Discover the best places to study in Barcelona

Today we are talking about where you can go to study in Barcelona if what you want is a change of scenery or to go to a bar for a drink and do your work, either in group or as individuals. As you know, in The Lofttown you can find group study rooms, coworking and single rooms, so what we are talking about today are the best places (outside of The Lofttown) where you can meet up and work a little 😉


  1. Do you like brunch?: Federal cafe is one of the first cafĂ©s that offers a brunch fixed menu, so if you don’t have time to eat in The Lofttown it is a very good choice to make a workgroup and eat a light and delicious fixed menu. What do you think?


  1. The MNAC library: yes, we are talking about the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, it is the ideal quiet corner if you are looking for peace and quiet, and you can take a break to visit the museum. Students have a 30% discount 😉


  1. Do you need a walk?: there is nothing better after studying than to take a walk through the Park Joan MirĂł where you can revise, read your notes, lie down on the soft grass or read a book quietly; it’s a relaxing moment that every student needs.


  1. Centre CĂ­vic Can Deu : it is the change of scenery that you needed, the cafeteria with that quaint appeal will be the ideal space in which to meet with friends.


study in Barcelona


As you can see, Barcelona is a study city and therefore a student city; we say to all our residents of The Lofttown (our thelofttowners) we say that here (in The Lofttown) you have everything you need, and we are giving you some more alternatives just if you want to change the scenery a bit 😉

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