The benefits of studying a career in Barcelona

It is something that we always ask ourselves, studying career in Barcelona is one of the best options, because it becomes part of the ranking of the best European cities where to go to study, but … do you know what Barcelona is related to in this ranking? Keep reading to discover it.




  • Culture and art: in this area the first place is taken by Florence, it is par excellence the city of culture and art, cradle of the Renaissance artistic movement its streets saw artists like Botticelli, Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, Dante and Leonardo da Vinci among others.


  • Transport: the first place in the best European city of transport is London, the connections available in this city allow you to be in less than 2 hours to Berlin and 20 minutes more to Paris, in addition if you are a student in London You must have the Oyester card and benefit from the exclusive discounts for students. Are you going to miss it?


  • Best nightlife: we appear in the ranking, and the first place is for Barcelona, so if you are thinking of coming to study a career in Barcelona, you can enjoy the best nightlife, bars where you can have a drink and enjoy the best nightspots in the world, we are also very nice;) our thelofttowners can tell you.


  • For foodies: San Sebastian enters this ranking with the position of being the European city number one in terms of food and catering is concerned, what to go for skewers along with a zurito will be your best pastime if what you like is to enjoy a culinary culture very particular and very like its character: hard.




So you see, studying a career in Barcelona is going to give you some unique opportunities and advantages, if you think that this is your place, we give you the opportunity to live your most important time of study with us. Welcome to The Lofttown.

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