you like this type of food, music and street life you have to go to Bismillah Kebab, in the Raval neighborhood.

A walk from MACBA is a kebab paradise. You’ll see it: the colour of the meat and pita bread kneaded at the moment and the continuous movement of customers will captivate you.

You can choose not only an unrivalled kebab (we recommend chicken), but also exquisite and abundant Indian food. Google it and look at the scores.

We warn you not to expect a great deal of attention: the highlight is the food. You can order it to take away, grab a beer at the market and enjoy a meal with friends in the MACBA courtyard, surrounded by urban culture of radio, street music; and you can’t miss the skaters.

Average spend per person: €4

Bar Jai-Ca

If you like tapas and want to eat deliciously, Bar Jai-Ca is the answer. In the heart of Barcelona, you can enjoy a typical Catalan restaurant.

Here we are going a bit higher from the budget we manage in Bismillah, but it’s worth it. You can choose between Octopus, baby squid, croquettes, razor clams… everything!

A hard-hitting menu will allow you to explore the flavours of all Spain. A recommendation: book before you go. Jai-Ca is quite popular and if you go without a reservation you will have to wait a while or eat at the bar.

The average cost per person is €15 or €20, and asking for a couple of tapas you will be already satisfied.


Can Ganassa

Paella. Paella and Paella. In Can Ganassa you will enjoy an abundant and delicious paella for an incredible price in Barcelona.

We’re talking about luxury at a good price. Also located in Barceloneta – a neighbourhood with great gastronomy- in Can Ganassa you can ask for paella for at least 2 people. From here, we recommend the black rice.

For €17 you can have dinner without our problem. If you’re going to eat, the menu costs between €12 and €15. Before you go don’t forget to ask for a herbal or cream orujo… It’s on the house!


We’re going to Galicia. O’Retorno is a Galician restaurant specializing in Octopus with cachelos (Galician-style boiled potatoes). They have portions and half portions and believe us: they are huge.

This renowned restaurant is located in the heart of the Eixample and is always full of customers. That is to say: book your table!

All the food is homemade – try the ham croquettes – and plentiful. As you know, octopus is not cheap, but here you will pay and it will be worth it. We told you before: good, nice and cheap. But… there are meals that are worth more. The important thing is the price-quality ratio.

The price per person is, depending on what you order, €25.

La Malandrina

We won’t forget the meat. La Malandrina is a restaurant in Barcelona that will surprise you. Small and cosy, it specializes in grilled meats.

At an incredible price, you can enjoy a platter accompanied by potatoes (fried or creamed) or salad.La Malandrina is located in Barceloneta and, because of its value for money, there are always people there. Once again we recommend making a reservation.

The average price of a dish and a drink is €15.

We have now told you the best restaurants for students in Barcelona. In addition, from TheLofttown we have told you the best places to eat by specialty: from a kebab to Argentinean meat.

Enjoy your meal!


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