Xior has established a list of measures in order to maintain the safety of our residents.

  • Protective screens at reception and restaurant
  • Hydroalcoholic gel in difference places of the residence
  • Temperature check at Reception
  • Virtual communication open 24h
  • Use of masks if is not possible keep distance
  • Limitations of visitors
  • Capacity control of the residence
  • Reduction capacity of restaurant (seat not available for keep distance)
  • Individual service at restaurant
  • Cleaning of sheets and towels at more than 60 º
  • Ventilation of commons area daily and rooms
  • Definition of direction (specific entry doors and exit doors)
  • Rooms available in case is necessary isolate residents
  • 24h assistance to residents who request it (Room service)
  • Resources available in case of emergency
  • 10% of discount on Covid -19 PCR to Aloft Healt provide to the residents who want to do tests by their own free will (in case of traveling, etc.)
  • Delivery of Welcome pack (Hydroalcoholic gel, mask) to reinforce the importance of this issue currently
  • All residents will be kept informed of news about the general situation in the city, because we want inform them about the situation outside and we want to ensure the security inside the residence.


Xior The Lofttown, as the rest of Xior residences, has communicated to the residents all the procedures concerning covid and the company will follow al the indications specified by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Health department.

Stay Safe with us!

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