Harvard gives you the study skills for success

And we are sharing them with you. You don’t get the opportunity every day to learn study skills from one of the best universities. Sometimes a lack of concentration, motivation or tiredness prevents us from studying at 100%, which is why Harvard University has got going, and has brought to light the study skills that all students should have:



  • Take notes by hand: it is becoming more normal for students to take notes on a support device, given its speed and perfect compression of the written words, but it is precisely taking notes by hand which helps us most at study time because by having to write you have to be more attentive and to reflect on what you are writing.
  • Organize your time and study various subjects at the same time: it seems impossible but if you study several subjects at the same time the exercise of alternating subjects favours the retention of the content.
  • Rest: the brain has to rest from the exhaustion that study causes, so if you organize yourself well (point number 2) you’ll have time to go out to clear your head and de-stress your thoughts so that new learning can enter.
  • Devote less time to reading: it is one of the study skills proposed by Harvard University where they recommend not wasting time re-reading , instead dedicating the time to recall.


técnicas de estudio


Studying, taking a degree and passing are the challenges that you are going to experience with us, but because we care for you, we are giving you all the keys that we have for you to attain success. Ultimately they will be your best years, think: a new city, new companions, a different lifestyle, away from your parents and with all the amenities you could want. Welcome to our family 😉

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