5 benefits when you study abroad

As a good student residence, we welcome all students who have chosen to study abroad; in this case, those that have decided to come on Erasmus to Barcelona and have chosen us as their place to stay during this period of growth; today our blog is dedicated to our Erasmus residents, and we’ll tell you the benefits when you study abroad. Let’s do this!


  1. You will master a new language: one of the best benefits that occur to us; here you can learn Catalan or Spanish and interact with all your companions. Also, if you come from a country with a foreign language, you can teach your language to other residents.


  1. It will increase your self-esteem: in addition you will become an independent person because you will have to learn how to manage budgets and make new friends.


  1. Cultural immersion: something that you will never regret and have to live, not talk about; it is a first-hand experience of the culture of the country you visit. In this case, if you come to study abroad and choose Barcelona as a destination, you will be able to know a different culture, a pace of life and a way of doing things, as well as a different personality. Are you prepared for the experience?


  1. What am I going to find? A city of dreams, full of activities, bars, paths, traditions, a residence that will welcome you as if you were at home and companions who will become your family during your stay.




For that reason and much more we are looking forward to meeting you, and wish that your decision to study abroad becomes the best experience in your student life. We are waiting for you with open arms, wishing that you too could be a thelofttowner 😉


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